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Story Title: - Rollercoaster

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Aden/Belle mainly plus their families

BTTB rating: T/A (just to be on the safe side)

Genre: General.

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: nothing as of yet but will warn at start of chapter if i think it's needed!

Summary: - five years on from plain sailing and things are going well for Belle, Aden and their son Beau until a chain of events leads to a rollercoaster of emotions.

A bit earlier than i thought - here's the first chapter especailly for naomi after her bad day :D

Chapter 1



“Open your eyes daddy!” Aden felt a small hand roam over his face and opened his eyes quickly before his son could prise them open for him.

“hey squirt what’s up?” he asked as Beau climbed onto the bed next to him

“I can’t reach my uniform!”

“Beau it’s…” he turned his head so he could see the clock “….7 o clock, you don’t need your uniform on just yet”

“but I’m really cited daddy and granddad is making me a special breakfast at his diner”

“you mean excited” Aden corrected “And we have plenty of time. Hey do you know where mommy is?” it hadn’t escaped his notice that Beau was lying in the space usually filled by his wife.

“She’s crying in the bathroom” Beau said nonchalantly

“She’s what?” Aden asked sitting up quickly

“crying” Beau repeated “Her cheeks were wet and she was sniffling”

“ok. Listen mate why don’t you go and play in your room for a sec and me and mommy will be in in a bit to get you ready yeah?”

“ok daddy.” Beau bounded off the bed and literally bounced into his own room

“slow down mate” Aden called after him as he slid out of bed himself “we don’t want any accidents today do we?”

“Sorry” Beau called back from his bedroom

“good man” Aden called. He walked to the bathroom and tapped gently on the door “babe can I come in?”

A quiet yes reached his ears so he slowly opened the door to find Belle wrapped in a towel sitting on the edge of the bath. Beau had been correct in his description, Belle had tears running down her cheeks.

“Hey, what’s wrong” Aden was crouched in front of her within seconds taking her face gently in his hands and using his thumbs to wipe the tears away

“He’s just a baby” she sobbed

Aden couldn’t keep the smile from his face when he realised why Belle was so upset

“he’s five babe”

“he’s my baby and I think he’s too young”

“well there’s not much we can do about it and even if there was I don’t think he’d let us! He’s very cited!”

Belle’s lips kicked up into a smile at Aden’s use of their sons language

“What if he doesn’t like it?” she asked genuine worry apparent in her voice

“He loved Kindy” Aden answered

“yeah but that was only for a few hours three times a week, this is different! What if the other kids pick on him?”

“Belle, you know our son right? He’s the funniest most likeable kid I know, there is no way he is gonna get picked on”

“What if….” Belle started to say before Aden interrupted

“Hey no more what ifs! Beau is going to be fine. The only problem we are going to have today is stopping him from spontaneously combusting before 9 o clock!”

“you’re right” Belle said taking a deep breath

“haven’t we already clarified that I’m always right” Aden grinned as Belle rolled her eyes “is that everything?”

Belle hesitated slightly before shrugging her shoulders


“I’ve…I’m not…” his eyes followed hers to the counter and the box sat on it

“I see” he said “We’ve only been trying for a month babe”

“yeah I know. It’s just that we’ve been waiting ages for the right time and now it is the right time I just can’t wait for it to happen!”

“it will happen soon sweetheart and in the meantime….” he leant forward and pressed his lips against hers “….we can have lots….and lots….of fun….. practicing” he punctuated each few words with tender kisses.

“right again” Belle grinned “you’re making a habit out of it!”

“what can I say?” Aden said standing up and pulling her with him “I’m brilliant! Now come on, we’ve got a little boy who’s in danger of exploding if we don’t get him into his uniform soon!”

An hour later Beau ran at full speed into the diner crashing into Roman’s legs

“Granddad Granddad it’s today!”

“Hey mate what did I tell you about slowing down?” Aden scolded gently as he and Belle caught up

“Sorry daddy, I just wanted to find granddad”

“Well you’ve found me” Roman said scooping him up into his arms “So what’s today?”

“School! It’s school today” Beau replied excitement written all over his face

“But I have to work” Roman replied forcing his face into a frown

“Not for you silly granddad you’re too big, it‘s me! I‘m going to school!”

“Are you sure? Cause I thought you had to be five to go to school?”

“Granddad! I am five! Did you have funny flakes for breakfast?”

Roman threw his head back with laughter “I must have done mate” he lowered Beau so he was standing on a chair “Let’s get a look at you then. Wow! I think we better get nana Irene out here, she’s gonna wanna see this”

Roman called to Irene who was in the kitchen

“Well look at you!” she exclaimed as she set her sights on Beau. He was wearing a pair of grey shorts with a white t-shirt bearing the school logo. His floppy brown hair was neatly combed and his blue eyes that were exact copies of his fathers shone with happiness “You’re all grown up aren’t ya?”

“nearly” Beau replied

“It’s a good job Annie taught me how to use the camera on this thing” Irene said pulling a phone from the pocket in her apron “we’ve gotta get a snap of you in that uniform”

“Do you have to nana, mommy already took a squillion pictures!”

“Not quite a squillion” Belle laughed “maybe half a squillion”

“But she didn’t get any of you with me did she?” Irene asked pulling him into a hug as she handed the phone to Belle “Now say cheese”

“We don’t say cheese” Beau informed Irene

“oh is that right? What do you say then?”

Beau looked to Aden who grinned at him as both of them answered together

“no more mommy!”

“So I take a lot of pictures” Belle rolled her eyes “now look over here cheeky!” she said to Beau. He turned to her and squeezed Irene tight around the neck as he grinned at the camera. “Perfect” she smiled as she checked the picture on the display “Now lets get you some breakfast, we don’t want to be late do we?”

Breakfast was noisy and busy. Countless people stopped by the table to wish Beau good luck on his first day at school. It wasn’t until Roman had started to clear away the plates that Aden noticed the smile on Beaus face had faded to be replaced with a look of worry . He glanced over to Belle and saw that she too had spotted the same thing and she reached over to lift Beau onto her lap

“Hey Beau, everything ok?” Aden asked reaching over to rub his head

“what about Nic nac” the little boy whispered

Nic nac was a blue teddy bear that Nicole had given Beau just after he was born. After she died Aden always made a point of putting it into the crib with him when he slept and Beau soon became attached to it carrying it around by it’s arm as soon as he could. The only time the two of them were parted was the odd occasion when Belle snuck Nic nac from Beau whilst he was sleeping so she could quickly wash him.

Belle swallowed the lump in her throat as she placed a kiss on Beau’s head

“I could speak to your teacher, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind you taking him”

“but the other boys and girls will think I’m a baby then. I’m not a baby am I mommy?”

“course your not bab…” Belle stopped herself just in time and Aden had to bite back a laugh “you’re our big boy.”

“how about just for today we leave Nic nac in my car then you can explain to the boys and girls all about him and why he’s so special. I’ll bet that way they’ll all want to see him tomorrow” Aden suggested

“That’s a good idea” Belle said cuddling Beau as close as she could “What do you think?”

“you’ll bring him when you pick me up?”

“course we will” Aden reassured him

“Ok then daddy”

“Come here squirt”

Beau slid from Belles lap and flung himself into Aden’s arms

“I love you buddy”

“I love you too daddy and mommy” he added turning round to Belle who was grinning at the two of them despite the tears running down her cheeks.

Just before 9 o clock the family walked into Beau’s new classroom each parent had a hold of Beau’s hand. As they entered Aden looked over to Belle and noticed she was struggling to hold back tears. He leant over Beau and whispered in her ear

“Be strong for him babe, just until we get outside”

She nodded at him as she took a deep breath

“Here we are munchkin, do you remember where to put your things?”

“Course I do” Beau answered letting go of their hands and walking over to a row of coat hooks on one of the walls “but I don’t know which one is mine” he said glancing at the labels above each hook

“we just need to find your name squirt” Aden told him taking hold of his hand again “do you remember what your name looks like?”

“I think so” Beau slowly led Aden to the end of the row and began to look carefully at each label his tiny lips were moving and Aden could hear him whispering the letter b over and over again “there it is daddy, I’ve found it!” he said pointing to the label bearing his name

“Well done mate” Aden said rubbing his hand over beau’s head

“Let’s get your things hung up” Belle said placing a bag and a hat onto the peg

“Hi, you must be Beau” a young woman who Belle assumed was roughly the same age as her came over to them

“Hi” Belle answered “Beau, this is miss Richards, she’s going to be your teacher”

“hello miss Richards” Beau replied shyly

“Are you ready to say goodbye to mommy and daddy Beau and come and sit on the carpet with us?”

Beau nodded his head but Aden felt the grip on his hand tighten. He crouched down so that he could look Beau in the eye “you gonna be alright big man?”

Beau nodded again but his eyes filled with tears. Aden heard Belle gasp behind him. “Come her Beau” he opened his arms and pulled Beau into a hug “It’s gonna be alright, you’re gonna have loads of fun and we’ll be back before you know it”

“Will you and mommy be far away?”

“We’ll just be at home baby” Belle said as she crouched next to Aden rubbing her hand over Beau’s back

“don’t you have to be at work?” he asked

“not today sweetie, we took the day off remember so we could both bring you and pick you up”

“So you’ll just be at home, not far away”

“Just round the corner mate” Aden replied

“and you’ll both come back and bring Nic nac?”

“absolutely” Belle answered

“ok, I’m ready miss Richards” Beau said pulling out of Aden’s arms and using his arm to wipe is face

“How about a kiss first” Belle asked pulling him over to her gently

“oops I forgot” he giggled as he placed a big kiss on Belle’s lips

“I love you Beau Jefferies”

“Love you too mommy”

“and how about me?” Aden asked as he planted a kiss on his son’s lips

“Yep I love you daddy”

“That’s good to know because I love you right back”

“Shall we go then Beau” Miss Richards asked taking hold of his hand

“yeah let’s go” Beau answered walking with her towards the carpet

As soon as they reached their car which was parked just outside the school gates Belle gave into the tears that had been threatening since they entered the school

“come here babe” Aden said pulling her into an embrace “shhh”

He let her cry against his chest for a few minutes placing kisses against her head to sooth her

“sorry” she said eventually pulling away “I got your shirt all wet”

“don’t worry about it” he replied placing a hand under her chin and tilting her head back so he could look into her eyes “You ok now?”

“as ok as I’m going to be till 3 o clock” she grinned “So what shall we do with the rest of our day off?”

“Well there’s that new toy store opened in Yabbie creek, I thought we could go there and get Beau that lightening McQueen he’s been asking for”

“he does deserve a treat today” belle agreed

“yeah, that’s what I thought. We could get some lunch whilst we were there too” he added

“great, that sounds like a plan but that wont take us till 3 o clock.”

“Soooo” Aden dragged out the word “how about after that we go home for some….er….practice” he raised his eyebrow as he grinned at her

“perfect” Belle replied stretching up to place a kiss on his lips.

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Glad you are all enjoying it :D hope it continues

Chapter 2

“Boys it’s time for dinner”

Belle called to Aden and Beau who were playing in Beau’s room. Aden appeared a few seconds later carrying Beau in a sort of fireman’s lift so that most of his small body was hanging down his fathers back

“Babe, have you seen Beau anywhere? I can’t find him”

Belle laughed as she heard Beau giggle “nope haven’t seen him anywhere! I guess I’ll just have to throw his lasagne away. It’s a shame cause it’s his favou….”

“No! I’m here mommy” Beau pushed his hands against Aden’s back in an attempt to get up. Laughing Aden pulled his legs so that he slid back over his shoulder and down his front

“there you are” he laughed as he placed Beau onto the floor

“you’re so silly daddy” Beau giggled

“hands washed please” Belle ordered from the kitchen

“but I already washed them earlier” Beau complained

“no clean hands no lasagne and definitely no desert” Belle said “That goes for you too Aden” she added causing Beau to burst into laughter

“come on then mate” Aden said steering Beau by his shoulders into the bathroom.

Belle smiled as she placed their plates onto the table, she could hear them giggling and as always it sent a rush of love for the two of them straight through her.

A few minutes later the three of them were sat around the table eating their dinner

“Hey Beau, only one more day then you’ve finished your first week of school” Belle said with a smile at her son

“I know cause today is Thursday, miss Richards wrote it on the board. It begins with t” Beau told them proudly

“it does indeed” Belle replied “Who’s a little smarty pants”

“me” Beau answered with a grin

“that’s cause you take after me squirt” Aden said with a smile in Beau’s direction

“Aunt Abi is picking you up tomorrow sweetie”

“yes!” Beau said clenching his fist in front of him

“and why is that such good news?” Belle asked suspiciously

“Because I love aunt Abi” Beau replied innocently

“And she promised him a present the next time she saw him” Aden added with a grin

“did she now?” Belle looked at Beau who was biting his lip to keep from smiling “Well I guess you have been a really good boy this week….”

