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Summer In Summer Bay

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Story Title: Summer In Summer Bay

Type of story: Long fic

Main Characters: Belle, Aden, Nicole, Ruby, Geoff, Annie, Romeo, Jai, Melody...Potential others...

Characters Mentioned: Undecided..

BTTB rating: T, SC

Genre: Drama/Romance/Comedy

Does story include spoilers: Maybe...?! Unsure Yet.

Any warnings: Slight Sexual Content, Yet not so much.

Summary: The teens are on their summer holidays, fun, friendships, romance and new beginnigns will ensue. Nothing is as it seems in a town which never sleeps. Summer Bay!

Just a bit of background information:

- Geoff and Nicole have been dating for two years.

- Melody has a crush on Aden, although she is dating Jai.

- Jai is dating Melody, but has been having secret email chats with a mystery girl - Annie.

- Annie has never had a boyfriend before, and has turned to the internet chat rooms and has met a mysterious guy - Jai.

- Ruby is secretly crushing on Nicole.

- Nicole, is feeling slightlightly bored within her relationship, temptations may arise.

- Aden and Belle have been together for a year, although arguments and cracks within theitr relationship are beginning to show.

- Annie and Melody are best friends, as they are the younger members of the whole group.

- Jai's best friend from when he was homeless will make an appearance, who may become a full character within the story - Romeo.

**This is my first story so all comments will be appreciated....Am really unsure about this story so i hope you enjoy**

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Chapter one!

The sun was rising in Summer Bay, early risers could be seen taking a stroll along the golden sands. Aden was sitting at the edge of the beach, taking in the gorgeous views. It was a great place for thinking and reflecting on the past. This has been where he first saw Belle Taylor. Her long brown hair had been blowing in the breeze, as she sat showing of her tanned body, for all eyes in Summer Bay. It has also been the place where they went on their first date. Aden has paid for dinner, and Belle has arranged drinks in 'their' spot for afters. Aden smiled, thinking about all the times spent here with his beloved girlfriend Belle, oh how times had changed. Aden drifted back into the present and noticed the beach filling up quickliy. He looked fown at his phone, '9:10', 'Oh No' He though to himself, He was ten minutes late for work.

Ruby opended her eyes and immediately felt pain, she had a 'massive' headachw. She knew that exra drink last night was wrong. Herself, Nicole and Belle all went out to the latest club opening in Yabbie Creek, to celebrate the end of year exams. Rubes hadn't intended on getting drunk and making out with some randomer, but that had been the situation last night - well the only bit she could remember anyway. She reached over to her bedside table to get her phone and saw a note which read:

'Hey Sexy,

Thanks for last night, Sorry i left earlu but got to get to class.

Heres my number, give me a call later.


Ruby put her hand to her head. X?! Who is that? She closed her eyes, and saw a flashback from the previous night,. She remembered seeing Nicole and Belle leaving, and then saw herself ordering another drink, and a handsome guy standing beside her. She remembered getting into a taxi with the same guy, and then being intimate on the sofa, which then lead into the bedroom. Oh No, she though to herself. She looked fown to her phone and saw she had two missed calls, Geoff and Belle.

She placed her phione back on the table and rose from bed. She walked to the kitchen and saw Charlie at the stove making pancakes.

'Hey lazy Bones' She commented as ruby took a pancake from the pile that had been placed on the table and took a seat while grumbling to herself. 'Late night then?'

'You could that say. Where were you last night?' Ruby remembered that hwen she got in she had been to charlies room to see if she was okay, yet she was nowhere to be seen and her bed had looked like it had not been slept in yet.

'hmmm' Charlie avoided the question and took 2 cups from the drainer and filled them with freshly brewed coffee. 'Thanks' Ruby replied, when she was handed the cup. 'So where were you?'

'Oh yeah. So Sorry about that. I was just in town visiting dad and Morag when i ran into Angelo.'

Ruby's eyes lit up and looked at charlie.' OOOOHHHH Angelo Ey?' She cheekily grinned at her sister, and once she met her eyes she gave a wink.

'Yes Angelo. And before uou ask - no nothing happemed' Charlie stated in a matter of fact tone.

'Really? If nothing happened then where did you spend the night?' Ruby quizzed.

'Well it was late once me and Angelo had been for a drink, so i phoned Morag and asked if i could stay in the guest room for the night. She told me it was fine' Charlie finished and sat down in the seat opposite to Ruby;s and began to eat into a pile of pancakes.

'Oh Ok, if you say so' Ruby winked and drank the remains of the coffee and got up from her seat. 'I'm going grab a shower'

'Don't use all the hot water!' Charlie called out at Ruby made her way to the bathroom.



- We catch up with Nicole and Belle the morning after their night out with Ruby and revelations are revealed.

