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You've used an interesting colouring in your last batch Rosalie. I do like that colouring on some of your icons, brings out a subtleness to them, whereas other icons to me seems like it's just doesn't make the character(s) stand out as much. My faves are icons # 1, 10, 14, 16, 19 and 20. Great use of cropping, clarity, light and shade.

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gorgeous colorings rosalie... :D

I especially love the coloring and cropping on the first 3 Tasha/Robbie icons... I think the coloring matched with them on the beach really makes them stand out for me... but I have to especially comment your cropping on the first icon... that is simply gorgeous...

and omg those twilight ones... are.... ravishing! what texture did you use... I love it... and the blue coloring is stunning! absolutely... ^_^

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