“I have mommy, really really good” Beau insisted

“So what’s with Abi coming over?” Aden asked Belle when they were in bed later that night

“Can’t she come to visit us without a reason?” she replied

“Yeah but she’s been so wrapped up in that jerk lately that..”

“He has a name Aden” Belle interrupted

“fine, she’s been so wrapped up in Callum that she’s hardly bothered with anyone”

“she loves him” Belle stated simply

“He’s a jerk Belle, please tell me he’s not coming with her. I don’t like him being around Beau. Or you for that matter.”

“I don’t understand Aden. I know he’s not the friendliest of people but he’s…”

Aden cut her off “I’ve just got this gut feeling about him. So is he coming?”

“no” Belle sighed “Abi’s coming on her own”

“She staying at Irene’s place?”

“Yeah” Belle replied “We should get to sleep, you’ll be tired at work otherwise”

“ok” Aden replied “kiss first?”

Belle smiled as she leant into him and as their lips met she felt his smile too “I love you” she whispered as their lips parted

“love you too gorgeous”

Some time later Aden jumped awake unsure as to what had disturbed his sleep he listened quietly and a few seconds later he heard another cry come from the room next door. Belle had heard it too and quickly sat up in bed

“I’ll go babe” he whispered already climbing out of bed and making his way to Beau’s room turning on the hall light as he passed

“hey buddy what is it?” he said as he entered Beau’s room to find him curled up in his bed with tears running down his cheeks. He was by his side in an instant running a hand over his hair “it’s ok daddy’s here Beau” when the crying didn’t ease he lowered himself onto the bed and lifted beau onto his lap cradling him against his chest “Did you have a bad dream huh?” he asked his lips brushing Beau’s forehead

“it hurts daddy”

“What hurts baby?” he asked worry clouding his voice

“my legs hurt” Beau cried

“shh, it’s ok. Let’s have a look” he moved Beau slightly on his lap so that he could see his legs better. He ran his hands over both of them pushing up his PJ bottoms to get a clearer look “can you show daddy where it hurts mate?”

Beau nodded his head and placed his hand on his knees

Aden’s hand covered Beau’s as he rubbed the place that was causing him discomfort

“is that better?”

Beau shook his head as tears continued to fall from his eyes breaking Aden’s heart

“ok squirt” he whispered placing a kiss to the side of his head “How about you come into our bed huh? And I’ll get you some medicine to make the hurting stop”

“yes please daddy” Beau answered wrapping his arms around Aden’s neck as he stood up.

Aden ran his hand over his hair and down his back trying to sooth him as he carried him into his and Belle’s room

“Baby boy, what’s wrong” Belle said sitting up in bed as soon as they entered the room. She opened her arms as Aden placed Beau onto the bed and he instantly climbed into them burying his face into her neck “shhh baby” she rubbed his back and placed kisses onto his head as her eyes found Aden’s asking the question without words

“his knees are hurting” Aden explained “I reckon he’s been sleeping funny or something. I’ve had a look and can’t see anything”

Belle was already rolling Beau’s PJ bottoms up looking for some kind of injury “Are they still hurting now sweetie?” Belle asked and felt his head move in a nod against her neck

“I’ll go and get some paracetamol” Aden told her heading towards the bathroom

“alright baby, shall mommy kiss them better for you?” she felt Beau nod again so lowered her head to place kisses on both of his knees “Is that better?”

“A little bit” he whispered turning his head so she could see his face

“good boy Beau” she soothed placing more kisses against his cheeks as she stroked his hair back off his forehead “Here’s daddy with some medicine that’ll make it all better ok”

He nodded again and took the medicine from Aden without any fuss

“good boy squirt” Aden said placing the bottle and spoon onto the nightstand and climbing into bed.

Belle moved down in the bed and lay down, Beau’s head resting on her chest his body cuddled as close to hers as was possible

“ready for sleep?” Aden asked

Belle nodded so he leant over and turned off the light. As he lay back down Belle lifted her head slightly so he could slide his arm underneath and cuddle up to the both of them.

Within minutes Beau’s breathing evened out indicating that he had fallen back to sleep

“do you think it’s just how he slept?” Belle asked worry clear in her voice

“yeah, I reckon so” Aden replied “But if it’s still the same in the morning we’ll take him to see Rach yeah?”

“Yeah” Belle replied clearly still worried as she moved her head slightly to receive a goodnight kiss from Aden.

The next morning when his alarm clock went off Aden leant over quickly not wanting it to wake Beau but he was too late as Beau jumped up and got to it before he could

“what do I push?” he asked picking up the clock

“the big button on the top” Aden pointed to the correct button and Beau pressed it silencing the alarm

“how you feeling squirt?” he asked as Beau turned back to him after putting the clock back down

“Good, mommy’s magic kisses made it all better”

Belle sat up upon hearing this and wrapped her arms around Beau “Of course they did, that’s why they are magic”

Aden grinned as he picked up the bottle of medicine from the side “nothing to do with this?”

“Nope” Beau shook his head

“definitely the kisses right baby?”

Beau nodded in agreement

“ok so we don’t need to go and see Rachel?”

“no I’m all better daddy”

“good. I better get ready for work then” he said climbing out of bed “and you need to get ready for school”

“yay I get my present today” Beau jumped up remembering the promise his aunt had made him and proceeded to jump all over the bed

“at least we know he’s better” Aden laughed as he left Belle to try and stop the bouncing.

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Sorry it's taken so long to update but better late than never eh? :D

Chapter 3

Belle was just leaving work when her phone bleeped signalling the arrival of a text message. She smiled to herself as she read it

Beau collected from school and now wearing me out on the beach, no sign of a poorly knee! Will meet you at the diner when you are done. Love Abi x x

In the five years since she had met her dad and his family she had built a strong bond with them all in particular her younger half sister. Abi loved spending time in summer bay with Belle and her family and had become an important person in all their lives.

She sent a quick reply back and also a message to Aden telling him to meet them at the diner.

When she arrived Beau came hurtling at full speed into her legs

“mommy mommy look what I got” he waved a power ranger action figure in front of her

“Hey baby, that’s great but do you remember what daddy said about running?”

“outside not inside” Beau sighed “Sorry”

“I’ll forgive you gorgeous, now where’s my cuddle I’ve missed you all day” She bent down so that Beau could wrap his arms around her neck and stood up taking him with her in a big hug

“I missed you too mommy”

“So how was school?” she asked as she carried him over to the table where Abi was sitting

“it was good. Miss Richards said I was clever cause I could do my name”

“you can do your name!” Belle said with a smile “You’ll have to show me later clever clogs”

“I’m too tired today mommy I’ve been very busy”

“ok munchkin maybe tomorrow! Looks like you aren’t the only tired one” she added with a grin as she sat down at the table and spotted Abi trying to hide a yawn

“Hey Abs, we keeping you up?”

“What? Oh yeah hey!” Abi replied

“You alright?” Belle asked her smile slipping as she noticed that Abi looked distracted and not as happy as usual

“yeah, I’m fine, just had a late night is all”

“you sure”

“Yes I’m sure” Abi insisted flashing Belle the biggest smile she could manage “so is Aden meeting us here?”

“Yeah, he shouldn’t be much longer, have you ordered?”

“Just drinks” Abi replied “I wasn’t sure what was happening about dinner”

“I wanted some of Leah’s chocolate cake but aunt Abi said no” Beau pouted

“I should think so too mister, you know the rules about cake!” Belle told him

“You have rules about cake” Abi laughed

“No cake before dinner and only 1 piece a day” Beau told Abi his face showing his disapproval of the rule

“well that sucks” Abi replied replacing the smile on her face with a frown “only one slice!”

“it does su…” Beau started but stopped short when he saw the look on Belle’s face

“can you please not encourage him Abs and as for you young man you know that….”

“Daddy!” Beau interrupted Belle jumping from his seat to rush to meet Aden

“Beau” Belle called as he began to run and he immediately slowed down walking the rest of the distance into Aden’s outstretched arms

“hey squirt” Aden picked up his son and hugged him “good day at school?”

“yep Miss Richards said I was clever”

“she’s a smart lady that Miss Richards” Aden smiled as he walked over to Belle and Abi carrying Beau “hey babe” he leant down and placed a kiss on Belle’s lips

“Hey” she replied stretching up slightly to give him another kiss

“do you two never get fed up of all the mushyness?” Abi asked

“Never” Belle and Aden replied at the same time coming together for another kiss, they were stopped by Beau who slid his hand over Aden’s mouth before their lips could meet. He giggled as Aden stood up straight and began to tickle him “Are you fed up of the mushyness?” Aden asked

Beau nodded his head as he giggled and Belle reached up to pull him out of Aden’s arms and onto her lap

“I’ll give you mushyness cheeky!” She lay Beau back on her lap and began to cover his face in kisses. His giggles became uncontrollable causing everyone around to laugh too.

After a few moments Belle pulled away sitting Beau up straight as she did so. His hands were covering his face in an attempt to shield it from Belle’s kisses and when he moved them away Aden was the first to notice blood dripping from them.

“whoa! Buddy don’t move a sec” he grabbed a napkin from the table and quickly but gently held it against Beau’s nose

“what?” Belle asked the smile leaving her face instantly

“he’s got a nose bleed” Aden answered as he knelt on the floor so that his face was level with Beau’s “it’s ok mate, don’t worry” he soothed as Beau’s eyes filled with tears

“shhh baby I’ve got you” Belle said pulling him closer towards her

Abi jumped up and ran to the counter collecting more napkins and handing them to Aden

“Thanks Abs. Hey mate can you just tip your head forwards for me?” Aden asked Beau as he replaced the now blood soaked napkin with a clean one “That’s it, good boy”

Belle was rubbing soothing circles on Beau’s back and Aden’s free hand ran over his hair as he placed kisses onto his head

It took another 3 napkins before the bleeding stopped and by that time Irene and Roman had gathered around the table too.

“That’s it buddy, it’s all gone” Aden said when he moved the final napkin away. As soon as it was moved Beau turned around and buried his face into Belle’s neck

“it’s ok baby” she whispered to him as she felt tears running onto her skin

“it’s given you a bit of a fright eh darl?” Irene said leaning over to pat his back gently

“What shall I do with these?” Aden asked collecting up the pile of used Napkins

“I’ll sort that mate” Roman replied taking them from him “how about some cake Beau? I’m sure mommy wouldn’t mind bending the rules just this once” he looked to belle who smiled and nodded her head but she felt Beau shake his head against her

“you don’t want cake?” she asked and again he shook his head. She looked up to Aden worry clear on her face, never in his five years had Beau turned down cake!

“Beau mate, look at daddy” Aden crouched again so that Beau could see his face as he turned his head “are you feeling ok? Do you feel sick?”

“I’m ok daddy, I just want to go home to my house” Beau whispered

“Ok squirt, come here” Aden lifted him from Belle’s lap and Beau wrapped his arms around his neck and rested his head against his shoulder

“Abi, looks like it’s dinner at home is that ok? If you come with one of us now Aden will drive you back to Irene’s later” Belle said as she began to collect together their belongings

“that’s cool” Abi replied as she helped “as long as you’re not cooking!”

Once they got home Belle ordered a takeaway whilst Aden gave Beau a bath. He had been quiet since they had left the diner and after they had eaten he curled up on Aden’s lap and fell asleep. Belle followed Aden into the bedroom when he went to put him into bed

“babe I’m worried about him” she whispered as Aden placed Beau gently onto the bed “he hardly ate a thing at dinner and it’s barely 7 o clock, I can’t remember the last time he was asleep this early. Plus the nose bleed and his knees were sore last night. I Think he’s coming down with something” she ran her hand through his messy brown hair as he snuggled down into the bed and then held her hand against his forehead

“is he hot?” Aden asked

“not really” Belle sighed leaning down to place a kiss onto Beau’s cheek

“he’s had a big week babe, it’s probably just catching up with him now” Aden said sitting himself down on the bed next to her

“do you think?” Belle looked at him her eyes clouded with worry

“yeah but if he’s still not right after the weekend then we’ll take him to see Rach ok?”

“ok” she replied leaning into him as he wrapped his arms around her “stupid school! I told you he was too young! I mean he‘s only…..”

Aden chuckled and leant closer to silence Belle’s rant with a kiss “Come on” he said as he eventually pulled away “Abi’s out there all by herself. What’s up with her anyway?”

“what do you mean?” Belle asked as she stood up

“she seems really quiet and hasn’t stopped looking at her phone all night. Maybe her and Callum have split!”

“you needn’t look so happy about it” Belle hissed

“I hope they have” Aden replied “He’s a jerk, she’ll get over him”

“Well we don’t even know if that’s what the problem is so don’t mention it”

“I’ll be tactful” Aden said walking out of the bedroom ensuring that Belle couldn’t reply even if she wanted to.

“More wine girls?” Aden asked from the kitchen

“Stupid question babe” Belle replied with a laugh

“No I’m good thanks” Abi answered “Actually I was thinking about heading off”

“what?” Belle sat forward “It’s still early, we’ve hardly talked”

“I’m really tired and….”

