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Sucker Punch

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Title: Sucker Punch

Type Of Story: Med/Long fic

Genre: Drama

Rating: A

Cast: Logan, Irene, other locals

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Labuage, Adult Themes

Plot: Irene's grandson shows up in the bay


Irene, Annie and Ruby were eating dinner when the phone rang.

"This better be good" Irene said getting up.

"Hello" she said into the phone

"Hey love, how are ya?" she said

"Darl, calm down, how long has it been?" she asked

Annie and Ruby looked at each other and Annie raised her eyebrows and shrugged.

"What did Robbie say?" Irene asked

"Do you want me stay here and call if he comes here?" she asked

"Ok, see ya love" Irene said looking scared and worried as she hung up the phone.

"Are you ok?" Ruby asked

"No, my grandson has gone missing" Irene asked

"Missing?" a teenage boy said

"Is that what he told you?" He asked

"Logan" Irene said acting surprised when she wasn't.

"Can i stay here tonight?" he asked

"Why aren't you home with your dad?" Irene asked

Logan put his gym bag full of clothes on the kitchen bench.

"Long story, which ended with dad throwing me out of the house" Logan told her

"What about your mother's?"

"She wants nothing to do with me, she made that choice when she chose he abusive boyfriend over me" Logan replied

"So please can i stay?, just for one night. Then i'll be out of your hair" he said

"Ofcourse you can, you're always welcome here" Irene told him

Irene notied his painted black finger nails and the tatoo's of black heats with knives through then and blood dripping off the knife.

"What's with them?" Irene asked

"Cool aren't they, can i have a shower?" he asked

"Sure you can"

"Awesome, i actually smell, smell me, i didn't even know i could smell" He said taking of his shirt

Irene noticed another tatoo, this time on his shoulder. It said Thaedeapiey must die the die was in capital letters and underlind with a barb wire line.

Ruby and Annie looked at each other as he shut the bathroom door.

"Yummy" Ruby said softly to Annie.


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Logan stood in the kitchen in the morning.

"Mornin' darl, want breakfast?"

"Nah it's ok" he replied

"Ok well i'm gonna go to work, i'll see you later" Irene said

"Later Nan" Logan replied

"Hey love" Irene said to Charlie she walked out the door and Charlie walked in

Logan whistled

"Please tell me you're here to see me" Logan said

Charlie smiled a little embaressed

"Hi, i'm Charlie" she said

"Nice to meet you Charlie" Logan replied

"I'm here to see Ruby, she's my daughter" Charlie replied

"Ah, so you're a milf then" Logan replied

Charlie didn't know where to look.

"Do you always take compliments like this?" Logan replied

"Do you always hit on older women?" Charlie asked

"Who said i was hitting on you" Logan replied

"Ruby's still in bed anyway" Logan told her

"Thanks" Charlie said

Logan gave an innocent smile

"I'm goin' to check out the town, i'll see you later" he said and headed for the door

Char;ie smiled


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Logan sat on the couch looking at a text on his mobile phone.

"Hey Logan, Ruby and i are going to the beach. Do you wanna come with us?" Annie asked

"No, thanks for the invite though" Logan replied

Ruby stopped and looked at Logan's tatoo through his singlet.

"What's Thaederpeay"he asked

Logan smiled

"An ancient word for a god, we used to continuesly religious knock on our door handing out stupid things, so i thought i would make them stop by getting a tatoo and Thaederpaey spounds better than god must die" Logan explained

Ruby and Annie looked at each other.

"Well you did ask" Logan said

"Um, well go now" Annie said looking somewhat insulted.

"Later" Logan said replying to the text.

"Hey Ruby" Logan getting off the couch and following her out the door.

Ruby turned around

"Yeah?" she said

"What kind of guys does your mum usually go for?" Logan asked

"Why?" Ruby replied

"Just curious" Logan answered

"Not teenage boys like you" Ruby said

"Well, we'll see about that" Logan said


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Logan was talkin g to Irene at the diner when he notice Charlie sitting by herself. She looked at him so he gave her a flirtish smile.

"Back in a sec nan" he said to Irene

He gave her a coffee he had just made for himself

"So you're wooing me with coffee" Charlie said

"You have no idea what i had to go through to make this for you" he replied

"Really" she said

"I had to get kind of beans, i had to milk the cow..."

Charlie laughed

"You're sweet" she told him

"Does that mean we can have dinner together?" Logan asked

"Don't you think i'm a little old for you" Charlie

"Age is only a number" Logan replied

"I'll think about it" she said

"Don't think too long" he said

Logan noticed Angelo staring at him, he smiled and gave him a middle finger salute.

"Charlie" Logan called getting up and grabbing a texta from the counter

He unbuttoned her shirt a little and wrote his number on her chest then kissed her.

"Call me" he said


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