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Trailer and poster for Step up 3-D starring Sharni Vinson

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^Really? I would definitely generalize that for the majority of Hollywood films.

You said previously that hollywood choses pretty boys over actors & that statement seems to suggest you meant for all films. So I said that I wouldn't generalise like that. Like I said the producers do go with looks when casting for some films, especially those aimed at audiences that will be watching it for such shallow reasons alone. But it's not the case with every movie but I see we're on the same page with that now.

The fact is Robert Hoffman was a decent actor (and to an extent, Channing Tatum) but Rick looks absolutely awful - unbearable even. I don't watch these movies for the acting performance either but it does help when you're not thinking "My God, this guy is ****!" throughout the whole film. Of course, I'm making an assumption but the trailer doesn't make him look promising.

Wow so you weren't thinking that watching the first two? I know I was in between perving at Channing Tatum in a singlet. :P I've not seen Rick in anything else, but I'd say he fits the brief for casting a lead for this fim, from what little I saw of him in the trailer. And it's the same people that cast Sharni in the female lead so they can't be that bad at their jobs.

I can say in all honesty that I did not watch Step Up or Step Up 2 The Streets and think at one point "My God! This guy is a horrible actor" in reference to Channing and Robert. Were they great actors? No. But they weren't distractingly bad. When I watched the trailer for this though, my first impression on Rick was just that. Nothing else - just, "Wow! Horrible actor." I don't find that very promising. But first impressions can be wrong... and the lines he had in the trailer were as cliche as cliche can be, so perhaps that was it. We'll see...

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Sharni Vinson Step Up 3D Interview

The third 'Step Up' film is going to be serving up something completely different for dance movie fans - it's going to be in 3-D. And at the Australians in Film 6th Annual Breakthrough Awards, Vinson said it's the right time for a 3-D dance film.

You can see the video of the interview with Sharni here.

Here is the transcript of the interview:

Step Up 3 in 3-D?

Sharni Vinson: "In 3-D, right? It gives it away in the title. You can't expect 2D out of Step Up 3-D."

Do you dance differently when you're doing it in 3D and you know that legs are going to be kicking out at the audience?

Sharni Vinson: "It's so funny that you asked me that question because when I actually booked the role for this job, the director called me personally to tell me congratulations. But before he told me for sure that I booked the job, he played a little joke on me and he said, 'So I'm just going through your resume and it seems that you have great experience in everything, but none with dancing in 3-D. Do you think you can handle that?' And I'm like, 'Well...' - I'm fighting for my life - I'm like, 'Yeah, absolutely. I think I can handle that.' And it was just a joke, obviously, because you can't do anything different. They do everything, so it's fun."

There are no exaggerated movements.

Sharni Vinson: "Exactly. They exaggerate it in fine-tuning the dimensions, but we can't do it."

Have you seen it?

Sharni Vinson: "I have."


Sharni Vinson: "Actually, you know what? I haven't seen the full cut of the final version. I've still only seen the rough version, which I hear is very different now. I have seen little parts of the reshoot scenes they've put in there, so I know it's going to be great. I can't wait to see it for real, finally."

And it has such a fanbase. Was that kind of cool coming into something that's established like that?

Sharni Vinson: "Totally. I'd seen the first movie and I'd seen the second movie, and growing up a dancer I was very aware of how these movies make you feel when you walk out of there. And I know Disney and the objective of what they're wanting to get across. Basically, I think at the end of the day, as long as everybody walks out of the theater feeling uplifted and like they've had a great time - and maybe even like they want to go and do a dance class themselves - then I think we've done our job in the movie."

How does it fit in with the other two? Is there a continuation at all?

Sharni Vinson: "There is a small continuation, yeah. Little Alyson Stoner, who played Channing Tatum's sister in the first movie, who's now like 16 and beautiful, she's obviously a big part of this third film. And little Adam G Sevani, who was Moose in the second movie, has come back to carry off this movie as well and to lead us in there. So there's a couple people in there from the first one and the second one as well."

Isn't it just fantastic that dance has all of a sudden just come back? You've got all the TV shows and movies with dance, and everybody is accepting them.

Sharni Vinson: "Yeah, exactly. It's amazing. I think dance has just hit a huge comeback and I'm not sure why, but I love it and it's about time. I think with this whole new 3-D technology that's taking over this year, I think it's just perfect timing to throw a dance movie into the equation - like Step Up 3-D."

Well, why not?

Sharni Vinson: "Exactly. It's time."


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