“Abs what’s going on?” Belle interrupted

“Nothing” Abi replied instantly

“come on! You look like you’ve hardly slept for days, you’ve been really quiet and you keep rejecting calls on your phone”

“I’m fine” Abi insisted

“You and Callum split?” Aden asked strolling over to sit on the couch

“real tactful Aden” Belle scolded

“yeah we..er…we broke up”

“Abi, why didn’t you say! What happened?” Belle shuffled closer to Abi and tried to wrap her arm around her but Abi jumped up quickly

“it’s no big deal” she said “we’re over end of. Are you still ok to take me Aden or shall I call a cab?”

“Hey don’t rush off Abs, stay and talk”

“I’d rather just forget about it Belle. Aden?”

“yeah course I’ll take you. You wanna go right now?” he asked

“Yes please”


“Belle I’m fine, I’ll see you tomorrow” With that Abi picked up her bag and walked to the front door leaving Belle staring behind her.

They were nearly at Irene’s house before Aden broke the silence in the car

“you know Abi, if you do ever want to talk to someone other than Belle or your folks I’m here, You know that right?”

“yeah I know and thanks. Seriously though I’d just rather forget it” Abi replied smiling at him

“if you’re sure”

“sure I’m sure”

“ok. Here we are” he said pulling over “want me to walk you in?”

“I think I’ll manage” Abi laughed getting out of the car “thanks Aden”

“No problem, see you tomorrow” he waited until Abi was safely inside the house before pulling off. He had only gone a short distance when he noticed Abi’s phone lying on the seat. Sighing to himself he turned the car around and drove back to Irene’s. He was just about to get out of the car when the phone began to ring. Without thinking he pressed the button to answer the call and held the phone to his ear. Before he had chance to let the person on the other end of the phone know he wasn’t Abi they began to speak giving him no time to interrupt

“babe I’m so glad you answered I’ve been calling all day! I’m so sorry Abi. I know I said it would never happen again but I just got so angry. You know I don’t like it when you dress like that and all those guys were looking at you but I should never have hit you again I……”

“what did you just say?” Aden gripped the phone so hard he was surprised it didn’t break

“who the hell is this?” Callum shouted

“This is Aden, Abi‘s brother in law, you might not remember me now but trust me you scumbag next time I see you I promise you’ll never forget who I am!”

“ah shi…”

“save it! This is the last time you call this number you got that? And you stay away from Abi!” Aden hung up the phone and threw it on to the passenger seat. He gripped the steering wheel as tight as he could with both of his hands the action causing the muscles in his arms to flex, his t-shirt stretching against them. Anger flooded through him as he fought the urge to drive to Callum’s house and make good on his promise to him.

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down whilst he decided what to do.

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thanks for the lovely comments - just hope they continue after this chapter!

Chapter 4

It had been 2 weeks since Aden had found out the reason for Abi’s break up with her boyfriend. He had driven home and angrily filled Belle in on what had happened. It had taken her hours to calm him down enough to realise that heading to Callum’s house to dish out his own brand of punishment was not the best way to deal with the problem. The whole of the next day was spent trying to convince Abi to go to the police but she was adamant that she just wanted to forget about the whole thing.

Belle, Aden and Beau had just spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon with Irene, Annie, Meg and Geoff and were now strolling along the beach towards home. Aden and Belle were hand in hand whilst Beau ran on ahead stopping every now and then for his parents to catch up

“you spoken to Abi today?” Aden asked

“huh?” Belle had heard him speak but was so lost in her own thoughts she didn’t hear what he had asked

“Have you spoken to Abi today?” he repeated

“oh, yeah she called earlier” Belle answered

“And?” Aden rolled his eyes at her brief answer

“and nothing”

“ok Belle, what’s going on?” he pulled her to a stop and called to Beau to wait for them

“what? Nothing’s going on” Belle said as she pulled at his hand trying to encourage him to continue walking

“you might be able to fool some people with that babe but not me, I know you too well. What is it?”

Belle sighed before looking into his eyes and answering “I’m late”

“late for what? It’s Sunday…”

“late late Aden, as in my period”

“what! But I thought….didn’t you do a test?”

“yeah and it was negative but that was nearly 3 weeks ago and I still haven’t….”

“so it must have been wrong, they can be wrong right?” Belle could see the excitement in his eyes and struggled to contain her own

“I guess they can but there could be other reasons”

“Such as?”

“I don’t know stress maybe?” She suggested

“Well do you have another test?” Aden asked

“Yeah there’s one at home”

“so why haven’t you done it?” he asked confusion clear in his voice

“because I was scared” Belle answered quietly

“scared of what? Of it being positive? I thought you wanted this”

“I do Aden so much! I was scared of it being negative!” She looked over to Beau who was happily playing at the waters edge a few metres in front of them and smiled “How could I be scared of making another him hey? I just kept thinking that the first test was negative and maybe there is something wrong with me….some other reason why….”

“Hey! There is nothing wrong with you Belle!” Aden insisted dropping her hands and wrapping his arms around her shoulders “let’s go home and you can do the test then we’ll know for sure yeah?”

“yeah” Belle whispered into his neck as he held her close in a hug

“Mommy!” Beau shouted “stop being mushy I want to watch cartoons”

“it’s bath time for you when we get in mister, never mind cartoons!” Belle called as she stepped out of Aden’s embrace grabbing hold of his hand again as his arm dropped to his side

“Awww” Beau pouted as he walked back towards them “that’s not fair! Daddy said I could watch cartoons!”

“did he indeed” Belle raised her eyebrow at Aden

“what daddy said was…” Aden scooped Beau up and in one swift movement placed him on his shoulders much to Beau’s delight “…if you were good then after your bath the three of us could watch a DVD together”

“yeah that’s right” Beau nodded his head “and I have been good, I even let Meg play with my new power ranger”

“so what do you say Belle?” Aden asked

“I don’t think I can refuse” Belle grinned “As long as we don’t have to watch cars again!”

“That’s my most favourite” Beau answered “but you can choose today mommy”

“but I’m not sleepy” Beau moaned a few hours later when Belle told him it was time for bed.

“then why do you keep yawning?” she asked with a laugh as he tried to fight another yawn from breaking free

“that’s just my inside being tired but my eyes aren’t see” he opened his eyes as wide as they would go and stared at Belle causing her to chuckle

“munchkin you are so funny! But come on tired eyes or not you have school tomorrow so it’s bed time now”

“five more minutes?” Beau asked in his sweetest voice

Belle chuckled again and looked over to Aden “A bit of support here”

“come on squirt” he said standing up “mommy’s right, you don’t wanna be tired at school tomorrow do you? don’t you have soccer on Mondays?”

Beau nodded

“There we go then, if you’re tired they’ll just make you go in goal and you don’t want that do you? Say night to mommy and I’ll tuck you in”

Realising that he was fighting a losing battle Beau climbed onto Belle’s lap and gave her a goodnight kiss then jumped onto the floor

“let’s go then daddy” he grabbed hold of Aden’s hand and led him towards his bedroom.

Belle stood up and followed them but turned off into the bathroom

“I’ll be out in 2 minutes babe” Aden said realising what Belle was going to do as they had agreed to wait until Beau was in bed before she took the test.

Aden ran through the usual bedtime routine with Beau ensuring that both he and Nic nac were tucked in comfortably and switching on the nightlight that was plugged in next to his bed

“night night squirt!”

“night daddy” beau reached up and gave Aden a kiss

“sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite! And if they do….”

“bite them back” Beau giggled as he did every night when he completed the rhyme

Aden gave him a final kiss before heading out of the room “love you mate”

“love you daddy” Beau replied as Aden gently closed the door behind him.

Belle came out of the bathroom at almost the same moment a white stick clutched in her hand

“Well?” he asked

“2 more minutes” Belle replied nervously

“let’s wait in the lounge” Aden took her hand and led her to the couch gently nudging her into sitting down

“Beau go down ok?” Belle asked

“yeah” Aden answered looking down at his watch “90 seconds”

“what can we do to pass the time?” Belle grinned inching closer to him

“hmm I wonder…” Aden replied as his lips met hers

The kisses lasted longer than the minute and a half they needed to fill. Aden was the first to pull away with a small laugh

“think that’ll do it babe” he said looking down at his watch “you ready?”

Belle nodded and handed him the stick without looking at it “you look” she said “1 line is negative 2 is positive”

He took a deep breath before turning the test over in his hands his eyes were still locked firmly onto Belle’s

“sure you’re ready?” he asked

“Aden! Just look!” Belle insisted

His eyes moved from hers and Belle could instantly tell what the result was when they lit up as they took in the result on the test

“2 lines” he said with a grin as his eyes found hers again


Belle snatched the stick from his hands and checked for herself

“positive! I’m pregnant! Oh my god Aden I’m pregnant!”

“yeah you are!” he grinned “come here” he closed the small gap between them and pressed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss

Belle pulled away after a few moments “We did it babe!”

“we did” Aden smiled as he moved his hand to rest against Belle’s stomach “this is so great Belle!”

“Yeah it is” she replied resting her hand over Aden’s “Beau will be happy right?”

“of course he will babe, he was just asking a few weeks ago for a brother”

“what if it’s a sister?” Belle asked

“Ah! Then we’ll have to send her back” Aden teased “seriously babe he’ll be fine with it but I think we should wait before we tell him. Make sure everything is ok first yeah?”

“yeah, I’ll call in at the hospital and arrange an appointment for tomorrow” Belle replied “God I’m so happy Aden”

“Me too sweetheart” he managed to reply before Belles lips found his again

The next morning Belle and Aden couldn’t keep the grins from their faces as they got up and got ready for work

“Beau still not up?” Aden asked as he got out of the shower

“No, I’m gonna have to wake him otherwise we’ll be late” Belle replied heading into Beau’s room

“Hey sleepy head, time to wake up” Belle whispered as she ran her fingers through Beau’s hair

He mumbled and shuffled further down into his bed

“come on baby, it’s soccer today remember”

Slowly Beau opened his eyes as he brought his arms to stretch over his head

“I’m tired mommy”

“really baby? You’ve had a big sleep” she placed her hand on his forehead to see if there was any sign of a fever. It was unlike him to sleep this late and still be tired.

“Do you want to stay in bed sweetie, mommy could stay home from work with you”

Beau thought about it for a moment before sitting up shaking his head

“it’s soccer today and I don’t want to miss it”

“If you’re sure munchkin. Let’s get ready”

When Belle dropped Beau at school she had a quick word with Miss Richards telling her that he seemed a little under the weather that morning and making her promise to call her at work if he became unwell.

She was distracted all morning thinking about him and then the pregnancy that she barely got any work done. Aden sent her a text message just after lunch telling her that he had finished work early so he would be able to collect Beau from school instead of Annie as usually happened. This news prompted her to knuckle down to work knowing that the sooner she finished the sooner she could get home to them. She got so caught up in her writing that she didn’t even hear her phone when it began to ring


“huh?” she looked up to see one of her colleagues waving the phone at her

“your phone….”

“I didn’t hear it sorry” she took the phone and connected the call before looking at the caller ID

“Mrs Jefferies?”


“this is Mrs cleaver from Summer bay…..”

“oh my god is Beau ok?” Belle cried recognising the name of the school secretary

“It’s nothing too serious Mrs Jefferies he’s just developed a fever and is quite lethargic. Miss Richards thought it best that we let you know”

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes” she replied disconnecting the call as she began to gather her things together “I’ve got to go” she told her colleague “Beau’s sick”

As she ran to the car she called Aden

“Babe are you home yet?” she asked before he could get a word in

“Not yet sweetheart, what’s up?”

“The school just called, Beau’s sick”

“I’ll meet you there” Aden replied instantly “Drive carefully babe yeah, he’ll be ok”

“ok” Belle answered as she climbed into her car

She pulled up outside the school in time to see Aden getting out of his car

“I’ve called Rachel” he told her as he approached “she said to bring him to the hospital and she’ll check him over”

Belle nodded as they began to walk quickly into the school. They followed signs to the office and Aden knocked gently on the door before pushing it open.

Beau was lying on a small couch in the corner of the office his eyes were closed but Belle could tell from his breathing that he was awake. She strode quickly over to him and sat down on the edge of the couch running her hand over his head

“Hey baby”

“mommy” Beau opened his eyes and looked at her. His arms stretched up and wound around her neck

“I’m here munchkin” she pulled him onto her lap as she kissed his forehead “Wow baby you’re so hot” She looked worriedly up at Aden who was talking to the secretary

“He was fine up until lunchtime” she told Aden “He just seems to have gone down hill from then”

“we’re gonna take him to see our friend who’s a doctor at the hospital” Aden informed her “I’m sure it’s just some kind of bug but we’ll keep you posted” he added before walking over to Belle

“Here I’ll carry him” he took Beau from Belle as she stood up and he rested his head instantly against his shoulder “Alright little man, we’ll have you better soon”

They hurried him outside and quickly decided to take Aden’s car leaving Belle’s where it was. By the time they arrived at the hospital Beau had fallen into a fitful sleep his head resting against Belle’s chest as she had her arm wrapped around his shoulders. Aden lifted him gently from the car and they all headed inside looking for Rachel.

