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My Home & Away Fanfiction

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Story Title: - My Home & Away Fanfiction

Type of story: short/long fic (undecided)

Main Characters: Aden, Geoff, Annie, Miles, Nicole, Ruby, Kirsty, Irene and Leah & Charlie

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Comedy & Romance

Does story include spoilers: No,

Any warnings: Mild Course language

Summary: Geoff wants a job at the Diner so he asks Annie to talk to Leah & Irene and then Annie tells Geoff whether Leah and Irene will take up geoff's offer.

Miles and Kirsty go out to dinner and Jai wants to go with them, so he waits to ask if they would allow him

here is my 1st attempt at writing a fanfiction anyways please C&C

Let me know if you want me to continue on

Chapter 1

“Annie?” asked Geoff.

“Yes Geoff.” Answered Annie.

“What are you doing today?” asked Geoff.

“Nothing just going to meet up with Nicole and Ruby at the diner.” Answered Annie.

“Okay well why you are there could you please ask Irene and Leah if it is possible for me to get a job at the diner?” asked Geoff.

“Okay I will try but don’t keep your hopes up too high Geoff.” Answered Annie.

“Thank you Annie, don’t worry I won’t.” says Geoff.

So Geoff and Annie got ready for the day and then Geoff left to go and see Aden and hang out with him for the day, Annie went and saw Nicole and Ruby at the diner and have a smoothie with them and when she arrived there, she went up to Leah and Irene and asked them about if Geoff was able to get a job there.

“Hi Irene and Leah.” Says Annie.

“Hey Annie.” Said Leah.

“Hey Annie, what can we do for you today?” asked Irene.

“Um Irene and Leah, Geoff wants to get a job here at the diner, so he asked me if I was able to ask you.” answered Annie.

“Oh why can’t Geoff ask us himself?” asked Leah.

“Well he would ask you himself but he asked me since I was going to be coming here and meeting up with Nicole and Ruby for a smoothie.” Answered Annie.

“Oh okay well yes he can come in and work here for a few hours after school as long as he does keep up his grades at school.” Says Irene.

“Thank you Irene and Leah I will tell him that.” Said Annie.

Then Nicole and Ruby showed up at the diner so Annie went over to where they sat and started talking about girly stuff, meanwhile at Aden’s, Geoff and Aden were chatting away about guy stuff and talking about school and football.

“Aden you are kidding me.” Said Geoff.

“Nope I am not joking at all, I got bruise on my arm from Jai yesterday.” Says Aden.

“Did Miles do anything about Jai giving you a bruise on the arm yesterday?” asked Geoff.

“No Miles does not know about Jai giving me a bruise on my arm.” Answered Aden.

“Okay well it will clear up soon I am sure of that.” Says Geoff.

“Yeah I hope so too Geoff.” Says Aden.

Meanwhile at the diner Ruby, Nicole and Annie were laughing about something that had happened yesterday and also about something that Charlie told Ruby which obviously made Ruby laugh.

“So Charlie knocked her hand on the table at home and I just started laughing at her and then Leah came into the kitchen and was like “what is going on in here you two? And I said Oh Leah you missed out seeing what Charlie did to herself.” Say s Ruby.

“Oh ouch you should not laugh at your sister like that Ruby.” Says Nicole.

“Yeah Ruby if you hurt yourself like that Charlie would laugh at you for laughing at her when she hurt herself.” Says Annie.

“I know but she made me laugh though Annie.” Says Ruby.

Then Irene came out to take Nicole, Annie and Ruby’s orders, the girls ordered a Strawberry crush Smoothie each.

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Chapter 2

“"I will have the same as Ruby and Annie please Irene." says Nicole.

"Okay then ladies I will go and get your smoothies organised." said Irene.

"Thankyou Irene." says Annie.

"Your welcome darling." Says Irene.

So then Irene left the three girls to talk while she went and got their Smoothies ready to go on their table.

“"Hey Annie, have you heard from Jai at all?" asked Nicole.

“"Ah yeah I spoke to him yesterday when I saw him at the surfing club." Answered Annie.

“"Okay well did you know he hurt Aden at the gym yesterday morning?" Asked Nicole.

“"No I didn't know until you just told me now." Answered Annie.

“"Okay then." Says Nicole.

“"What did Jai do to hurt Aden yesterday morning Nicole?" asked Ruby.

“"He punched Aden on the arm very hard and gave him a bruise on the arm." Answered Nicole.

“"Ouch, that’s got to hurt." Says Annie.

“"Poor Aden." Says Ruby.

“"Okay Ladies here is your strawberry crush smoothies, I hope you enjoy them." Says Irene.

“"Thanks Irene, we appreciate it." Says Ruby.

“"Yeah we do really appreciate you doing our smoothies Irene." Replied Annie.

“"Irene you are an awesome smoothie maker." Says Nicole.

“"Awe thankyou girls, you are lovely." Says Irene.

Irene left to go and serve other customers and cook the meals for other people, meanwhile in the kitchen Colleen was telling Leah something while Leah was organising meal orders for other people.

"I heard that Ruby and Xavier have called it quits because Xavier is cheating on Ruby or something." Says Colleen.

"That is not true Colleen, You shouldn’t go saying something when you don't know if its true or not." says Leah.

"What is going on in here you two?" asked Irene.

“Oh Irene, Colleen is saying that Xavier and Ruby have called quits, because Ruby dumped Xavier has cheated on Ruby which did not happen at all.” Answered Leah.

“Well that is a flipping lie, if Ruby and Xavier have brokened up then they would have told some people but it’s not true at all.” Answered Irene.

“Well that is what I heard, but I will stay out of people’s business then.” Says Colleen.

“So you should Colleen, it’s none of your business anyways.” Says Leah.

“Take these two meals to table 8 Colleen?” asked Leah.

“Yes Leah I will.” Answered Colleen.

So Colleen left the kitchen with the two meals that she had to take to table 8 and when she had done that she went back to the kitchen and to get more meals to take out to other tables.

“Kirsty, Kirsty?” asked Miles.

“Yes Miles.” Answered Kirsty.

“Haven’t you been listening to a word I have been saying at all?” asked Miles who was getting frustrated that Kirsty was ignoring him.

“Oh sorry Miles I have been in La La Land a lot lately.” Answered Kirsty.

“Well like I said we should go out to dinner tonight at the surfing club.” Says Miles.

“Okay that’s a plan jam, lol.” Replied Kirsty.

“A plan jam, what is that meant to mean?” asked Jai who had just walked into the lounge room.

“Agh it means it’s a good plan that I made for Kirsty and I mate.” Answered Miles.

“Okay than, what was the plan you made with Kirsty?” asked Jai.

“We are going out to dinner at the surf club tonight.” Answered Kirsty.

“Okay, can I come with?” asked Jai.

“Um, yes but you must not stay out to late because you have school tomorrow.” Answered Miles.

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