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Bernard Curry to host Beauty and the Geek Australia

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Production begins this week on Channel Seven’s Beauty and the Geek Australia, a local adaptation of the US reality series.

Home and Away’s Bernard Curry will host the series which premieres next month. He previously hosted Nine’s failed Monster House.

The network has finally revealed its prize for the series too: $100,000.

Curry, a ’self professed geek’ said “I’m very interested in quantum mechanics and physics. I’ve read a fair bit about it and am fascinated by how deep it is. I’m looking forward to chatting to some of the guys about it.”


“People will love this show because of its warm-hearted centre. It’s about celebrating differences and Australia will identify with both the geeks and beauties because there’s a little bit of both in all of us.”

As in the US original, contestants will live together and enlighten each other as to their atitributes along the way. Namely, hooking up?

The beauties are:

* Elise, 20, hospitality worker and model from South Australia

* Emma, 22, model and event coordinator from NSW

* Hadassah, 22, spray tan technician from Queensland

* Jenna, 21, air hostess from Victoria

* Kate, 20, glamour model from South Australia

* Kimberley, 20, model from NSW

* Lisa, 20, make-up artist and sales assistant from South Australia

* Michelle, 18, meter maid from Queensland

The geeks are:

* Alan, 18, actuary student from Western Australia

* Corin, 28, synthetic organic chemist from Victoria

* Jeremy, 24, radio communications engineer from ACT

* Paul, 23, research economist and data analyst from ACT

* Peter, 28, forest pathologist and mycologist from Western Australia

* Nathan, 20, student teacher and comic book collector from Victoria

* Toby, 21, clinical ethics coordinator from Queensland

* Xenogene, 30, PhD student in mathematical foundations from NSW


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Curry's LA hopes on Geeky show http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,,...5006022,00.html

September 07, 2009 12:00am

HOME and Away's Bernard Curry will host Channel 7's latest reality TV offering, Beauty and the Geek.

Curry, the brother of Logie-winning star Stephen, secured the attractive gig, a role he hopes will bolster his appeal when he heads for Los Angeles next month.

"Look, it's nice to have another feather in the cap," Curry said.

"I plan to head to LA in October to have a look around and it helps having something on the CV that the Americans are familiar with."

A reality program akin to an acerbic The Bachelor, Beauty and the Geek is a somewhat self-explanatory series conceived by Ashton Kutcher.

Curry denied feeling any trepidation about signing to the series, despite the dire response to his last foray as presenter, on the Nine flop, Monster House.

"My experience with (Monster House) was a positive one in terms of the job that I did, I was happy with it and learnt a lot," he said.

"The fact it wasn't a critical or commercial success doesn't really affect me professionally."

But Curry hopes his new show will prove popular.

"It's a celebration of differences," he said.

"It's certainly not out to be patronising or condescending."


I thought LA wasn't his thing, he's already so long in the business and now he's heading for LA :(

must be something in the food on the set of Summerbay

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