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  1. Aww, congratulations. When did you send your letter? I think I sent it in March or something... But I'm from Norway so I'm guessing it takes a bit longer for the mail to arrive!
  2. I got the cutest reply from Demi today!! With a letter and a signed fancard!!
  3. Amazing! Love the cropping and the lighting
  4. I'm really liking Sasha! I think she might become one of my favourite characters! She kind of reminds me of Belle. Hope she'll be on the show for a long time!
  5. Received this in the mail today!! I sent my letter only a couple months ago, so it was really quick! It's funny, I wrote him that I had just watched a great HAA episode while I'd had my breakfast, and that that was the perfect way to start the day! Which it really is btw, you should all watch HAA in the mornings! Anyway, he wrote me back, as you can see, that he'd read my letter while he had his breakfast. I thought that was cute:)
  6. What?!?! How is it surprising. The fact that people still leave comments on this thread, just shows how much of an impact Adelle made on so many people. For me, there will always be my favourite couple, and their fans will come back here every now and again to relieve or share their feelings about the couple! Agreed!! I don't think I've ever cared so much about any fictional couple! Adelle will live forever<3
  7. WOW! Lincoln is just fabolous!! Monday and Tuesday's episodes.. amazing. The scenes with him and Brax gave me the chills! It's really amazing what the River Boys have done for the show!
  8. Got a reply from Steve today!! I wrote him and Lynne in March, and got a pre-printed fancard from Lynne in May. Then today I got a signed one from Steve, with a letter as well! Really made my day!! Will try and post pictures later
  9. Even though Jess (and Todd) did FANTASTIV in the cancer storyline, I wish they hadn't killed Belle off. I wish the two of them had left the Bay together, so that we could all hope they'd someday return! They were so perfect. Like everyone here said, no couple on HAA is like them!
  10. Yeah, it's not like I hate him! I just find him annoying...
  11. Is anyone else finding Xavier really annoying? Or is it just me..? I don't know why. I never really liked him, and especially lately he's just annoyed me so much. He so smug all the time, like he's the coolest guy in the Bay. And it's just meh..
  12. I completely agree with you. I really miss Adelle I think their storyline ended really beautifully. Only sad thing is that it is impossible for Belle/Jess to return to the Bay.
  13. Do they not sign the fancards at all, unless you send the fan cards back to them? So I would have to send my Lynne card back to her, and then she'd sign it..or?
  14. I got a fancard from Lynne McGranger the other day! I wrote both her and Steve Peacocke about 2 months ago! Haven't heard from Steve. Unfortunately the Lynne card wasn't even signed, just pre-printed.. But it's still nice to get a reply.
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