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The First Day We Met

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Story Title: The first day We met

Type of story: Short fic maybe

Main Characters: Charlie Joey and Ruby

BTTB rating: M maybe R

Genre: Romance, Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings:

Summary: Joey moves to Summer bay from New Zealand on her own, and she meets Charlie for the first time.....

NB:: in this fic the rape never happened, Brett lives in New Zealand with his Mum, Ruby and Charliee have there own Flat.

Chapter one.

Joey sighed stepping off the boat, this was her first day in the bay and she was kind of scared, she never knew anyone, her brother had decided to stay back in New Zealand with their mother, part of her was thankful for that, she couldn’t bare him even though he was her brother, sighing to herself she walked along the boat ramp with her bag on her back the other in one of her hands, she could handle being here on her own, she’d soon find some friends and maybe even a girlfriend if she was lucky, she’d had no luck finding happiness with a girl back in new Zealand even though the city she lived in was pretty big, walking along the beach she sat down on a near by bench and looked around, her eyes falling on a girl who looked like she was jogging, smiling to herself she couldn’t bare to pull her eyes away from the stranger, she was pretty, long brown hair flowing down her back, long tanned legs, mentally slapping herself she looked away when the girl looked at her, slightly blushed in the cheeks she giggled to herself when the girl walked over to her,


The girl smiled and sat down next to Joey, she hadn’t seen her around before so she figured she was new in town,

“Um hello….”

Joey replied still slightly blushed and nervous, she hoped the stranger didn’t notice her staring at her,

“I’m Charlie, your new to the town right?? Well I haven’t seen you around before so I figured you are”

Charlie smiled softly, looking at the girl she’d just met, she wondered if she was gay as well, Charlie hadn’t been with anyone since she came out of the closet and that was nearly a year ago now,

“I..I’m Joey and yeah I just got here from New Zealand a few minutes ago”

Joey offered Charlie her hand to shake, she’d only been here a few seconds and she had got one friend already, though they weren’t exactly friends just yet,

“Nice to meet you Joey, so have you got nywhere to stay??”

Charlie asked Shaking Joeys hand firmly, it made her heart race just touching her hand, she knew nothing could happene between them they’d just met and besides who’d fall for a girl like her anyways,

“You too Charlie, and erm I’m staying at a hotel until I can find somewhere of my own”

Joey bit her lip softly and shook Charlie’s hand then placed her hand back on her lap, she took a quick glance at Charlie then looked away, she to wondered if Charlie was gay but was to scared to even think of asking her,

“Oh well why don’t you come and stay with me and my sister Ruby there’s a spare room you can sleep in”

Charlie offered, she felt silly for suggesting it, Joey was after all a complete stranger but she didn’t care why stay in a stinky hotel room when she had a spare room in her flat, she was sure Ruby wouldn’t mind, she’d have someone else to talk to and another friend maybe,

“I couldn’t possibly intrude but if your offering I wouldn’t mind beats living in a hotel on my own”

Joey smiled slightly, she couldn’t believe she was taking Charlie’s offer she hardly knew her, hardly knew each other, as far as Charlie knew she could be an axe murderer or something, not that she was,

“No no its no bother really, Rubes and I could do with someone else in the house as well”

Charlie brushed her hair from her face and looked at Joey, she could barely keep her eyes off her, she wanted her to stay with them, it would make her feel better,

Okay well thanks I guess I’ll pay you rent of course”

Joey smiled, she was a bit glad Charlie had offered, she didn’t really want to stay in a hotel room on her own, she hated hotels but it had been her only choice,

“Don’t worry about rent Joey its no problem, well let’s go I’ll show you the house before I go to work”

Charlie stood up and grabbed one of Joeys bags and looked at her, she didn’t want Joey to pay her rent there was no need for it,

“I’d feel better if I paid you something, for food at least?? Okay what’s your job???”

Joey asked getting up putting her bag on her back again and grabbing the other one, she was curious as to what Charlie did for a living,

“Senior Constable, hope it doesn’t scare you to much like it does everyone else”

Charlie laughed and walked along the beach toward her house,

“Wow a senior constable, me scared?? Don’t be silly nothing scares me!”

Joey laughed and walked along beside her, looking around as she did, she could easily get used to this place, the beach seemed lovely and it seemed like a good little town already,

“Oh really now??”

Charlie laughed and opened her front door, letting Joey in first,

“Yes really”

Joey giggled walking in, she placed her bags by the couch and looked around,

“Sorry about the mess that’s what happens when you have a younger sister”

Charlie chuckled putting Joeys bag down and her keys on the table, she noticed Ruby was home and smiled when she came from her room,

“Its alright, so I take it this is your sister??”

Joey asked looking at the younger girl standing by the door,

“Yep, Joey I’d like you to meet Ruby, Ruby this is Joey, she’ll be staying with us for awhile, I hope you don’t mind”

Charlie smiled introducing the two girls, she watched as Ruby went to sit beside Joey,

“Hello Joey, nice to meet you, Its fine Charles I could do with another friend”

Ruby smiled and looked at Joey, she seemed like a nice girl, she wondered why Charlie had let her stay with them, Joey was obviously new to the town,

“Nice to meet you to Ruby”

Joey smiled softly and looked back at Ruby, she hoped she really didn’t mind her staying with them,

“Rubes can you show Joey to her room, I’ve got to get ready for work or I’ll be late”

Charlie smiled and walked into her own bedroom,

“Sure come this way Jo!”

