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Story Title: Soulmates sequel to Love at Summer Bay High

Type of story: medium/long fic

Main Characters: Aden Belle Drew Katie Nicole Geoff Matilda and Lucas

BTTB rating: T

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: Probably not

Any warnings:


It might help to read Love at Summber Bay High before reading this because there will be some flashbacks and a lot of unanswered questions between the seven years will be answered in this fic so it might get a little confusing.: Love At Summer Bay High

Its Seven Years later and a lot has changed a old favourite moved away a divorce happened a marriage a baby, a death, a new love formed and two soulmates would now be re-united.

It might be a bit confusing at first but as the chapters go on you learn a little more over what happened in those 7years

Chapter 1:

It had been nearly seven years since he had left the bay left the love of his life and his little girl, he jusst didnt think he could stay there anymore all the lies that went on the tears that where shed he just couldnt take it anymore so he thought the best thing to do was leave.

It was a warm sunnyday in the bay 7years ago a day like this would of made his day but no amount of sun could make up for the loss of his father even though all the drama that went on between him and his father he still thought he should come back and pay his respects his last few words to his dead father


"Hey Babe" Drew said walking up behind his gorgeous fiancee wrapping his arms around her petite waiste giving her a kiss on the neck before twirling her around and planting one on her lips

"mmm is Katie up yet?"

"Yeah she's getting ready" Drew said smiling giving her one last kiss before taking the slice of toast she was making and shoving it in his mouth and smiling

"Your a pig"

"Now now Taylor you shouldnt be using language like that" but before Belle could reply Katie came running in

"Mummy, mummy were gonna be late lets go"

"Ok sweety let mummy just grab her bag and we'll go"

"Ok" said Katie as she sat on the breakfast stool "Are you picking me up after school daddy?" Katie asked her big blue eyes beamed

"Of course sweetheart then we'll go the beach as promised" Drew said smiling at his daughter"

"Is mummy coming to?"

"No mummy is busy she has to go to a funeral"

"What's a funeral"

"Its nothing honey look here comes mummy its time for you to go" Drew said giving her a kiss on the cheek "Have fun at school"

"I'll cya later" Belle called out to Drew "C'mon sweety lets go" Belle said holding Kate's hand and walking out the front door

Sorry its so short but i just wanted the first chapter to center around Aden,Belle Drew and Katie

Please Review:)

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