She spotted them coming along the corridor and ushered them into a room. Once Aden lay Beau on the bed Rachel began to examine him. He barely stirred as she checked in his mouth and his ears.

“it looks like he has an ear infection” she explained to Belle and Aden but I’m going to do a blood test if that’s ok? I’m a little worried about some of the symptoms you described”

“worried? Why?” Belle asked

“let’s just get the bloods done first Belle” Rachel said calmly “Aden do you want to come and hold him whilst I do it?”

Aden nodded and stepped over to the bed

“it’ll probably be easier if you have him on your lap” Rachel explained so Aden lifted him up and settled him onto his lap. Beau woke and his eye’s found Belle’s. she walked over and took hold of his hand

“hey baby, look Rachel’s here and she’s going to help make you better but she needs to find out what is making you sick first ok?”

Beau cuddled in closer to Aden as Rachel approached

“Hi sweetie, you’re not feeling to good huh? Don’t you worry about that ok I’m going to see if I can help make that better. I’m going to have to give you a needle first though Beau so I can find out what is making you poorly. Can you be big and brave for me?”

Beau nodded his head silently and slipped his hand out of Belle’s grasp and held it out to Rachel

“what a good boy” Rachel said taking hold of it gently “I’ll be really quick I promise”

Aden’s arms tightened around his son and Belle wrapped her arms around both of them as best she could without getting in Rachel’s way

Beau let out a gasp of pain as the needle entered his arm and tears began to fall from his eyes that were squeezed shut

“Alright buddy” Aden soothed placing kisses into his hair

“nearly done Beau” Rachel told him “What a big brave boy you are. There we go, all done.” she said quickly hiding the vial of blood she had retrieved from his arm.

Beau pulled his arm away quickly and began to sob into Aden’s chest.

Rachel had given Beau medication to bring down his fever and he soon fell into a sound sleep leaving Belle and Aden hovering anxiously next to his bed.

A few hours later Rachel came back into the room followed by Irene

“Irene, what are you doing here?” Belle asked

“Rachel called” Irene answered

“I hope you don’t mind guys, I thought Irene could sit with Beau whilst we have a talk”

“why do we need to talk?” Belle asked jumping up from the chair she was sitting in “What’s going on Rachel?”

“let’s just go to my office” Rachel said quietly avoiding Belle’s eyes and looking at Aden who had remained quietly holding onto Beau’s hand “Aden”

“Rach! What is it? Why wont you tell us here?” Belle cried panic engulfing her with every passing second

“babe lets just go with her” Aden said kissing Beau’s hand before placing it gently onto the bed and then walking over to Belle and wrapping his arm around her shoulders “it’s gonna be fine” he said although the words sounded hollow even to his own ears.

They followed Rachel silently down the corridor to her office and took the seats that she offered. It was obvious to anyone looking on that Rachel was upset and clearly dreading the news she was about to deliver

“what is it Rach?” Aden asked quietly as he gripped Belle’s hand

“Ok” Rachel took a deep breath “We have a few other tests that we need to run but from the blood tests it appears….” she had to pause a second to take another breath “I’m so sorry guys but we think Beau has leukaemia”

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Thanks for not hating me!! i did say they were in for a rollercoaster of emotions! plenty more ups and downs to come!!

Chapter 5

“leukaemia” Aden repeated in a whisper.

He tried to tighten his grip on Belle’s hand but she pulled it out of his grasp and stood up from her chair.

“No” she whispered “No, not my baby!” her voice rose as she walked backwards towards the door “Not my baby!”

Aden stood up and reached out just in time to catch her as her legs crumbled from beneath her.

“god Belle!” she was unconscious by the time he lay her on the floor “Rach!”

Rachel was round her desk and crouching on the floor next to Belle within seconds

“Belle? Can you hear me Belle?”

“Please Rach help her”

“Aden it’s ok, it’s just the shock”

“she’s pregnant” Aden cried

“how far along?” Rachel asked as she did a quick once over of Belle’s body

“I don’t know” he replied running a hand through his hair “3, 4 weeks? we just did the test yesterday”

“alright Aden. Belle sweetie can you hear me? Belle?”

Belle began to stir as Rachel called her name

“Babe! It’s ok I’m here” Aden gathered her in his arms and brought her head to rest on his lap

“Beau” Belle whispered as she opened her eyes

“I know babe” Aden soothed as Belle turned her head into his lap and began to sob “I know”

Rachel stood up and silently walked back to her desk taking a seat as Aden cradled Belle in his arms. He too had tears streaming down his cheeks.

After a few minutes Belle managed to pull herself together enough to stand up and return to her seat. Aden followed wiping the tears from his face as he took a deep breath to steady himself.

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am guys” Rachel told them. They both responded with small nods of their heads

“What now Rach?” Aden asked. He could feel Belle’s hands shaking as he held them between his.

“Ok. There are a number of different types of leukaemia and our first step is determining which one Beau has”

“How do we do that?” Aden asked instantly

“We’re going to need to do a bone marrow biopsy, that means I’m going to have to take a sample of bone morrow. We’re going to do that right away, this afternoon. We’ll sedate him and give him a local anaesthetic then we’ll use a needle to draw the marrow from his pelvic bone”

“will it hurt?” tears came again to Aden’s eyes as he asked the question

“it might be a little uncomfortable for him yes” Rachel found herself fighting back her own tears as she answered Aden’s questions.

“Then what?”

“It will take a day or so to get the results but once we know what we are dealing with then we can proceed with the treatment”

“ chemotherapy?”

Rachel nodded in answer to Aden’s last question but her eyes were focused on Belle who had remained silent

“Belle are you ok with all of this? Do you have any questions?”

Belle nodded her head slowly and took a deep breath “Is he going to…..” a sob broke out of her before she could complete her sentence

“babe” Aden said dropping her hand and wrapping his arm around her shoulder

“I have to ask” Belle replied “is he going to die?” her voice broke on the last word and her body began to shake as sobs overtook her

Rachel stood up from her chair and came to crouch in front of Belle taking her hands in her own

“I can’t imagine how hard this is for you Belle but you have to believe that Beau is going to fight this ok? We don’t know what we are dealing with yet but the survival rates for leukaemia as a whole are very good. We are going to help him all the way, do everything that we possibly can”

“ok” Belle replied “I need to see him” she looked to Aden who was already half way out of his chair

“let’s go” he replied taking hold of her trembling hand once again and leading her out of the office towards Beau’s room.

When Belle and Aden arrived back in his room Beau was sitting up in bed chatting happily to Irene Nic nac waving through the air as he gestured with his hands

“mommy, daddy” he exclaimed as soon as he spotted them “I’m all better! Rachel must have put magic kisses in the medicine”

“really baby?” Belle managed to reply as she quickly walked to his bed and gathered him in her arms

“mommy! You’re squishing me” Beau cried as he wriggled in Belle’s arms

“sorry baby” Belle said as she loosened her hold on him slightly

“I’m not a baby mommy, I’m a big boy! Why are you crying? I’m better now see?” he took Belle’s hand and held it against his forehead “nana said my teprature was not up any more”

“she’s right. It does feel much better” Beau let his hand drop but Belle left hers on his forehead relishing the feeling of his soft skin under her fingers. She ran her hand slowly down his face and held it next to his cheek “And just so you know mister, you’ll always be my baby”

“are you crying cause my teprature has gone? It must be here somewhere, nana said it wasn’t up so it must be down on the floor” he leant away from Belle and over the edge of the bed

Despite her best efforts Belle couldn’t keep the sob from escaping her lips. Beau looked up at the sound and a look of horror immediately filled his tiny face

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lose it mommy! I’ll find it” he began to climb from the bed but Aden strode over and took hold of him

“it’s ok squirt that’s not why mommy’s sad” He sat on the bed and perched Beau on his lap holding him tight against his chest

“what is it daddy?” Beau asked looking up at Aden worry clear in his expression

“ok mate, I’m going to need you to be really big and brave ok?”

Beau nodded his head as his eyes flitted back and forth between his parents

“lets get you comfy first” Aden suggested

“Here” Belle climbed up onto the bed resting her back against the frame at the end her legs outstretched.

Aden placed Beau onto her lap and she wrapped her arms around his middle bringing his back to rest against her chest

“that ok baby?”

Beau nodded once again as he settled Nic nac into his own lap. Aden took hold of his hand with one of his and began to play with his fingers. He rested the other hand on Belle’s leg wanting to offer her as much support as he could

“right buddy. You remember a while back how you had sore knees and then you had a nosebleed?”

“uhuh” Beau nodded “ I didn’t like the bleed it made me scared!”

“Yeah I know it did squirt. Well the thing is when you got sick today Rachel took a little bit of blood from your arm…”

“she didn’t say thank you” Beau stated seriously “It’s rude to take something without saying thank you”

“I’m sure Rach will say thanks next time she sees you” Belle told him

“good” Beau replied seemingly satisfied

“anyway some other doctors had a look at your blood and they found something in it that makes you sick” Aden continued

“did they take it out? Cause I don’t like being sick”

“That’s the thing buddy, they can’t just take it out”

“Beau’s bottom lip began to tremble “But…but I don’t want to be sick daddy”

“I know Beau and we don’t want you to be sick either. Rachel and the other doctors are going to see if they can find some special medicine to help take the bad stuff in your blood away.”

“That’s good, I’m a good boy with medicine. Will it have magic kisses in it?”

“I don’t think it will mate” Aden said sadly “you see the bad stuff that is in your blood is really strong so it needs something strong to make it go away. That means that the medicine will work so hard to make your blood better it might make the rest of you sick for a little while”

“but I don’t want to be sick!” Beau cried as he turned around to face Belle “Mommy can’t you just give me magic kisses?”

Belle shook her head as tears dripped from her cheeks into Beau’s hair “I wish I could baby but mommy’s kisses aren’t strong enough”

“Yes they are!” Beau insisted “They made my sore knees all better before”

“I know baby but they can’t take away the bad stuff from in your blood”

“I don’t want to be sick I wont take bad medicine I wont!”

tears began to stream down Beau’s face as he struggled in Belle’s embrace

“calm down squirt” Aden soothed trying to grasp Beau’s hand again

“NO! I want to go home! I don’t want stupid medicine!”

“baby please” Belle begged as Beau continued to fight against the hold she had on him “Just listen to mommy, please Beau”

He continued to struggle for a few more seconds and Belle continued to whisper into his ear eventually he became still and Belle relaxed her hold on him

“good boy” she whispered as soon as he was still “mommy and daddy are so sad baby. We don’t want you to be sick. We want you grow up to be big and strong just like daddy but if you don’t take that special medicine the bad stuff that is in your blood wont let that happen.”

“but it will make me sick mommy”

“I know that baby but mommy and daddy and Rachel and all the other doctors and nurses at the hospital will do everything they can to help you feel better whilst you are having the medicine”

“and then I’ll grow big and strong like daddy”

“yep, stronger even” Belle replied

“and can I have ice pops with the medicine cause ice pops make you feel better”

“Squirt you can have a squillion ice pops” Aden answered him

“and can Nic nac have medicine and ice pops too?”

“If that’s what you want buddy” Aden said patting Nic nac on the head before taking hold of Beaus hand again “Anything for our big brave boy”

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Chapter 6

After explaining to Beau about the leukaemia as simply as they could and having calmed him down Belle and Aden waited with him for Rachel to arrive to complete the bone marrow biopsy. Irene had left and had offered to fill Roman and the rest of their families in on the news.

A nurse had been in to give Beau a sedative and he was now almost asleep cradled in Belle’s arms.

“Hi guys, everything ok?” Rachel asked as she entered the room carrying a tray with her

“As ok as it can be” Aden replied sadly “are you ready to…”

“yeah, it looks like the sedative has kicked in ok” Rachel put the tray down on the stand next to the bed and ran her hand over Beau’s head. The corners of his lips raised in a tiny smile at her. “You are such a good boy Beau. You wait till I tell Emme how brave you are! She’s going to be so impressed!”

“you’re like your daddy aren’t you buddy, impressing the ladies!” Aden grinned running a finger gently down Beau’s cheek.

“Ok Belle, can you lie him on the bed for me?”

Belle placed kisses onto Beau’s cheeks as she lay him onto the bed and slipped off it herself

“If you stand round the other side then you can hold onto him ok”

Aden was already standing opposite Rachel and his eyes followed Belle as she walked around the bed to join him

“Babe are you ok? You don’t look so good”

All of the colour had drained from Belle’s face and her hands were still trembling

“I don’t know if I can do this Aden” she cried falling into his arms

“alright babe, I’ve got you” Aden folded his arms around her as she cried

“Belle sweetie why don’t you sit down for a minute” Rachel suggested

“It’s ok” Belle took a deep breath and pulled out of Aden’s embrace “I need to be there for him so I’m just going to have to deal with it.” she perched on the edge of the bed and ran a hand through Beau’s hair leaning down to whisper into his ear

“mommy’s here baby boy”

He flinched slightly when Rachel injected him with the local anaesthetic and Aden stepped closer to take hold of his hand.