Ruby smiled and picked up two of Joeys bags and lead her into the spare room beside Charlie’s,

“Thanks Rubes!”

Joey smiled following Ruby into her new bedroom, it looked much bigger than her old bedroom at home, and the bed was a double bed unlike her single one at home,

“No problem Jo anyway I’ll leave you to it I need to do my homework”

Ruby smiled and left Joey to unpack her bags

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Chapter two::

Joey laid on her bed after she had finished unpacking her clothes, the rest of her stuff would be flown over in the next few days or so, yawning she closed her eyes when Charlie walked into the room, she smiled and opened them again,

“Thought I’d come and check on you on my way out”

Charlie smiled and sat at the end of the bed and looked at Joey, she looked tired,

“you didn’t have to I’m fine really just tired that’s all”

Joey looked at Charlie and smiled, it was sweet of her to check on her,

“Okay well I’ll be home around 8ish maybe we could go for a drink or something yeah??”

Charlie stood up, what was wrong with asking her for a harmless drink at the surf club, its not as though she asked her on a date,

“Yeah sure I’d like that”

Joey smiled softly and looked at Charlie, was she asking her on a date or was she asking so they could get to know each other more?

“see you then yeah, hope you get some sleep.”

Charlie smiled and walked out of Joeys room and went to work.

Joey yawned, she had slept for nearly three hours, looking at the time it was another two hours until Charlie got home, getting up she walked into the kitchen and made herself a coffee, she jumped slightly when Ruby came in,

“sorry didn’t mean to scare you, so I hear you having a few drinks with Charlie tonight?”

Ruby smiled, she wondered if Joey was gay, but thought it would be rude to ask her straight out, if she was maybe her sister would be lucky and finally be happy with someone,

“Its okay, yeah we are”

Joey smiled softly and sipped her coffee and sat at the kitchen table,

“You know she’s gay right??”

Ruby looked at her, Charlie would kill her if she knew she told Joey that but it was the only way she’d find out if Joey was gay as well,

“She’s what?? Wow usually I can pick out the gay ones but totally wasn’t expecting her to be gay”

Joey nearly choked on her coffee when Ruby told her Charlie was gay,

“Yeah well she is, I’m happy for her, I mean she didn’t have much luck with guys in the past, she only came out just over a year ago not even that”

Ruby smiled slightly, she took Joey nearly choking on her coffee as a sign she might not be gay, but she could be wrong,

“Wow, well guys suck, well to be completely honest I’ve never dated one before so I wouldn’t know what its like”

Joey laughed slightly, she couldn’t believe Charlie was gay, maybe she would have a chance of happiness,

“So I take it your gay to??”

Ruby asked looking at Joey, she hoped her and Charlie would end up getting together after they got to know each other of course,

“Yeah, I realized I was back when I was like 16, my family didn’t take it to well but they came around eventually, well Mum and my brother any way”

Joey smiled, she didn’t know why she was telling Ruby all this for but she had,

“Wow, what about your father how’d he take it??”

Ruby asked and looked at Joey, who now appeared to have a frown on her face, she hoped she didn’t upset her mentioning her father,

“He left us when I was a baby, apparently he wasn’t a family man……”

Joey sighed and looked at the clock, she still needed to have a shower and decide what she was going to wear tonight with Charlie,

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you Jo, anyway you best get ready yeah, tell me how it went when you get home”

Ruby smiled slightly and made herself a hot chocolate,

“No no you didn’t its okay, yeah I need to have a shower and figure out what to wear”

Joey smiled taking her cup to the sink,

“Um you can borrow some of my clothes if you like, and t he towels are in the cupboard just beside the bathroom.”

Ruby smiled and took Joey to her room, hot chocolate in one hand,

“Thanks Rubes you really don’t have to, I mean I have clothes, but nothing good even though its not a date I don’t think”

Joey smiled and looked around Ruby’s room,

“Its okay, no problem, hey what about this lovely dress it would so suit you”

Ruby smiled and got a light blue dress from her wood robe and handed it to Joey, i8t might have been slightly shortish but it would suit Joey just fine,

“Wow its pretty, thanks Ruby, well I’ll see you in ten minutes”

Joey smiled and walked to the bathroom, grabbing a towel on her way.

Stepping out of the shower, she could here voices in the kitchen, realizing Charlie must be home already, smiling she dried herself and slipped the dress Ruby lent her on, grabbing her brush she stepped out into the kitchen, Ruby and Charlie’s eyes both fell on her,

“What is it alright??”

Joey looked at them and sat at the table, her brush in her hand,

“Wow… its just wow you look beautiful”

Charlie continued staring at Joey, she looked pretty,, forcing her eyes to look away she smiled at her,

“you look gorgeous Jo!!”