- We meet Annie, Geoff, Jai, Melody and Romeo.


- Upcoming Event - the teens begin the party prepartions.

- Will Charlie admit her feelings for Angelo?

- Will Annie and Jai realise they are eachothers mysterious email partners.

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Chapter 2!

'OMG! Irene i'm so sorry i'm late' Aden called out as he rushed through the kitchen at the diner while hurridely putting on his apron.

'It's alright. Just don't make a habit of it'

'I won't, i promise.' Aden saw two plates od bacon and egg on the side. ' What table are these for?'

'That would be Belle and Nicole....table 4. Thanks Darl'

Aden picked up the plates and placed them in front of the 2 hungover girls - one his best friend and the other his girlfriend.

'Ooh you two look rough!' Aden said, while stroking belles matted hair.

' h Thanks - as if we didnt already feel bad' Nicole replied as rudely as ever.

'Could you bring us two strong coffees when you have time babe?' Belle asked finally realising tat the breakfast in front of her was making her feel slightly quesy.

'Sure will.' Aden replied.

'Thanks.' The girls replied in unison.

'So...' Belle began.

'What?' Nicole looked.

'What was going on between you and Ruby last night?'

'What?!?!' Nicole replied, clearly confused by what belle had said.

'I may have been drunk, but i remember you two....Kissing' Belle whispered the last part so nobody else in the diner could hear.

Nicole was replaying last nights events in her head. She remembered her and Ruby downing shots together, then dancing and grinding up against one another on the dancefloor, then drinking even more shots. Ruby had been flirting with her all evening, and then when Nicole had dismissed her, she had turned her attention elsewhere and had begun flirting with some randomeres, and Nicole had felt insanely jelous for some reason. She remember looking at Ruby, downing more shots and then had walked straight up to Ruby and kissed her in the middle of the dancefloor.

'OH GOD!! I cannot believe i di that.' Nicole finally spoke.

Belle began to giggle at seeing the look on Nicoles face.

'I'm going have ti txt her. I need to apologise. Oh God!'

Nicole reached for her phone, and began writing out a message to Ruby, apologising for her behaviour the night before. Aden returned brandishing two cups of coffees, and placed them in front of the girls, stopping to kiss Belle before heading back to the kitchen to fetch the next order.

Annie was sat in front of the computer again desperately rushing to check her emails, before Geoff woke up and asked what she was upto. YOU HAVE NO NEW MESSAGES! flashed up on the screen.

Annies heart sank at realising her mystery man has not yet messaged her. As she logged of Geoff was emerging from his bedroom after a night of disrupted sleep thanks to his girlfriend Nicole ringing him every other hour, telling him how much she loved him and missed him.

'Hey! Are you on that computer again?'

No! I'm not i'll have you know!' I was just turning it off. Irene must have used it this morning.' Annie replied while putting two slices of bread into the toaster. Geoff smiled to himself. How dumb did Annie think he was?

He sat down on the sofa and switched on the TV while checking the messages on his phone. There was a new message from belle.


Hmm...Let me decide ey, somebody feeling guilty for their actions last night?, Geoff thought to himself, as he knicked a slice of toast from Annie's plate who joined him now on the sofa.


Next Chapter

- We meet Jai, Romeo and Melody.

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Over the christmas period i shall be working on this and then when i have completed the next two chapters i shall udate for you.

Chapter 3!

Jai woke feeling unusually happy. Todays the day he though to himself, as he got dressed, I get to see my brother, Romeo; Of course not his real brother, but since he had lost his family during the tsunami, himself and Romeo has been together, and he felt awful when he left him to go and live with Miles. But today that would be changing as today is exactly one week away from his 17th birthday, and Romeo is coming to cisit, and unbeknownst to Miles, Jai is planning on making Romeo's visit a more permanent one.

Jai finished getting dressed and rushed down the stairs and thrn through the front foor, only stopping to shout out a quick 'G'Day' to Alf who was standing in the kitchen making his breakfast. Once outside he made his way down the pathway which led to the diner, which was where Romeo was being dropped of by one of his friends which he had been staying with for the past few months.

Jai rran through his head the plans which he had in place for himself and romeo today. Quick trip to the diner for breakfast, back home to drop of romeo's stuff and then spend the rest of the day catching up and playing pool at the surf club.

Before Jai reached the end of the pathway, he spotted an attractive blonde girl walking the opposite way, who he recognised to be his girlfriend Melody. 'Hey stranger' she called out, upon seeing him emerge the opposite side of her. Jai felt himself loathing the fact that wherever he seemed to go, Melody would turn up or know where he was or what he was doing. He was beginning to feel trapped within his relationship, and even though he liked melody, and thought she was very attractive, he was beginnging to think that this relationship was not worth the effort he semmed to be making. 'Hey Mel' he quickly replied upon noticing they were only centimeteres away from one another now.

