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I was wondering if we could have a Fanfiction Recommendation Thread and/or an Advertise My Fic Thread for non H&A fics as we can't post non H&A fics on BttB. I understand why we can’t post them on here as it is a H&A forum. I don’t want to change the rules. I like the way things are. :)

I was just thinking... There are a lot of good writers on BttB and maybe some of them have written fics for other TV shows, movies or books I like and I don't know about it. They could even have written stories which have nothing to do with TV shows, movies or books. I would be interested to know about them and maybe check them out. Other members may also be interested.

I was just thinking that these authors could maybe fill in a form similar to the one we have on BttB (they would have to specify on what TV show, movie or book their story is based) and advertise their fics that way. I'm sure they wouldn't mind some reviews. :)

Maybe someone read a great fic and would want to recommend it to other BttB members.

Let’s take Twilight for example. There are 80,000+ fics on FanFiction.net. It is a bit overwhelming when you have that many fics, you don’t know where to start. If members could recommend a fic they think is well written, funny, scary etc, we would know whether it was worth a read. It would save us some time and we wouldn't have to go through fics which haven't been updated in months/years or which are not really good.

I know there is already a Fiction thread in the General Chat Forum where you can post fics but I only saw short ones. That’s totally understandable and I think that thread would be way too messy if everyone started posting chapters from their own stories. Just imagine reading a chapter from a Twilight fic, then one from a Harry Potter fic, then one from a One Tree Hill fic etc. That would just be crazy and confusing. But if authors have already posted their fics on FanFiction.net or any other forums or websites, it would be easier to find and read them and it wouldn't be such a mess.

There were a few members who also advertised their fics in the existing thread but IMO, it would be a bit messy to mix stories, advertising and recommendations in only one thread. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t know what other people think about this. :unsure:

After some discussion in the Comments&Suggestions forum we came to the conclusion that there should be a fiction thread for non-H&A-fics, fanfics or original.

I did read this part but I couldn’t find that discussion anywhere so maybe this has already been mentioned. If so, I’m sorry and can someone lead me to the appropriate thread so I can read it? :)

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this. :)

EDIT: I just added the link for the existing Fiction thread.

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Humm.. *puts thinking cap on*

I get you. I do. There's some really good writers that if I knew they wrote about The Office or other fandoms then I'd be rushing to go read them. So if there was somewhere like that, it would be great.

However... it would be very off-topic and so the only place where it would be suitable to talk about would be General Chat Forum, via PM or MSN. And their is already one in the GC forum.

But it's not set out very well in my opinion. I agree with you that it is rather untidy and when I saw that thread I kept well away. I think probably an improved version of this would be good? No copy/paste - just links. But does the one at the moment even get used? And I can't say I'd personally use or look in it anyway...

So, in all honesty, it's a waste of my time posting. I don't necessarily want what you've suggested, but I'm not against it either. :P You could always just PM the members on here and ask? I'm sure most members would be complimented that you were interested in any other work that they did.

I'm no help, am I? :P

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The existing thread hasn’t been used since January 2008.

I guess I could ask them via PM but I don’t read all fics. So there may be great authors whose fics I have never read for one reason or another (characters I’m not very fond of, storylines I’m not interested in etc.) but they may have written a fic on another TV show I like which I would be interested in reading.

For example, a member who wrote Adelle fics could have written a Naley fic. I’m not an Adelle fan (I don’t hate them but they are simply not my favourite characters) so I don’t read Adelle fics but I am a Naley fan and I wouldn’t mind reading a Naley fic. (Naley = Nathan & Haley from One Tree Hill, in case anyone was wondering :) )

And if other members would be interested and we would all PM the authors we like, they may have to repeat themselves over and over again. But if they can just post the links in one thread, everyone would know and we wouldn’t have to bother them over and over again with the same question.

Plus, if they write a new fic, they would just have to advertise it. Otherwise, we would have to PM all the authors we like several times just to check if they don’t have a new fic since last time we PMed them.

Hopefully this made sense. :)

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I remember having this discussion before regarding both fanfics for other shows and other ficitonal stories. We did have that topic in GC, but I was convinced it'd get messy if people dcided to post parts of stories in there. Which was why I though posting the links would be good. However, then I thought "What'd be the point in that? When you can just as easily post the link in your signature of profile advertising your other fics. Up until recently, I ust provided the one link in my signature that linked directly to my profile on FF.net. It was a simple idea and much easier.I took it off though, coz I wanted a new sig. :P

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How about a sticky thread in the TV Show area in GC. For every post made we could put in bold the show we are reccing for. A thread to pimp our fics and post awesome ones we find over the web. Also making sure to say what the age is on it and maybe why we like it, without giving too much away.

Simplz :D !

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As I started this thread, I don't mind posting a thread. :) But I just need confirmation first. It would be okay to recommend or advertise a fic which is based on a book or a movie too, right? I like the idea of putting the thread in the Television forum but there may be recommendations for fics which aren't based on TV shows.

I'm just checking. As soon as it is confirmed or someone tells me I have to post it in another forum, I'll start the thread. :)

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I would say perhaps if we started it off in General Chat and then monitered how many non-TV related fics were being recommended/advertised....if it does transpire that it's primarily TV based then we could move it into the TV forum. :)

I would also suggest some kind of "form" for recommending/advertising, much like the one we have in the fic forum, outlining the 'original source' of the fic, the characters involved, whether it'll include any spoilers for international viewers, people who haven't read the third book in the series, people who haven't seen the sequel etc.etc. - also, as Musie pointed out, a guideline on age appropriatness would be handy, incase anyone wants to post something of a more adult nature. Barbara, if you're happy to put that form together when you open the thread then I've no objections to you doing so, though if you'd prefer the staff to put it together then that's no problem either. A form will just help keep everything tidy! :wink:

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