Within 15 minutes the procedure was over. The sedative seemed to have worked and other than flinching a few times Beau didn’t seem to react to the pain that he may have experienced.

“Hey Belle, now I’ve done this I think I should give you a quick once over” Rachel suggested

“What? No I’m fine Rach” Belle answered

“Aden told me about the pregnancy, let me just confirm it for you, check your blood pressure….”

“I can’t leave him” Belle replied gesturing down to Beau who was now asleep and once again cradled in her arms

“we can do it here, you don’t need to leave him and I‘ll be really quick ok” Rachel explained

“go on babe” Aden said “I need to know you and the baby are ok. Please”

Belle sighed “ok, will you take him” she shifted Beau slightly and Aden lifted him from her lap and sat down with him in the spot she vacated on the bed

True to her word Rachel was quick with her examination and 10 minutes later she was reassuring Belle and Aden that everything was ok

“Belle I know it’s going to be really difficult what with everything that is going on here but you really do need to make sure you look after yourself ok”

Belle nodded as she ran a hand over her stomach “I’ll try my best” she said with a small smile

“I’ll try harder” Aden added “We need mommy fit and healthy don’t we squirt”

“I don’t think you’ll get much out of him for a bit” Rachel said with a smile at Aden “It will take a while for the effects of the sedative to wear off”

“Does he have to stay here tonight or can we take him home?” Belle asked

“I’d like to keep my eye on him for another hour or so but as we wont know anything more until tomorrow at least I don’t see why he needs to stay here”

“thanks Rachel” Belle replied as she walked back towards the bed and settled herself next to Aden

Beau slept in Aden’s arms for the rest of his stay in hospital and remained asleep as Aden carried him to the car and for the whole of the journey home.

As Belle unfastened his seatbelt he stirred and opened his eyes to look at her

“are we at home?” he whispered his voice croaky from sleep

“we are baby”

“my legs are tired mommy”

“daddy will carry you inside, here he is look”

Aden opened the door and crouched down so Beau could see his face

“hey squirt, you ok?”

“I’m tired daddy even though I had big sleeps. And my side feels funny” he said rubbing his hand over the spot where a dressing was now placed over the site of the biopsy.

“that’s because of the special needle Rachel gave you remember?”

Beau nodded his head as he held his arms out for Aden to lift him.

“come on then buddy let’s get you inside and into your PJ’s huh?”

As soon as he was out of the car Beau dropped his head onto Aden’s shoulder and wrapped his arms tightly around his neck.

Belle followed Beau out of the car and slammed the door shut hurrying to overtake Aden so that she could unlock the door to the apartment

“Here we are munckin. You wanna lay on the couch whilst I sort your PJ’s and things out?”

Aden felt him nod against his neck so carried him into the lounge as Belle headed for Beau’s room

“there you go” he said as he placed Beau onto the couch rearranging a few cushions to make him more comfortable “Are you hungry buddy?”

Beau shrugged his shoulders

“How about I call granddad and see if he’s got some cake that he could bring over?”

“Leah’s cake?” Beau asked in a small voice

“Of course” Aden replied with a smile

“Yes please daddy, my tummy is hungry for Leah’s cake”

“I’ll call now” Aden said ruffling Beau’s hair before standing up straight


“Yes mate?”

“can I watch cars for a little bit?”

“course you can” he walked over to the TV and switched it on and after a minute Beau’s favourite cartoon was playing as he went to collect the phone to call Roman.

Belle came into the lounge as he hung up the phone

“Roman?” she asked

“yeah he’s coming over with some cake”

“Cake huh?” said Belle sitting down on the couch next to Beau “not Leah’s cake?”

“Yep it is Leah’s cake mommy and granddad is bringing it for me” Beau replied dragging his eyes away from the film to look at Belle

“you’ll share with mommy though right?”

“you can have a small piece but I get the biggest piece because I’ve been brave today”

“You’ve been so so brave baby” Belle said pulling Beau into her arms “daddy and I are so proud of you and you can have all the cake you like sweetheart”

“Two pieces?” Beau asked his eyes widening in surprise

“If you can eat them munchkin you can have 10 pieces!”

Beau giggled at Belle’s reply and she had to fight back a fresh wave of tears at the sound

“Nobody can eat 10 pieces mommy! Not even uncle Geoff and he eats lots and lots and lots!”

Roman arrived half an hour later.

Aden answered the door and Roman instantly pulled him into a hug

“mate! How you holding up?”

“honestly? By the skin of my teeth Roman! He’s just a baby, my baby! It’s not fair!”

“no it’s not Aden, you know we are all here to help the three of you through this right?”

“Four” Aden replied

“four? What…?” Roman asked in confusion

“Well it’s not common knowledge yet and we don’t want Beau to know for a bit but Belle’s pregnant, we found out yesterday”

“Wow! That’s …I……”

“kind of a lot to take in huh?”

“I’ll say! You’re pleased though?”

“yeah we were….we are! It’s not like it wasn’t planned but the timing really couldn’t have been worse could it?”

“not really but they say these things happen for a reason. I’m sure it will all work out fine mate and like I said we are all here to help you guys out whatever you need ok?”

Aden was just about to answer when a shout from the couch interrupted them

“granddad did you member my cake?” Beau called

“of course I did” roman answered holding up the box that was in his hand “I was just telling daddy to get us some plates and forks” he added handing the box to Aden before heading over to the couch

“How you doing little man?” he asked lifting Beau up and then sitting down on the couch with him on his lap

“I’ve got bad stuff in my blood” Beau answered “Rachel can’t take it away so I have to have horrible medicine but I’m going to be brave like you granddad”

“Oh I think you’re braver than me mate”

“don’t be silly granddad - you were a soldier and they are the bravest”

“Not as brave as you Beau, trust me!”

“But I cried, when Rachel took my blood out”

“I’d have cried too mate!”

“Really granddad?” Beau asked sceptically

“Really really, and all my soldier friends too”

“right who’s this big slice for Roman?” Aden asked walking over carrying plates loaded with cake

“that’s mine” Beau cried “I get the biggest piece”

“you heard the man” Roman grinned “The bravest gets the biggest piece”

By the time Roman left Beau was yawning and almost asleep, his head now resting on Belle’s lap

“Ready for bed baby?” Belle asked

Beau nodded his head as he stifled another yawn and his eyes began to close

“me too” she said “How about you come in our bed tonight?”

He nodded his head slightly in answer despite being pretty much asleep

“you don’t mind do you babe?” she asked looking up at Aden who was sitting at the table the laptop open in front of him.

“course not, I’d have suggested it if you didn’t”

he closed the lid of the computer with a sigh

“you ok?” she asked him. It didn’t take a genius to work out what he had been looking up on the internet

“not really” he replied “let’s just go to bed yeah?”

He walked over and gently picked Beau up placing kisses into his hair as he fought back tears. He carried him into their bedroom and carefully placed him into the middle of the bed “I love you so much squirt” he whispered as he ran his hand over Beau’s messy brown hair “don’t let the bed bugs bite” he added as he pulled the blanket over him

“and if they do bite them back” Belle continued

“that predictable huh? Aden said turning to her with a smile

“you’ve said it every night for 5 years Aden so yeah” she smiled back

They got ready for bed quickly and climbed in either side of Beau. They lay in silence for a while both watching their son sleep. Aden was the first to break the silence

“Remember that first night with him?” he asked quietly running his fingers along Beau’s cheek

“like it was yesterday” Belle replied “I don’t think either of us got much sleep that night!”

“I just couldn’t believe I’d had a part in making something so amazing! I remember laying there and trying to picture what he’d be like when he grew up a bit but you know what? I couldn’t have even dreamed he’d be as perfect as he is!”

“I know” Belle replied “he’s smart, funny, kind, loving. All the good parts of us wrapped up in this gorgeous little body”

“it’s not fair Belle! Why him? What did he ever do to deserve this?”

“I don’t know Aden I keep asking myself the same thing over and over!”

“I know we have to be strong for him but it’s killing me Belle” The tears that he had been holding back all afternoon finally overwhelmed him and he began to sob

“Aden” Belle cried “come here” she sat up and pulled on his arm encouraging him to do the same. When he did she leant over Beau and pulled him into an embrace her own tears mingling with his. They cried together for a few minutes before Belle pulled away taking Aden’s face in her hands using her thumbs to wipe away his tears “We’ll get through this Aden! Beau will get through this I know he will! This little one is going to need his or her big brother to look out for them!” she dropped her hand and took hold of his placing it on her stomach “this time next year We’ll have two beautiful babies to be proud of!”

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This chap was origianally going to be a bit longer but i'm busy for the next few days (date with take that again on friday :D ) and wont have a chance to add to it so i thought i'd update with it as it is :) and the end is kind of happy so.... :)

Chapter 7

After spending the night tossing and turning Aden climbed out of bed at 6am the next morning. Belle and Beau were both sleeping soundly. He dressed quietly, wrote a note and slipped out of the house without waking them.

He arrived at the gym just as Tony was opening up.

“Hey Aden, don’t usually see you here this time of the morning! No work today?” Tony asked

“Nah, no work today” not in the mood for chatting Aden headed straight to the pile of towels and picked one up then made his way straight to the weights

“Everything ok mate?” It was clear that something was wrong with Aden.

“Not really” Aden replied

“Wanna talk?” Tony suggested

“Not really” Aden repeated “I ‘d rather just work out by myself if that’s ok”

“sure how about I just spot you? No talking”

“thanks Tony”

He lifted weights for a while pushing himself further than he usually did. When he had finished with that he headed over to the punch bag and proceeded to take his anger out on the leather.

Tony watched silently as Aden’s punches became harder and faster. He could sense that it would only be a matter of time before Aden broke down and he wanted to make sure he could be there for him when he did. Sure enough after a few minutes Aden pulled the towel from around his neck and threw it across the room at full force before falling onto his knees and burying his head in his hands

“Aden mate, what is it?” Tony crouched down next to him and placed a hand on his back

Aden turned his head to look at him

“Rachel didn’t tell you?”

“she didn’t tell me anything, we don’t talk about her work though so if….”

“it’s Beau, he has leukaemia”

“Oh god! Aden!” Tony cried bringing his free hand to his mouth

“yeah, Rach did a blood test yesterday and…”

“I am so sorry! You must be……well I can’t imagine”

Aden ran a hand over his face before standing up and retrieving the towel he had thrown “We should get some more results today and then he can start chemo”

“how’s Belle taking it?”

“About the same as me! We’re in shock to be honest”

“I’m not surprised! Look, they can do great things with cancer nowadays, look at Martha”

“I know what you are saying Tony but the thought of having to watch him suffer….”

“I know mate, it’s not going to be easy. Just remember that you have heaps of friends and we are all here for you whatever yeah?”

“yeah I know. I better head home, thanks though Tony”

“No worries mate, anytime”

As he left the surf club Aden heard a familiar voice call his name and felt a smile come to his lips for the first time that morning

“uncle Aden!”

Meg came running towards him, pigtails streaming behind her and threw herself into his outstretched arms

“Hey Nutmeg!” he lifted her up and covered her face with kisses causing her to scream at him

“Aden! Stop! Stop!” she giggled

“sorry princess, hey where’s mommy? And how comes you are out so early?

“mommy is being a slow coach” Meg turned around in his arms and pointed along the beach, Aden could just about make out Annie walking towards them. “And we’re having breakfast at the diner this morning”

“cool, Roman‘s pancakes huh?” Aden replied with a grin

Meg smiled and nodded her head but the smile dropped from her face a second later

“uncle Aden?”

“Yes baby?” he asked putting her down onto the floor and then taking her hands in his

“Is Beau still sick? I looked for him yesterday at school and I couldn’t find him and mommy said he was sick”

“did she say anything else?” Aden asked

“She said that Beau was going to be sick for a long time, but that can’t be right uncle Aden cause if you just take him to see Rachel she can make him better with medicine like she did when I had the chicken spots”

“Come here princess” Aden led Meg over to a table and pulled out a chair. He sat down and pulled Meg onto his lap. He took a deep breath and then explained to Meg about Beaus illness using the same description him and Belle had used the day before with Beau. Annie arrived as he was talking and quietly pulled out a chair and sat down next to them.

“So the medicine will make him sick but make his blood better?” Meg asked looking confused

“Yeah that’s right sweetie” Aden answered her “it’s pretty sucky huh? We all just need to be really brave for Beau though and look after him.”

“I’ll look after him at school uncle Aden”

“I don’t think Beau will be at school for a while Meg” Annie replied looking to Aden for confirmation.

“No, he’s gonna have to stay home for a bit”

“But he has to come to school! It’s my class play next week and…and….and..!” Meg’s eyes filled with tears as the prospect of her biggest fan missing her performance sank in

“Hey princess don’t cry” Aden held her tightly against him and dropped kisses onto her head “What day is your play?

