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TITLE - Doyle


GENRE - Drama

STARRING - Doyle, Martha, Hugo, Claudia, Alf, Colleen



WARNINGS - Language, Adult Themes


Martha's childhood friend Doyle shows up in town. Causes trouble and starts a relationship with Claudia.


Doyle was up to the Campbell farm gate. He checked the adress on the little piece of paper he had and opened the gate. Doyle was a good looking young 22 year old male, he had blonde hair, blue eyes and was wearing a black t shirt with a skull and cross bone picture on it, baggy jeans, a flanelet shirt tied around his waste, a friendship band around his right wrist and a one ring on his right thumb the the other on his index finger

He walked up the steps and knocked on the door, but there was no answer.

"Hello?" he called out and looked trough a window

"Hi" he heard a female voice

He looked at the young blonde girl

"Hey, i'm lookin' for Martha, she around?" Doyle

"No she's in town" Claudia informed him

"ok and who are you?" Doyle

"Claudia i work here" Claudia said

He smiled

"Who are you?" Claudia asked

"Doyle i'm an old friend of Martha's" he told her

Claudia tilted her head to the side and smiled

"Does Doyle have a last name?" she asked

"No, just Doyle"

She smiled again

"Are you gonna wait around for her" Claudia asked as a car pulled up

"Hey Clau..." Marrtha sang out and stopped

"Doyle, oh my god" Martha said hugging him

"How did you find me?" she asked

"Simple i asked Macca" he told her

"Oh this is Claudia"

"We met"

Martha looked at them both

"C'mon i want you to meet granddad" she said tugging him by the arm


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Doyle and Martha were unloading boxes off the back of Alf's ute

"So let me get this straight Jack was your husband and he was murdered by another cop but the cop got off because there was no evidence" Doyle said

"Yeah that's right" Martha replied

"And you brought this farm with Jack's life insurance, which used to be the two kids that i just met's home" he said

"Geoff and Annie, yes" Martha told him

"And you hired Claudia, which i might add is extremly hot" Doyle said

"She's only a teenager Doyle" Martha told him

"Yeah and i'm barely in my 20's" he replied

Martha looked at him and handed him a box.

"Go give these to her and hitting on her" Martha told him

He walked up to Claudia and gave her the box.

"Martha said to give this to you" he told her as he handed her the box

"Thanks" she replied

"No probs" he replied and turned to walk away

"I think we should go out some time" Claudia said

"I don't think so" he replied

"Why?" she asked

Because it's not a good idea" Doyle told her

"One date and we'll see how it goes" Claudia said

Doyle thought for a moment

"Ok fine"



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Claudia was talking to Matha

"He was really sweet" Claudia said

Martha laughed

"Doyle and sweet in the same sentance. That's the first time someone put them together" Martha replied

"So was there ever anything between you two" Claudia asked

"He told me dating me would be like dating his sister. But there was this one time at a friends birthday party we were both really drunk and i told him i was inlove with him but he said he didn't remember what happened that night" Martha told her.

"Hey girls" Doyle said running up behind her and licking her on the side of the neck then kissing her.

"Got ya somethin'" said giving her a red rose.

"Oh my god that is so sweet" Martha said

"Apart from the licking part" Claudia added

"So whats on for tonight" Martha asked

"Beer, pizza maybe a porn dvd" Doyle replied

"See what i mean by sweet" Martha told Claudia

They continued to walk

"Meet me her at 6:30" he told Claudia


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Claudia walked inside the farm house

"You're early" Doyle said

"I was cooking..." he said but was cut off

"Who's Skylar" she asked

"You went through my things. it's ok i'll forgive you this time" he told her

"Who is she?" Claudia asked again

"No one you need to worry about" he said

"I'm gonna need more than no one you need to worry about" Claudia yelled

"She's an ex"

"Do you still love her?"

"What?" Doyle said frowning

"Answer the question" Claudia yelled again

"Yes i do, but she doesn't love me" Doyle yelled back and walked out and slamed the door.


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Tony walked up steps to the veranda where Doyle was sitting with a beer.

"Hey mate, you ok" Tony asked

"Yeah"Doyle replied

"You don't look it" Tony

Doyle rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands

"Just tired, did you come here for a reason?" Doyle asked

"Rachel left her phone here" Tony replied

"Better get it then" Doyle said standing up and falling over

"Whoa mate" Tony said picking him up

"Let me carry you" Tony said putting his arm around him

"Are you gonna throw up" Tony asked

"No" Doyle replied turning around and putting his back against the door and smiled

"You have really nice arms Tony" Doyle told him


"And lips" Doyle pulled Tony closer and brushing his lips against Tony's

Tony pulled away

"Doyle smiled again

"It's ok i want you to" Doyle said

Tony looked a Doyle for a moment then garbbed him by the hair on the back of his head and slammed Doyles lips against his own. Tony put his arms up while Doyle took off his shirt. Doyle took off Tony's belt and unziped his pants then ook his own t shirt off and pulled Tony inside and shut the door.


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