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Strictly Come Dancing 2009

Guest xGlowingAngelx

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It's THAT time of year again!!!!!

The new line up for this years Strictly Come Dancing has been announed:

The line up:

Celebrity: Ali Bastian (The Bill / Ex-Hollyoaks actress)

Professional Dance Partner: Brian Fortuna.

Celebrity: Lynda Bellingham (Actress / Loose Women presenter)

Professional Dance Partner: Darren Bennett

Celebrity: Joe Calzaghe (Boxer)

Professional Dance Partner: Kristina Rihanoff

Celebrity: Natalie Cassidy (Ex Eastenders Actress)

Professional Dance Partner: Vincent Simone

Celebrity: Richard Dunwoody (Jockey)

Professional Dance Partner: Lilia Kopylova

Celebrity: Ricky Groves (Actor, Eastenders)

Professional Dance Partner: Erin Boag

Celebrity: Martina Hingis (Tennis Player)

Professional Dance Partner: Matthew Cutler

Celebrity: Chris Hollins (Sports Pro for BBC Breakfast News)

Professional Dance Partner: Ola Jordan

Celebrity: Jade Johnson (Olympic Athlete)

Professional Dance Partner: Ian Waite

Celebrity: Craig Kelly (Coronation Street Actor)

Professional Dance Partner: Flavia Cacace

Celebrity: Zoe Lucker (Actress, Footballer Wives/The Bill etc)

Professional Dance Partner: James Jordan

Celebrity: Laila Rouass (Actress, Footballers Wives)

Professional Dance Partner: Anton Du Beke

Celebrity: Phil Tufnell (English Cricketer)

Professional Dance Partner: Katya Virshilas

Celebrity: Ricky Whittle (Actor, Hollyoaks)

Professional Dance Partner: Natalie Lowe

Celebrity: Rav Wilding (TV Presenter)

Professional Dance Partner: Aliona Vilani

Celebirty: Jo Wood (Ex model)

Professional Dance Partner: Brendan Cole.


I'm very excited. Look like a good line up. I love Ricky & Ali. Quite like Phil Tufnell too. Can't wait to see the new pros in action. Though I'm gonna miss Karen & Camilla terribly.

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I think this is possibly the best line up out of all the series so far. Ali, Ricky and Craig definitely stand out for me. It will be good to see how well they do. I will also be routing for Rav .... oh and Joe .... so many good people who I hope do well.

I agree, it is going to be strange without Karen and Camilla but I have every faith that the new pros will do just as well.

Not looking forward to Alesha being the new judge in all honesty, I just don't agree with the way they just kick Aileen out and replace her with someone who has had no experience of ballroom/latin dancing apart from the few months she did when she was a contestant on the show. I will definitely miss the chemistry between her and the three other judges.

My Saturday nights will be complete what with this new series and the new X Factor. :)

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No X Factor for me. Strictly all the way baby!!!!!!

I'll be supporting them all, because sometimes even the names I don't recognise become people I end up loving (like Austin did last year). However, it's the first year we've had a proper Hollyoaks cast member there (We've had Claire King, but she was only a guest appearence in Oaks) and I've always hoped they have an Oaks star on at some point. They've had Oaks stars on other shows, but I've only ever watched SCD, so that's great :). I'll be backing Ali & Ricky (Assuming they're not terrible, of course).

I'm not necessarily a fan of the others, but I still thinks it's a great line up.

Oh yeh, even though I'll miss them so much, I'm more than willing to give the new pros the chance. Heck, Brian and Kristina proved a hit pretty much from the off when they came in last year. So no reason why the new pros wont. :)

Urgh. Don't even mention Alesha being on the judging panel. Seriously. Alright I'm being fair and "Giving her the chance" but I don't see what replacing Arlene could possibly achieve. Maybe if Alesha had more experience I'd be OK with it. But TBH, I'm cringing at the though. Imagine if we have someone who is REALLY bad? She has to be honest, yeh? So she'd say she "Didn't enjoy that" or whatever and you just KNOW there is going to be an uproar of viewers sitting there going "Well, what on earth does she know?". It's so frustrating. Why did they try to fix what wasn't broken? The BBC have gone for the Cheryl Cole factor. Only Cheryl is far more popular than Alesha overall. Alesha doesn't even have a fraction of the knowledge that Arlene did, which was exactly why Arlene was respected. I'm just not looking forward to it at all. (Watch this now, I'll end up loving it! lmao).