“Tu..tu….Tuesday” Meg managed to stutter between her sobs

“ok, I’m not promising sweetie but if Beau is feeling ok me and auntie Belle will bring him along just for the play. How does that sound?”

Meg nodded and smiled through her tears as she wound her arms around Aden’s neck.

“That’s good, but only if he feels better” she whispered

“come on Meg, we should let Aden get going” Annie said standing up and holding out a hand for her daughter “Aden will you give Belle and Beau our love and tell Belle I’ll call her later”

“Sure Annie” he placed a kiss on Megs cheek before she slipped off his lap and then stood and leant over to kiss Annie too “Have a good day at school Nutmeg”

“I will” Meg turned around and began skipping in the direction of the diner. She had gone a few yards when she stopped and turned around

“Uncle Aden wait!” she ran back over to him pulling at the rucksack that was on her back. When she reached him she dropped the bag to the floor and proceeded to root around inside it

“What you up to?” Aden asked

“I want Beau to have this” she pulled a pencil from out of her bag and handed it to Aden

“Ok! A pencil huh?”

“it’s my lucky pencil, I always do good with my spellings when I use that pencil cause it’s lucky so I want Beau to have it. Maybe the luckiness will work on him and he wont be sick from the medicine”

“that’s really kind baby girl” Aden leant down to hug Meg trying his hardest to keep back the tears that were threatening to fall “I’ll make sure he gets it”

“Thanks uncle Aden, I love you”

“Love you too Nutmeg”

When Aden arrived at home he found the lounge empty but could hear Beau crying from his bedroom. He slammed the door closed and quickly rushed in to find out what was going on

“hey, what’s up?” he asked when he found Belle sitting on Beau’s bed with him in her arms. They both had tears streaming down their faces.

“it’s not fair!” Beau cried as he jumped from Belle’s lap and flung himself at Aden

“Hey squirt it’s ok shhhh! Tell daddy, what’s not fair?” he lifted Beau into his arms and held him tight against his chest but Beau just buried his head into his neck without answering

Aden looked to Belle for an answer

“He wants to go to school” she explained

Aden sighed as he rubbed soothing circles on Beau’s back “come on buddy, don’t cry”

“but I like school daddy and I don’t feel sick” Beau answered lifting his head so he could look into Aden’s eyes

“I know you don’t feel sick mate but remember what we talked about yesterday, about how the bad stuff was in your blood?”

“yeah I member” Beau said sadly “will I have to stay home from school until all the bad stuff has gone?”

“maybe not sweetie” Belle answered “We need to see how it goes with your medicine first yeah? You remember what we said about how that might make you feel poorly?”

“I member that too, I wish it didn’t have to make me poorly, I don’t like being poorly and I miss my school.”

“We know mate and me and mommy wish that too.” Aden replied before cuddling Beau in tighter and planting kisses into his hair “In fact I know heaps of people who are wishing the same thing, one special little lady in particular”

“who daddy?” Beau’s eyes widened in surprise

“who? Let me give you a clue…..the last time I checked she was your bestest friend in the whole wide wor….”

“Meg!” Beau cried “Meg is wishing for me?”

“of course she is” Aden replied putting Beau down onto the floor “she gave me this to give to you” he pulled the pencil from his pocket and handed it to Beau.

“WOW!” Beau exclaimed taking it carefully from Aden

“A pencil?” Belle asked a look of amusement removing the traces of sadness from her face

“it’s Meg’s lucky pencil” Beau replied in the voice that he usually reserved for talk of lightening McQueen and power rangers. “She never lets me use this pencil when we do drawing at nana’s house”

“and why is it lucky?” Belle asked with a grin

“Something to do with acing spelling tests” Aden answered “Anyway squirt she wanted you to have it. She thought that maybe if you had it you wouldn’t feel quite so sick”

“I bet it will work!” Beau exclaimed holding the pencil aloft like a wand “make me not very sick from the nasty medicine lucky pencil” he waved the pencil through the air a few times then grinned at Belle and Aden “Meg showed me how she uses it. She’s the bestest friend”

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Awwwwww laura. sorry about the crying!

The fluff in this chap is especially for Naomi, hope you feel better soon!

Chapter 8

As they walked into the hospital later that afternoon Belle couldn’t help but compare it to when her and Aden had walked Beau into school for the first time. Like then he was walking between them clutching tightly to both of their hands and also like then she was struggling to fight back tears. She realised that the feelings she had now where similar to the ones she had then, fear being at the forefront. This time however, she thought to herself, her fears were more than justified. Glancing over to Aden she could see that he too seemed to be experiencing the same range of emotions as her. Beau surprisingly seemed to be taking it all in his stride

“Mommy” he turned his head so his big blue eyes were looking at her

“Yes baby?”

“when I have the medicine and it makes me sick will my friends have to stay away?”

“what makes you think that sweetie?” Belle asked

“Well when Meg was sick with chicken pox I couldn’t go to nana’s house in case I catched it”

“I see” Belle replied “ No baby, your friends wont have to stay away but you might not feel up to seeing them if you are sick”

“Meg’s my bestest friend mommy, I always want to see her.”

“ok, you can see Meg sweetie, I’m sure she’ll want to see you too.”

“listen though mate” Aden added “Meg isn’t going anywhere ok? If you aren’t up to seeing her or anyone else you just let me and mommy know ok?”

“ok daddy, I will.”

“here we are boys” Belle gestured to the door they were approaching

“is this Rachel’s office mommy?” Beau asked

Belle nodded her head as Beau let go of her hand and Aden’s and ran forward to knock on the door

“come in” Rachel called from inside

“Hello Rachel!” Beau exclaimed as he pushed open the door and walked into the office

“Hey there sweetie” she answered pushing her chair back from her desk and opening her arms for Beau. She wrapped them around him as soon as he was close enough and lifted him onto her lap “how’s my favourite boy doing?”

Beau gasped “isn’t Tony your favourite boy?” He asked

“well I don’t think Tony can be classed as a boy anymore” Rachel chuckled “besides I wont tell him if you wont?”

“I’ll keep it secret Rachel, don’t worry” Beau replied flashing her the biggest grin he could manage

“Keep what secret” Aden asked as he and Belle entered the office

“it’s a secret daddy!” Beau answered rolling his eyes “I can’t tell you cause then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!”

“silly me” Aden grinned at the look on Beau’s face “Hey Rach”

“Hi you two, come on in and sit down” Rachel said gesturing to the chairs on the opposite side of her desk “How are you both? Did you manage to sleep ok?”

“we got a little sleep” Belle replied

“well remember what I said ok?” Rachel aimed this at Belle who nodded

“I’m trying Rach I promise”

“Ok. And how are you feeling Beau?”

“I’m good Rachel, mommy and daddy let me sleep in their bed and it’s comfier than my bed so I had a big big big sleep”

“that’s good sweetie, you are going to need lots of rest to help you get better”

“does that mean I have to sleep in mommy and daddy’s bed all the time?” Beau asked hopefully jumping down from Rachel’s lap and heading over to his parents

“We’ll see baby” Belle replied lifting him onto her lap and dropping a kiss onto his head

“you are such a chancer squirt” Aden laughed “Never one to miss a golden opportunity eh?”

“Just like daddy” Belle added with a giggle as she squeezed Beau closer to her.

Rachel smiled at the family in front of her as she flipped through some paper on her desk

“right guys, I have the results back from the tests we did yesterday”

The laughter instantly died on Belle and Aden‘s faces. He reached over and took hold of Belle’s hand.

“Beau has Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia” Rachel explained “I know that sounds very scary but it’s actually good news.”

Rachel spent the next few minutes filling them in on what the prognosis meant including the fact most children with the illness made a full recovery

“So what now?” Aden asked

“Now we start chemo” Rachel answered

“Today?” Belle asked fighting the nausea that was rising within her

“I think it would be better to start tomorrow morning if that’s ok” Rachel replied “We can insert the central line today though”

“Central line?” Aden asked

“sorry! It’s a tube we’ll place into Beau’s chest under general anaesthetic. We will then use it to administer the chemo drugs and for taking blood…..”

“Are you going to take my blood again?” Beau asked sitting forward on Belle’s lap “Because that hurted and you didn’t say please!”

“I’m sorry it hurt the last time sweetie. That’s why we are going to give you this special tube so you wont have to have lots of injections. And I promise that I’ll make sure everybody says please before they take anything from you.”

“Thank you Rachel” Beau replied relaxing back into Belle’s embrace “so I don’t have to have any more jections?”

“Well you will need one today to put you to sleep so we can put the tube in and there might be a few more but we’ll try our best not to make them hurt”

“I don’t want any more jections!” Beau cried burying his face into Belle’s neck breaking the hearts of all three adults in the room

“Alright baby” Belle whispered into his ear rubbing soothing circles on his back

“it’s not alright mommy” Beau cried “I don’t want jections” he slid from Belle’s lap and climbed up onto Aden wrapping his arms around his neck “Please daddy tell Rachel I don’t need them!”

“Oh son!” Aden sighed into Beau’s hair as he held him tight” “I wish I could but you really need them squirt, they’ll make you better. You want to get better don’t you?”

Beau nodded his head against Aden’s chest

“I do want to be better” he whispered through his tears “ I want to be big and strong like you daddy”

“And you will be” Aden replied “You just need to be big and brave ok?”

“Ok daddy, I’ll try”

Later that afternoon Aden carried Beau from the car into the apartment. He was still groggy from the anaesthetic and Rachel had told them he’d more than likely sleep through till the next morning.

“Where am I putting him babe?” he asked heading towards the bedrooms

“I think he should be our room, just in case” Belle answered

“I think so too” Aden replied smiling at her before heading into their room and placing Beau gently onto the middle of their bed. He instantly turned onto his side and snuggled into the pillow

“We need to get these on him” Belle said coming into the room with a pair of PJ’s in her hand

“how about you do that and I’ll make a start on some dinner” Aden suggested

“good idea” Belle replied “although I don’t feel much like eating”

“babe! You need to eat” Aden glanced at Beau to make sure he was still asleep “for the baby if not yourself”

“I know” Belle sighed “and I will even though I don’t feel like it”

Aden sighed and reached out a hand to run his fingers through Beau’s hair

“I love you son” he whispered as he leant forward and placed a tender kiss against Beau’s forehead “sleep tight” He made his way out of the room pausing to drop a kiss onto Belle’s head as he passed

Belle sat down on the bed and ran her fingers down Beau’s cheek. He moved his head towards her hand as she cupped his cheek and his eye’s opened slightly

“am I in your bed mommy?” he asked in a whisper

“Yes you are sweetie” she began to carefully undress him taking her time as she removed his shirt as she didn’t want to knock the tube even though it had been covered with a dressing.

“Let’s get your PJ’s on huh?” She whispered to Beau who she could see was struggling to keep his eyes open “and then you can go back to sleep”

“Are they my lightening McQueen ones? He asked

“Of course” Belle replied gently placing the top over his head “That’s a good boy” she added when Beau lifted his arms and pushed them into the sleeves of the t-shirt “There we go all done” she placed a kiss on his forehead as she smoothed his t-shirt down

“mommy where’s Nic nac?

“He’s right here” she said picking the blue bear up from the end of the bed and placing it into Beau’s arms “how about I lie with you until you are asleep huh?”

“Yes please mommy”

He snuggled up close to her as she lay down and she wrapped her arms around him. Almost as soon as his head lay against her chest his eyes closed and within minutes he was asleep again. Belle lay still for a while relishing the feeling of his warm breath against her neck “I love you so much baby boy” she whispered as she gently slid him back onto the pillows.

“He asleep?” Aden asked as Belle walked into the lounge a little while later

She nodded her head as she flopped down onto the couch

“I can’t believe how brave he’s been” she said as Aden came over and sat next to her “I’m so proud of him”

“Me too babe” he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and she cuddled into him

“how long till dinner?”

“Well Roman has been over and left a lasagne in the fridge so I’ve just chucked that in the oven, should be about 40 minutes”

“That’s really sweet of him, you should call to say thank you”

“I’ve sent him a text” Aden replied just as his phone bleeped

He pulled it from his pocket and pushed the button to retrieve the message

no worries mate” he read “will pop round tomorrow arvo to see how the little guy is doing. Hope you Belle and the bub are all good too

“he knows about the baby?” Belle asked

“Yeah, I told him yesterday. You don’t mind do you?”

“no, course not! What did he say?” she asked smiling up at him

“how happy he was for us” Aden replied. He manoeuvred them both slightly so that he could bring his hand to rest on her stomach “with all that’s been going on the past few days I haven’t really had chance to think about this little one” he rubbed his hands in slow circles “Look, from tomorrow things are gonna be pretty tough for a while so how about tonight we just try and put all that to the back of our minds for a few hours and just concentrate on us and the good stuff?”

“and what good stuff would that be?” Belle grinned as she tilted her head in his direction

“oh a bit of this….” he pressed his lips against hers tenderly “…bit of that” he whispered his lips barely leaving hers.