Ruby smiled brightly still looking at Joey, she walked over to her and grabbed her brush,

“Um thanks guys!!”

Joey blushed slightly and let Ruby brush her hair, she had suddenly become nervous and didn’t know where to look,

“well I guess its my turn to go and get ready then, see you in ten”

Charlie smiled and walked to her bedroom, she wondered if Joey had taken them going for a drink as a date,

“she really means half an hour”

Ruby laughed and brushed Joeys hair, she had nice hair,

“Longer than me then haha”

Joey laughed to, she liked someone else brushing her hair, she wondered if she should tie her hair up or leave it down,

“Longer than me to, but what do you expect she’s a girl like us”

Ruby giggled and put Joeys brush on the table and sat beside her,

“I’m so nervous I don’t know why! Should I tie my hair up or leave it down??”

Joey asked fiddling with her brush, she didn’t know what to do, she didn’t even know why she was nervous, there was nothing to worry about, all they were doing is having a drink together, it wasn’t as if they were getting married or something,

“Don’t be nervous there’s nothing to worry about, um leave it down makes you look more prettier”

Ruby smiled softly and looked as Charlie walked into the room,

“So how do I look??”

Charlie swirled around slowly, she looked at Joey and giggled,

“Wow you totally look beautiful!!”

Joey smiled brightly, she couldn’t keep her eyes off Charlie either, the dress she had on looked cute,

“Thanks!! So ready??”

Charlie smiled and looked at Joey then at Ruby,

“Um yeah I’m ready”

Joey smiled and bit her lip getting up and walking over to Charlie,

“Have a nice night guys!!”

Ruby grinned, they looked like they’d make a good couple if they were together, but they weren’t together yet,

“Text me if you need anything yeah??”

Charlie looked at Ruby then walked toward the door,

“Don’t worry Charles I will now go and have a good time don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!!”

Ruby giggled and walked them to the door,

“Ha ha Rubes very funny, have fun on your own”

Charlie laughed and walked down toward the Surf club with Joey.

Charlie smiled sipping her wine and glanced over at Joey, she looked nervous,

“So… your sister told me your gay??”

Joey bit her lip she felt stupid for saying that, but she didn’t know what else to say, she was nervous and couldn’t believe she was here with Charlie,

“Rubes told you I was gay??! Oh my god I hope she hasn’t scared you or anything”

Charlie looked down sipping her wine to hide her embarrassment she couldn’t believe Ruby had told her that, the poor girl was new to the bay and her sister had to tell her,

“No no it hasn’t, I’m gay too, it doesn’t bother me at all I mean it doesn’t scare me”

Joey laughed slightly and sipped her drink, she couldn’t believe she just told Charlie she was gay, she didn’t usualy tell people about her sexuality in case they didn’t accept it, but she knew Charlie wouldn’t do that since she was gay herself,

“What??!! Your gay really?? I didn’t think you were I mean I can usually tell who’s gay and who isn’t don’t ask me how but I can”

Charlie laughed nervously downing the rest of her wine, she felt silly saying that, Joey probably thought she as silly as well,

“Yeah have been since I was sixteen, but haven’t really been with a woman properly yet, so yeah”

Joey bit her lip slightly, she felt better telling Charlie so it wouldn’t be awkward between them,

“Wow that long I only came out of the closet a year or so ago”

Charlie smiled and looked at Alf lifting her glass up as if to say she wanted another drink, she didn’t want to leave the table, she wanted to stay here with Joey all night and just talk to her and get to know her more,

“Yep, I know Ruby told me that too, so have you know had a girlfriend??”

Joey smiled and downed the rest of her drink, smiling as Alf came to the table and handed Charlie her drink, she asked him for another one while he was there so she wouldn’t have to get up and get it herself,

“No, I’m single have been since I came out, sad huh, do you??”

Charlie smiled sipping her wine, she told herself she wasn’t going to get drunk in front of Joey, but she felt tiddly already, it was her fourth glass of wine now,

“Not at all, I’ve only slept with one girl since I came out now that’s sad, I’ve never been in a relationship before despite how big New Zealand is”

Joey sighed slightly as Alf brought her drink over, she smiled and thanked him,

“Wow, you’ve never been in a relationship either? I mean a pretty girl like you I’d of thought you’d have a girlfriend”

Charlie smiled slightly and sipped on her wine,

“Thanks but nah, I wonder if I’ll ever find the perfect woman”

Joey blushed slightly, maybe Charlie would be the one, she’d maybe find out one day but not just yet,

“You will eventually Jo, I bet she’s just waiting around the corner for you to sweep her off her feet”

Charlie smiled and looked at Joey, she felt really tempted to kiss Joey right then and there but she couldn’t it was too soon and she didn’t think Joey was into her in that way,


Joey smiled, she was beginning to like Charlie, she just hoped she wouldn’t fall for her to quickly,

“Anyways we should get home its getting late, even though I have the day off tomorrow”

Charlie smiled and down the rest of her wine,

“Yeah okay”

Joey smiled and drank the rest of her drink and looked at Charlie,

“Let’s go”

Charlie smiled and stood up at the same time as Joey and linked arms with her as they walked out Of the Surf club.

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