'Where have you been? I haven't heard of you in what....a whole day!' Mel asked demanding to know why her boyfriend had not been taking her calls and not answering her text messages. She hadn't planned on coming out so early in the morning and walking down the path which led directly to his home. She was supposed to be visiting her mother in Yabbie Creek, but after not hearing from Jai she thought it would be best to check on him first to make sure everything was ok.

'Oh i'm sorry, i've been busy. My mates coming in today from the city for my birthday next week.' Jai replied feeling the need to rush the conversation so he can go and meet Romeo.

'Oh right. Which mate would this be?' Melody's voice raised slightly, wondering wether this friend was female.

'Romeo. Romeo Smith. I've known him since, well since we were young.' Jai began. '& i better be going if i'm going meet him in time' Jai finished hoping to end this conversation once and for all.

'Right. Well seeing as i'm free i'll come along with you and meet Romeo. After all i am your girlfriend, and it's my duty to meet all your friends' Melody started making sure she would be meeting this friend to make her own mind up on this person who is such a big influence on Jai's life.

'Fine. But after breakfast me and romeo will be going home to catch up. Then i will txt you to let you know if we will be able to meet later in the day.' Jai stated, making sure he put melody in her place.

Melody replied by simply smiling, and taking Jai's hand in hers and began there walk along the path which she had just 5minuted previously made her way down.

Romeo was sat at the edge of the golden sands which now surronded him. It was so beautiful, and so different from what he had been useddd to. The street lights and busy noise of the city was no match to the soft lighting and quietness of summer bay. He looked around, taking in all the different elements, people laughing, surfers in the water, the waves crashign around the; he had a funny feeling inside, he felt at home. He began to walk further down the beach, and down towards the waters edge, feeling the sand between his toes as he went.

Annie never usually felt like walking along the beach or going for an early morning swim, but after the dissapointing morning, by not recving a messgae from her beloveded, she thought a nice walk and swim might take her minds of things. She found a nice spot on the beach, which had the perfect amount of shaded area and sunlight, which would keep her warm upon finishing her swim upon returning to the beach. She took of her bag and placed it down on the now unfolded towel which lay down on the sand. She began to remove her clothing, and as she took of the last item, her dress, she turned to notice an attractive young lad sdatring at her, my he must not be older than 18, she thought to herself. As she dropped her dress, she ran to the water, jumping slightly upon feeling the coldness hitting her, she turned to see the boy watching her more closely then before. She noticed a smile spread across his face, and even though she felt like smiling back she felt suddenly uneasy at the situation and tunred her back to him and began her swim before she would regret it.

Romeo was struck by her beauty as soon as he saw her. Her long brown hair, which blew wildly in the breeze, her smile made her look heavenly. He couldn't stop staring at her, it was as though he was hypnotised by her. Even when he saw her looking at him in bemusement he couldnt look away. If only he could talk to her, he thought to himself. He took a seat in the sand and watched his drem girl while she began her swim, when he suddenly heard a familiar voice from behind him. 'Romeo, Ro. Ro!!!' He looked around to see his brother Jai, closely followed by a short, blonde girl.

Romeo got up from the sand and ran up to greet Jai, embracing him in a hug before parting to take c loser look at him.

'Woah! Check you out lil bro. All grown up!' Romeo finally spoke.

Jai smiled at him and introduced a now unusually shy Melody, who was stood beside Jai, looking awakward upon the union between the two lads.

'I know bro!' Jai replied. 'This is Melody by the way.' Jai explained. 'My girlfriend' He spoke and raised his eyebrowns ensuring melody could not see when he said it.

Romeo smiled and held out a hand, which melody shook with appreciation.

'Lets go eat' Jai suggested.

'Good idea'. Melody replied.

'Yeah sounds good!' Romeo agreed.

Romeo turned around to retrive his bag from where he had been sitting, and looked to where his mystery girl had been previsouly before, only to see she had disappeared. As he joined his mate Jia, and began walking towards the diner, he wondered wether he would ever see the mystery girl again and if summer bay was ready for Romeo Smith...

Next chapter:

- Chalire and Angelo share an awakward moment when they are set up on a blind date.

- Romeo see's his mystery girl - will he have the courage to speak to her?

- Annie is annoyed to not recieve a message of her nystery email guy.

- Nicole and Ruby are finding it awkward to remain friendly - are they not as good a friends as they thought or is there something more to it.

- Aden and Belle are not getting along - is this the end?

- Jai & Melody agree to time apart.

- Xavier has officially arrived (Ruby's one night stand from the first chapter)

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Sorry for the delay in updates i have just been soo busy with college work etc...