They kissed for a few minutes Aden’s hand slowly trailing up from Belle’s stomach to her face before tangling into her hair

“you have the best ideas” Belle whispered as they finally parted.

“yep” he grinned


“yes babe?”

“I know we are trying to forget about everything but….”

“go on sweetheart” Aden encouraged when she paused

“…how do you feel about all this?” she rubbed her stomach “the pregnancy coming now, with everything that’s going on with Beau.”

He sighed as he settled back into the couch pulling her with him “Obviously the timing couldn’t have been worse babe but how could I be anything other than happy over this” he placed his hand on her stomach again “we made another baby, that’s so amazing”

“yeah but with Beau and everything…”

“it’s not going to be easy, I know that but we have each other babe and I truly believe that’s enough. We will get through this, all four of us”

“It’s just really hard.” Belle said her voice thick with emotion “I already love the baby, I do but I feel like I’m giving everything I have to Beau and the baby will suffer because of that and…and..” she broke down into a wave of sobs

“Belle, shhhhh” Aden soothed “the baby isn’t going to suffer, we wont let that happen and I’m going to help with Beau and so is everyone else, Roman, Irene, your dad and Jess, Geoff…..”

“But I’m his mommy, he needs me to be there”

“And you will be there, just try and leave the worrying to me yeah? And the others can all take care of the rest of the stuff”

“you’re so good to me babe” Belle said moving herself even closer to Aden “I couldn’t do any of this without you”

“you’ll never have to sweetheart, I’m gonna be right here the whole time”

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Chapter 9

It felt to Aden like he had just closed his eyes when he was awoken the next morning by a small hand shaking his shoulders

“daddy, it’s time to wake up”

He dragged his eyes open to be greeted with the sight of Beau laying next to him, his head resting on the same pillow, his nose a fraction of an inch away from his own.

“Hey squirt, how you doing?”

“I’m alright daddy” he answered although the sigh that accompanied his answer and the look on his face contradicted what he had said.

“you don’t sound alright mate, what’s up?” Aden wrapped his arm around Beaus waist and pulled him so that he was lying on top of him. Beau placed his elbows against Aden’s chest and rested his chin in his hands before answering

“I’m a bit worried about the che….chem….I can‘t remember! The horrible stuff I mean!”

“the chemotherapy?”

“that’s right daddy, the che..mo…therapy” Beau slowly pronounced the word and Aden felt his heart swell with love and pride as he watched him

“it is a bit scary mate I know…” he brushed his hand through Beau’s hair as he spoke “…..but me and mommy will be there the whole time and Rachel and the nurses are going to do everything they can to make sure you are ok and happy”

“Rachel said I can take books and toys and games”

“that’s right, have you packed some things into your bag yet?”

“Not yet, I was waiting for you or mommy to help, I can’t choose which power ranger to take the red one or the blue one?”

“How about you take both!” Aden suggested with a grin

“Really daddy? I can take them both?!” Beau’s face lit up at the idea

“you can take all your power rangers if you want mate” Aden replied ruffling his hair before lifting him back onto the bed so that he could sit up.

“I have heaps of power rangers, I think all of them wouldn’t fit in my bag but I’m going to take the red one, the blue one and the new yellow one that aunt Abi got me and the megazord and my new lightening McQueen and my gruffalo book and…..” he jumped down from the bed and headed into his own room listing the things he was going to pack into his bag.

Aden followed Beau out of the bedroom and headed to the kitchen where Belle was busy preparing breakfast as she chatted on the phone. He leant against the counter and waited for her to finish her conversation.

“…be there for 9.30.…yeah he seems to be ok…..We’re managing ok, we have to for Beau’s sake……yes I know that dad, we will……ok, see you then, bye.”

Belle ended the call and put the phone down on the counter “Hey babe”

“Morning” Aden leant over and placed a kiss on her lips “your dad?” he gestured to the phone

“yeah, he and Jess are going to pop into the hospital later, about 11”

“cool, Beau’ll love that, he loves seeing them!”

“yeah, where is he?” Belle asked

“He’s in his room packing his bag full of toys and books” Aden replied as he picked up a slice of toast from the plate Belle offered him “and when I say full I mean full!” Aden grinned

“How does he seem to you?” Belle carried the plate of toast and a jug of orange juice to the table and sat down.

“He told me he was worried, but that’s to be expected babe. He’ll be ok, and like I told him, we’ll be there with him every second. And he‘ll have a bag full of toys to take his mind off what‘s going on.”

“If only I had a bag of toys!” Belle said with a sigh

“Hey, you have me” Aden walked over from the kitchen and crouched down in front of her taking her face in his hands and placing a delicate kiss against her lips.

They were interrupted by a knocking on the front door. Aden jumped up to answer and found Geoff waiting on the other side a parcel in his hands.

“Hey Aden, sorry it’s so early! I wanted to see Beau before I went to work”

“No worries mate, come on in” Aden ushered Geoff inside and then went to peek his head around the doorway of Beau’s room.

“Hey squirt, you have a visitor”

Beau looked up from the toy box he was rooting through “Who is it daddy?”

“come through and you’ll find out” Aden laughed heading back into the lounge.

Geoff was now sitting at the table with Belle refusing her offer of breakfast

“come on Geoff, we can’t have you going to school on an empty stomach!”

Geoff had been working as a councillor at summer bay high since he finished university the year before

“I already ate” Geoff insisted

“well at least have some juice” Belle said pushing a glass of juice towards him

“alright alright!” Geoff laughed “anything to keep you from nagging”

“I’m not nagging I’m just…..”

“Uncle Geoff, uncle Geoff!” Beau interrupted Belle. He ran from his room and straight into Geoff’s outstretched arms

“Hey little man, how’s it going?”

“it’s not going too good uncle Geoff” Beau shook his head “I’ve got to have chemo….ther..apy today” he looked at Aden with a grin on his face “did I get it right daddy?”

“you did buddy” Aden replied returning the grin

Turning his attention back to Geoff Beau continued “That’s really really strong medicine that is even strongerer than a power ranger to make the bad stuff in my blood go away. It’s going to go in here” he lifted up his shirt to show Geoff the dressing that was covering the tube inserted into his chest. “It’s not just a big plaster uncle Geoff there’s a tube underneath for my medicine”

“really?” Geoff asked. He couldn’t help but grin at Beau even though inside his heart was breaking at the thought of what the little boy had to go through. “You must be being pretty brave?”

“Oh I am uncle Geoff!

“So brave that you deserve a present?” Geoff asked patting the parcel that was placed on the table in front of him

“Well granddad Roman did say that I was even more braver than him and he was a soldier!” Beau answered

“Wow! That is pretty brave indeed! I reckon that you should definitely have this then” he picked up the parcel from the table and handed it to Beau

“Thank you Geoff! What is it?” Beau asked

All three adults around the table chuckled

“Open it baby and you’ll find out” Belle answered

Beau placed the gift onto the floor and dropped onto his knees next to it. “Do I have to wait for you to get your camera mommy?”

“Not this time munckin” Belle laughed “You go ahead and open it”

It took a few seconds for Beau to rip all of the paper from around the box

“Wow that’s cool uncle Geoff thank you!” he exclaimed

“What is it?” Belle asked

“It’s a…..erm its…it’s a…I don’t really know mommy” Beau said looking up at the adults with confusion on his face that deepened when they all burst out laughing

“Let’s have a look mate” Aden left his chair and crouched down next to Beau “Wow! This really is cool! It’s a portable DVD player”

“I thought he could take it with him to the hospital” Geoff explained

“does that mean I can watch cars when I’m getting my medicine?” Beau asked

“Yep, that’s right” Belle replied “Thanks Geoff, that’s a really great idea”

“No worries” Geoff said with a grin at Belle and then he turned to Beau “So you like it then?”

“Yes! Thank you uncle Geoff!” he reached up and wrapped his arms around Geoff’s neck and planted a kiss onto his cheek “now I have to find room in my bag for my DVD’s” he headed back to his room stopping on the way to take a number of DVD’s from the cabinet in the lounge.

“he seems to be ok with things” Geoff commented when Beau was out of earshot

“yeah he’s handling it really well” Aden agreed “we’re really proud of him right babe?”

“Yeah” Belle answered “I think he’s dealing with it better than we are!”

“You guys seem to be coping pretty well too. You know where I am if you need anything though right?”

“Yeah we do, thanks Geoff” Belle replied

“I better make a move” Geoff said getting up from the table. He shouted goodbye to Beau as Belle walked him to the door and promised to call later to find out how the chemo had gone.

An hour later Belle, Aden and Beau walked into the hospital. Beau had insisted on carrying his own rucksack which was now on his back in serious danger of toppling him over!

“Hello handsome” Rachel was waiting for them in the room that had been assigned to them for Beau’s chemotherapy session “That’s a very big bag you’ve got there!”

“Hello Rachel. It’s a big bag cause it’s got lots of my things in to help keep my mind busy from the chemotherapy” He grinned at Aden as soon as he had pronounced the word correctly. Aden grinned back and winked at him.

“How about we get you all settled and then we can make a start.” Rachel said helping Beau to take the bag from his back “Let’s have a look what you brought along”

Within half an hour Beau was settled on the bed, surrounded by his toys and hooked up to a drip administering the chemo drugs. Aden was lay on the bed next to him playing along with power rangers and Belle settled down into a chair with a stack of magazines that Rachel had left them with. The DVD player was playing a Disney film in the background, although nobody was watching Beau had insisted it be turned on.

“knock knock” Irene poked her head around the door “alright if I come in?”

“Hello nana, of course you can come in” Beau answered sweetly

“Thank you young man, how are you getting on?”

“Well nana look…” he pointed to the bag attached to the drip stand “The medicine is slowly dripping down but it must not be feeling very strong today because I don’t feel sick yet and it’s been going for lots of minutes.”

“Hey buddy, remember what I said” Aden explained “Just cause you don’t feel sick right now doesn’t mean that you wont feel sick at all ok?”

“Yeah daddy, I remember” Beau’s eyes travelled to the bag Irene had dangling from her hand “Nana is that for me?”

“Hey mister!” Belle exclaimed “Don’t be…”

“It’s alright darl” Irene interrupted with a chuckle “Of course it’s for you Beau, it’s from me and Annie and Meg”

“Meg already gave me her pencil! Thank you nana! I’m being very lucky today”

“is that so?” Irene smiled perching onto the edge of the bed “here you go then, get this opened up” she handed Beau the bag and he began to pull items from it exclaiming over each one.

“Irene!” Belle scolded “did you buy the whole craft shop!”

“Well you need something to keep you busy don’t ya sweetheart” Irene replied looking at Beau who was busy sorting through the various colouring books and crayons and paper that had been in the bag

“These will keep me even more busy than I am at school” Beau grinned

“Well that’s good then. Just make sure you do a picture for your old nana ok?”

“I’ll do you one first and you can put it on the board in the diner”

“it will have pride of place” Irene said running a hand through Beau’s hair. “So I’ve got a good hour before I need to head to work, shall we make a start now?”

“I think we should” Beau replied as Irene pulled the table from the bottom of the bed “Because daddy isn’t very good at power rangers, he keeps on doing the noises wrong!”

When Irene left clutching a stack of pictures in her hand she ran into Ben and Jess In the car park

“Hey guys”

“Hi Irene, how’s it going in there?” Ben asked as they approached

“well the little guy was full of beans when I first got there but I think he might be starting to tire out a bit now. And I’m a bit worried about Belle, she was real quiet and she looks very pale. Maybe one of you could get her on her own for a chat?”

“We’ll see what we can do” Jess replied giving Irene’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze “not that I think she’ll open up to us! She’s a stubborn one that girl”

“yeah, tell me about it!” Irene said as she rolled her eyes “Aden’s usually pretty good at getting stuff out of her so I’m sure he’s onto it but I just wanna make sure she’s ok you know”

“yeah I know” Jess replied “I’ll give you a call later or better yet we’ll call into the diner on our way home, we can have a proper catch up then”

“Good idea darl, I’ll see you then”

They said their goodbyes and Irene headed to her car as Ben and Jess made their way into the hospital.

When they reached Beau’s room Belle was lying on the bed next to Beau. Both of them had their eyes closed and Aden quickly jumped up from the chair to greet them his finger against his lips. They backed out of the room slowly and Aden followed.

“Sorry guys” he explained “He’s just fallen asleep and Belle could really do with a rest too”

“I don’t suppose she’s been sleeping too well?” Ben guessed

“Nah, neither of us has” Aden replied

“you should be getting some rest too then” Jess said rubbing his arm “we can’t have you burning out now can we”

“I’m cool Jess, I’ll catch up soon enough, it’s Belle I’m worried about at the moment”

“Is she ok Aden? I mean other than the obvious!” Ben asked worry clouding his features

“Yeah, she’s ok. I just worry about her, it’s my job right?” he felt guilty about not telling them about the pregnancy but he knew that Belle would want to tell them herself and they had agreed to wait until after the first ultrasound before they told anybody.