Still, Strictly is Strictly. I'm not gonna let one person make me switch off after all these years. Hopefully, they wont make too much of a fuss over her.

And the best bit of alll.............. CLAUDIA!!!! She's back on It Takes Two. :D YEY!!!!!! :wub:

Awww..... there goes my Saturday nights until Christmas. I thinkt he start date should be around the 19th September. Of course that depends on whather they have any double eliminations and whather they intend to have 3 couples in the final again......

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Ohhhh I wonder if we'll have a 3-way final again this year? I really hope so (Although preferrbly with no semi-final fluff ups, like last year). 3 way final are so much fun.

I'll be so much more relaxed when we know the start date. I know most of us have done the calculations etc, but I always like to know for sure. You never know, one year they might decide to be really enthusiastic and have a 4 way final! (Though I hope not. That's just be wrong.)

I just hate waiting for the official confirmation.

On another note, what do we make of the result shows been made into 90 minute full length ones on the Saturday? I like it myself. I like the idea of it, anyway. I just hope it's not a case of things being dragged out just to pass the time.

Ohhhh hang on.... according to a website I've just seen:

"Each couple will have to dance two dances in their first week, which will play out over two nights. On Fridays, they will perform either a waltz or tango from the standard Ballroom repertoire, while in the Saturday show the next day the same couples will perform a cha cha or a rumba from the more showy Latin repertoire."

and also......

Dancing in the first week will be:

Ali Bastian and Brian Fortuna

Lynda Bellingham and Darren Bennett

Joe Calzaghe and Kristina Rihanoff

Ricky Groves and Erin Boag

Martina Hingis and Matthew Cutler

Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan

Jade Johnson and Ian Waite

Rav Wilding and Aliona Vilani

So lets take Ali and Brian. I assume they'd do (Example dances here, peeps) a Waltz on the Friday and then a Cha Cha Cha on the Saturday. Both live? Then the next week, the remaining celebs will do the same? I assume so anyway. Of course, I wonder what that will mean for the voting? Whether it's open both nights and all added together on Saturday for the final result? Then from week 3? They'd all join together and do just one dance each.... only on a Saturday. So from week 3, we'll be back to the whole group together, with just one dance each.

Or maybe I've just confused everyone (Inclusing myself). Bah..... now it just needs to start!

EDIT: Ohhhh interesting. It was Camilla (current champion) who did the draw for who dances in the first week. The video is on the SCD website. Cool!

WAIT A MINUTE...... This explains it:

Friday 18th September will be Ballroom night, where the first eight of the celebrity contestants and their professional partners will be put through their paces dancing either a waltz or a tango.

Saturday 19th September will be Latin night where things will hot-up even more as the same couples perform a cha-cha or a rumba. At the end of the Saturday show, one of the above eight couples will be eliminated and will leave the show for good.

In the second week of Strictly Come Dancing 2009, the remaining eight couples will participate. Again, there will be two shows, on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th September, and this second group of eight couples will perform a Ballroom dance on one night and a Latin dance on the other.

Are we all following? :lol:


Apparently Joe Calzaghe is the bookies' favourite to win #scd Strictly. Even before anyone's seen ANYBODY dancing, of course..!

^That's on the SCD Twitter page & official site. LMFAO. Oh how it makes me laugh. I dont follow what the bookies say.

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I can't wait for Strictly. Great Line-up.

I just am upset about Alesha taking Arlenes place. Don't get me wrong, i like alesha a lot. But compared to Arlenes knowledge she knows nothing. What did Alesha do already? Ok, she won strictly after learning and copying Mathew. How on earth can anyone compare those few hours, to Arlenes YEARS of training. I just can't understand it.

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