Chapter 4

'So Leah, are you going to give me any clues to who my blind date is?' Chalire enquired while aplying the finishing touches to her make-up. Last week charlie had been feeling low after seeing her ex Angelo and when Leah offered to set her up on a blind date she thought 'why not?' but as the week progressed she began to feel more and more anxious. At least Leah and Miles would be joining her and her date for dinner.

'No. Like i said you'll have to wait and see' teased Leah. Ever since Leah has hooked Charlie up she has done nothing but tease her. Charlie looked at Leah disprovingly, Leah ignored this, picked up her keys and leah Charlie out the house as they made their way to the Sans hotel.

Ruby, Nicole & Belle were getting ready to go to Jai's birthday party. They were meant to be getting ready with Annie, but she had promised Irene she would go to the surf club early to help set everything up, so the girls all agreed they would meet her there.

'So which one?' Nicole asked, while holding up two dresses. One was a long black dress, which was low-cut in the front with no back, while the other one was a pink mini with jewels encrusted onto the bodice.

'Definately the black, its so you!' Belle answered immediately, while slipping on her pair of newly brought blue jimmy choo's which mathed her dress perfectly. It was a mid-length prom dress which she got from New Look for a bargain price.

'Yeah. The pinks a bit more clubby then birthday party.' Ruby replied. As she spoke Nicole caught her eye and they gazed at eachother momentarily.

'Black it is then' She replied smiling, while placing the pink dress away.

As Nicole turned to leave the room to get dressd Ruby picked up her own outfir the evening, a long red maxi dress, and followed Nicole into the bedroom. Once Nicole had locsed the door, and ensured Belle was out of eyesite and ear shot Ruby dashed across the room to where Nicole was standing and kissed her passionately.

Since they kissed a couple of weeks ago Nicole and Ruby had shared plenty of kisses and stolen glances. Nicole knew it was wrong, she was in love with Geoff and they had been together forever, but something about Ruby made her feel excited, made her feel wanted, something which she hasn't felt with Geoff in a long time.

Since that first kiss they had shared many nights together, kissing one eachother for hours, but unfortunately for Ruby it had never gone further.

Ruby could feel the lust between them, she so wanted Nicole, but Nic had insisted on waiting until the righ time, but lately Ruby;s patience had begun to falter. She was fed up of being somebodys dirty little sercret. Ruby broke of the kiss and smiled cheekily at Nicole.

'I can see somebodys happy to see me' Nicole replied while removing her t-shirt and slipping on the black dress. Ruby eyed Nicoles petite body, how much she lusted after her was unbelieveable. Nicole caught ruby's eye and understood what she was thinking. Before Ruby got carried away she made her way over to the door and walked out into the living area, where Belle was getting into the party spirit by lining up the first round of shots. Ruby was left along in the bedroom and reluctantly got dressed.

Annie had opted on a long maxi flowered print dress, for the party. She didnt have long to get ready thanks to Irene. Although she was relieved she didn't have to rely on Roman, Nicole's dad, driving her here as he wasn't the safest of drivers. As Annie arrived at the surf club she noticed that most of tbe decorating had been done and the rest was being finished by Geoff and Aden. She sat down at the nearest table, 'greaat' she thought to herself, what to for two hours?'

'Happy birthday dude!' Romeo shouted at Jai for the sixth time that day.

'Thanks Bro. But i kind of got the message the first time.' Jai replied while laughing. Romeo laughed back until they were interrupted by a knock on the door followed by a wave of blond hair heading towards Jai.

'Wahey the strippers here! Oh, hi Melody' Romeo said, clearly embarrased. Melody nodded at Romeo and ignored his presence in the room by grabbing Jai and proceeding into a full on make out sesh!

'Guys, sorry to interrupt but unless we leave now, i'll be late meeting Leah' Miles interrupted looking flushed after rushing down the stairs and frantically looking for his car keys.

Melody let go of Jai, and puth er hand in his and marched him out to the car, leaving Jai looking helpless.

'Yikes!' Romeo announced to the now empty house before joining the rest in the car.

'Thanks for the ride' Xavier yells out to the bus driver while getting off the near empty bus and retrieveing the last of his luggage. As the bus ste off he makes his way to his new home, the caravan park, until he can find something abit more perminanent. Upon arriving at the main house, per some old eccentric womans instructions, he finds nobody home.

'Oh well' He goes back to the caravan park main site and sits down on the nearest bench. He pulls out the latest edition of 'surfing today' and waits until somebody comes home.

Next on summer in summer bay...

- Charlie meets her blind date

- Jais birthday party gets into the swing of things

- What is happening between Belle & Aden?

- Will Romeo reliase that Annie was his mystery girl on the beach?

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