“She’s lucky she’s got such a great guy to look after her” Ben grinned “If only my other daughter had chosen as wisely” he grimaced

“Ah! How is Abi?” Aden asked “I take it Callum hasn’t shown his face?”

“Luckily for him no!” Ben replied “Abi has still got a bee in her bonnet about Belle telling us what had happened but I’m sure she’ll get over it!”

“We just thought you …..”

“Hey Aden, don’t explain to me! I’m glad you told us. Abi just needs to realise you were doing what was best for her and I’m sure she’ll realise that soon enough.”

“I hope so because Belle is missing her and I know Beau will be dying to see her too.” Aden said

“She’ll come round” Jess assured him “Now does this place have anywhere to get some decent coffee? You look like you could do with a cup!”

“Funny you should ask” Aden said with a grin looking past jess to see Rachel approaching the room with a tray containing a jug of coffee and a selection of cups “one of the perks of having friends in high places right Rach?”

“Absolutely” Rachel replied “only the best for the family of my favourite patient”

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Chapter 10

6 weeks later Belle, Aden and Beau arrived home from the hospital after Beau’s 4th round of chemo. Aden had Beau cradled in his arms and Belle was arranging the cushions on the couch ready for him to lay their son down. The anti-nausea medication he had been given was working but if previous experience was anything to go by it would wear off at least an hour before he could have his next dose. Along with the nausea the chemo was leaving Beau feeling exhausted and it took days for him to recover and return to something near his usual energetic self.

A few weeks previously Belle had been giving Beau a bath when a handful of his hair came out as she was washing it. She had quickly called Aden to take over and ran into their room where she buried her face into her pillow and sobbed clutching the hair in her fist. The next day they had taken him to the barbers and had his hair cut short all over which he loved claiming it made him look like an action man which both she and Aden agreed with.

“There ya go squirt” Aden whispered as he gently placed Beau onto the couch “home sweet home eh”

Beau nodded as he snuggled down under the quilt that Aden placed over him

“can we get you anything buddy?”

“Can I have some juice please?”

“coming right up” Aden placed a kiss on Beau’s forehead before standing up and heading into the kitchen. Belle took the spot he vacated and ran a hand over Beau’s head

“How you feeling baby?” she asked

“I’m ok, just sleepy”

“well you can have your drink then have a little nap”

“but aunt Abi’s coming and I don’t want to miss her” Beau replied trying to sit up

“Baby, aunt Abi is staying at nana’s until the weekend so you wont miss her” Belle explained gently pushing against Beau’s shoulders till he was lying down again “and you’ll have her all to yourself tomorrow afternoon remember?”

“yeah, I remember, you and daddy have a pointment so Abi is going to look after me”

“that’s right. You’ll be ok without us for a little bit wont you?” They had an appointment the following day for her first ultrasound. Whilst she was excited at the prospect of seeing the baby for the first time she was apprehensive about leaving Beau. Since his diagnosis either her or Aden had been with him at all times. Tomorrow would be the first time that they had left him with somebody else.

“I’ll be good mommy, aunt Abi is a good babysitter.”

“Yeah she is” Belle answered with a smile “here’s your drink” she took the cup from Aden and handed it to Beau.

“thank you daddy”

“you’re welcome squirt. How about I stick a DVD on for you?”

Beau took a long drink from the cup and then handed it back to Belle before answering “I’m too sleepy for a DVD, can I have my story CD on instead then I can close my eyes”

“sure thing” Aden walked over to their CD player and placed a story CD into the drawer. He pressed play and then adjusted the volume before returning back to the couch. Beau’s eyes were already closed by the time he reached them. He stood next to Belle and ran his fingers through her hair “You alright gorgeous?” he asked her

“Yeah I’m ok” Belle answered as she tried unsuccessfully to stifle a yawn

“Tired huh?”

“A little” she admitted reluctantly

“Why don’t you lie down with Beau and have a bit of a sleep yourself?”

“Cause Abi will be here soon and I need to make a start on dinner and there is laundry that needs doing and…”

“Sweetheart, I’ll see to all that, you need to rest when you get the chance, especially when you are so obviously tired.”

“I don’t….”

“Belle!” Aden warned

“ok, ok! I’ll sleep” Belle said manoeuvring herself so that she was lying behind Beau.

“good girl” Aden grinned leaning down to place a kiss first on her lips and then onto Beau’s cheek. Beau opened his eyes slightly and flashed him a quick grin before turning over and snuggling into Belle’s embrace.

An hour later Aden opened the front door to Abi with a finger against his lips warning her to be quiet

“Hey, what’s up?” she asked

“Nothing, they are both asleep that’s all” Aden informed her gesturing over to the couch as Abi walked into the apartment quietly closing the door behind her.

“how’d the chemo go?” she asked as she followed him into the kitchen

“yeah, ok I suppose. We’re kind of getting into a routine with it now which is good but not good if you know what I mean!” he replied

“yeah I think I do” Abi replied “so what’s up with Belle?”

“huh?” Aden asked

“Your wife Aden, what’s up with her?”

“You mean besides nursing our 5 year old through a battle with cancer” Aden replied incredulously

“You’re right” Abi said remorsefully “sorry”

Aden sighed “No I’m sorry I snapped. Here, give us a hand with this” He pushed a chopping board in front of her and handed her a knife and a number of carrots” Abi began to chop and they worked in silence for a few minutes before she spoke again

“so, there’s really nothing else going on?” She looked over at Belle and Aden understood what she was asking

“There is something Abs but I can’t really talk about it yet, she’s ok though I promise”

“As long as she’s ok” Abi grinned at him. She had a hunch as to what was “wrong” with her half sister but didn’t want to ruin the surprise by telling Aden so.

“so what are we making?” she asked looking down at the carrots she had chopped “Stir fry?”

“nope, spaghetti bolognaise” Aden answered

“with carrots?” Abi exclaimed a look of confusion on her face

“Yeah, well Beau’s not the biggest fan of veggies but he really needs them, especially now, so we’ve been hiding them in everything!”

“good idea” Abi laughed “Mom and dad still do that with me!”

“why doesn’t that surprise me?” Aden chuckled “so how’s things with you anyway? How’s the love life?”


“What? Come on spill!”

“There’s nothing to tell” Abi insisted

“And no sign of Callum?”


“What!” Aden cried causing Belle to shift in her sleep “What?” he repeated in a quieter voice

“he’s called a few times that’s all”

“Abi, I hope for his sake as much as yours you told him where to go cause I swear if I ever get my hands on him…”

“Aden relax, I’m a big girl, I know what I’m doing”

“Yeah I hope so! I ….” Aden was about to continue when he noticed Beau stirring in Belle’s arms.

“Hey son, you ok?” he asked instantly dropping the knife he was using and walking over to the couch

Beau shook his head as he pulled himself out of Belle’s embrace. She woke as he turned around and she quickly sat up as Aden reached them

“you feel sick mate?” Aden asked and Beau nodded his head “Think you can make it to the bathroom?” Beau shook his head and Aden quickly made a grab for a bucket they had next to the couch in case of such instances. He placed it in front of Beau just in time as he began to be sick.

“alright baby” Belle soothed rubbing a hand in gentle circles onto Beau’s back

“Abs, would you grab us some water” Aden called into the kitchen “There’s a jug in the fridge”

“Sure” she replied in a voice thick with emotion

“All done squirt?” Aden asked gently when Beau lifted his head. He nodded so Aden moved the bucket aside before picking up a tissue which he used to gently wipe Beau‘s mouth. Abi handed him the glass of water which he held as Beau took a tentative sip before wearily resting his head back against Belle’s chest.

“Good boy Beau” Aden leant forward and placed a kiss on his forehead “you wanna try going back to sleep?” A small nod was the only response he got as Belle carefully lay him back down on the cushions pressing a kiss to his temple as she did so. “mommy and daddy are right here if you need us baby” she whispered as he eyes fluttered shut once more.

“You ok Abi?” Aden asked noticing Abi standing in the kitchen with her back to them her shoulders shaking. She shook her head as they heard a sob escape her lips

“Hey” Belle stood up and walked over to her pulling her into an embrace “What is it?”

“It’s just the first time I’ve seen him like that” Abi explained “Every other time I’ve seen him since he was diagnosed he’s been ok you know and you can kind of forget he’s sick but seeing him like this…” she burst into a fresh wave of sobs as Belle tightened her hold on her

“It’s alright Abs” she soothed

“no it’s not!” Abi exclaimed “And it’s not on me getting like this when you are being so strong!” She pulled away from Belle and hastily wiped the tears from her eyes with the sleeve of her top “it’s all good, I’m fine now” she insisted “Hello by the way”

“Hello” Belle replied “just don’t get upset about getting upset ok”

“ok” Abi replied smiling “So you gonna help us with dinner or what old lady?! Sleeping during the day! What next, knitting?”

The rest of the evening passed quickly. Beau was sick a few more times before they could give him his medication. He understandably didn’t feel up to eating and slept through dinner and subsequently the rest of the night, not even stirring when Aden carried him to bed.

The next day Beau informed them that he felt a little better and much to their surprise managed a whole bowl of cereal for his breakfast. When Abi arrived just before lunch he beamed at her from his makeshift bed on the couch

“Hey there handsome, how you doing today?”

“I’m a little bit good a little bit not good” Beau replied causing Abi to smile

“well let’s see if we can do anything to make that a big bit good and absolutely no not good hey”

“we can try” Beau grinned at her “I like having you here aunt Abi it makes be feel better already”

“Beau Jefferies!” Abi exclaimed “You are the most adorable, sweet, gorgeous boy I have ever known” She fought past the lump in her throat as she sat on the couch next to him and pulled him into a hug

“Even better than Edward?” Beau asked with a cheeky smile

“Who’s Edward?” Aden asked coming to sit on the other couch grinning at Abi “What have you been hiding!”

“You know daddy, from Abi’s bag!” Beau explained

Aden looked confused as his eyes landed on Abi’s handbag but Belle chuckled from in the kitchen

“Ah! Team Edward! I understand” she called “You’ve got a good memory Beau, that was ages ago”

“Oh yeah” Abi grinned “I love you way way more than Edward, he might be…”

“Someone care to explain” Aden interrupted

“Edward Cullen” Belle said walking over

“Should that mean something to me? Do I know him?” Aden asked confusion marring his features

“twilight?” Abi said “you know the vampire books”

“I don’t read” Aden answered “Well not vampire books anyhow”

“We’ve seen the movies babe, all of them” Belle told him

“We have?” he asked “They can’t have been that good then cause I really don’t….oh no wait, they’re the ones with that British dude right? The vampire and the warewolves?”

“Yes that’s them” Abi answered getting slightly excited

“Yeah, they sucked” Aden replied causing Beau to giggle

“They did not!” Abi explained “But getting back on track, yes Beau, as wonderful as Edward is” she glanced at Aden quickly before returning her attention back to Beau “you are a million times more wonderful!”

“Glad we got that out of the way” Aden laughed “Are you two going to be ok if we get going?”

“We’ll be fine wont we little man” Abi replied

“I think so” Beau answered “but you wont be gone too long will you because I miss you and mommy when you aren’t here”

“We’ll be as quick as we can” Belle said sitting herself down next to him and dropping a kiss onto his head “You just keep an eye on aunt Abi for us and make sure she stays out of trouble!”

“I will mommy” he tilted his head up and placed a sweet kiss against her cheek “I love you”

“Oh I love you too baby boy” she returned his kiss and held him close to her for a few moments before standing up “Abi, we both have our phones so if he needs us…”

“I’ll call I promise” Abi insisted “We’ll be great, now get going”

Aden Leant down and kissed Beau goodbye and he too made Abi promise to call if Beau needed them. They eventually made it out of the door and into the car and headed to the hospital for their appointment.

“It’s nice to see you two again” Doctor Simpson said as she ushered them into the room for the ultrasound “how long has it been?”

“Beau’s 5” Belle answered

“Wow 5 years! Time flies doesn’t it” the doctor exclaimed as she followed them over to the bed “so this is baby number 2 yes?”

“Yep, that’s right” Belle said as she hopped up onto the bed

“Right let’s have a look and see what we’ve got. If you’ll lie down for me Belle. Aden you can take a seat here” she gestured to the stool at the top of the bed near to where Belle’s head was now resting. He followed her instruction and instantly grasped hold of the hand that Belle held out to him.

The doctor applied gel to Belle’s stomach and waved the ultrasound wand over it with one hand whilst using her other to tilt the screen slightly so she could view it better.

“Here we are” she pressed a few buttons on the machine and then turned the screen so that Belle and Aden could see it properly “say hello to baby number 2”

Both of their faces lit up as they stared at the image before them

“Is everything ok?” Aden asked tearing his eyes away from the screen and looking at the doctor

“It seems to be” she smiled “I’d say you have a very healthy 11 week old baby here”

“That’s great” Belle smiled as tears filled her eyes “look babe, it’s so perfect”

“yeah it is” Aden replied raising their hands and placing a kiss against Belle’s knuckles “just like it’s big brother”

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