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Sucker Punch

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Logan was sitting on the bench talking on his mobile phone talking to someone.

"C'mon, you know she wouldn't care about anyone else but herself" Logan said

"I wouldn't know where to start looking for her"

He stood up with his back turned to the door

"Tracy, we don't know that for sure" he said

"Well, i'll asked but who knows what she'll do"

"Hey, remember you're talking to the only guy who's ever loved you" Logan said

"Alright, i love you too" he said and hung up

He turned to see Charlie standing in the doorway

"Ok Charlie that wasn't what you think" Logan said

"Really, because it seemed to me that you were talking to your girlfriend Tracy" Charlie

Logan sighed

"Depite what people were saying about you, i thought you were as nice guy. It turns out i was wrong" Charlie told him

"You know Charlie, i never thought you'd be judgemental"


"Tracy is my sister" Logan said

"What about i'm the only guy who's ever loved you" Charlie asked

"Her dad hates her, and i grew up protecting her from him" he told her

"I'm sorry i jumped to conclusions" she said

"Why are you here?" he asked calming down

"I came to say that we can only be friends" she said

"I think the only reason i liked you was because you werern't like any girl i knew. Back home there's girls like Annie and Ruby everywhere"

"I thought it was flattering that a teenage boy thought i was hot" Charlie replied

He smiled

"I do think you're hot" he told her

"But friends is good" he told her


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"Irene hey what do you know about Logan's sister?" Charlie asked Irene standing at the counter at the diner.

"Which one?" Irene asked

"Tracy" Charlie replied

"She's 15, she has a child, she adores Logan, why?" Irene replied

"No reaseon, what about his mother" Charlie asked

"That woman made her children's life hell, i'm not saying i was a saint to my children but compared to that woman i'm an angel" Irene said

"What do you mean?" Charlie asked

"You didn't believe me when i said she was my sister did you" Logan said standing behind her.

He turned and walked out of the diner.

"I'm sorry, i just wanted to know about you. You never tell anyone about you" Charlie told him

"And Nan had no right to talk about mum" Logan yelled at her.

"Can you just stop please" Charlie said

"What do you wanna know?" Logan yelled

"I just wanna know who you are?"

"Just think of me as a normal teenager" he yell sitting down on the beach

He started to cry

"Mum left dad when i was two so i don't really remember them together, i do remember waking up one morning and finding out she left in the middle of the night. When i was 10 she met this guy who was really nice to me he gave me all his old comics, then all of a sudden my older sister Stephanie vanished. and that's when the abuse started. Not just by Troy but by mum as well, i just told people the injuries were from falling off my bike i don't think anyone believed it though. The worst that happened didn't happen to me, when Tracy was 14 she gave birth to a baby girl i think you can guess who the father is"

"Troy" Charlie said

Logan shook his head.

"No" he said

Charlie looked at him for a few minutes

"Oh my god" she said

"Every night i was forced to try and get her pregnant and i hate myself for that, but somehow she forgave me"

"That's because it wasn't your fault" Charlie sad putting her arm around him.

"Anyway i put her in a home for single mothers. But for me it continued until i ran away" He told her

"I told Nan, she wanted to go to the police, but me and Tracy made her promise to keep it to herself"

"So what about Stephanie" Charlie asked

"No one knows if she's alive or dead" he told her

"So now you know, are you happy now?" He asked and got up and walked away.



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