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I Forgive You

Guest Sarah_Lewis

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Title:: I forgive you

Type of fic:: Long well as long as I can make it (:

Characters:: Joey/Charlie

Genre: Romance

Rating:: G, PG

Warnings: None as of yet

Does story contain spoilers: nope

Is story being proof read: no

Summary:: Joey forgives Charlie after she slept with Hugo.....

Oh Charlie why? Why’d you have to hurt me like that, you knew I loved you, and I still do!! All I want to know is why Hugo?!! Cant you stand the thought of being with another female? Did I push you to far??

Joey thought to herself tears streaming down her face, she had been sitting on the beach alone, she’d just found out Charlie had slept with Hugo, she felt so hurt and broken inside, the only girl she’d loved and trusted had cheated on her and the worst thing was she wanted to forgive her, she’d give anything to be in Charlie’s arms again, to be held by her and be told that she loved her, standing up still crying she made her way back to Charlie’s, finding her sitting on the sofa in tears, when Charlie saw her she looked up her eyes fill of guilt,

“Charlie…. I want you to promise me something and I don’t want you to break it…”

Joey wiped her eyes and sat beside her, looking at her she wanted to kiss her but she couldn’t not till she had given her, her word and meant it, she wanted to sort things out,

“Anything Joey anything I’ll promise you”

Charlie frowned looking at Joey, it was true she’d give Joey her word anything to make her take her back, she didn’t know what to do without Joey in her life,

“Promise me that you’ll never sleep with another man or woman for that matter, and I want you to tell me if I’m pushing you to far”

Joey bit her lip waiting to hear Charlie say it that she’d never sleep with another man or woman while she was with her,

“Joey, I promise you the whole world I’ll never sleep with another man nor woman for as long as I’m with you I swear to you I wont do it again and no your not pushing me to far, this is what I want your who I want to be with Hugo was the biggest mistake of my life I don’t even know why I slept with him”

Charlie bit her lip looking Joey in the eye as he promised her, she could keep that promise as long as she was with Joey, she had been thinking while Joey hadn’t be there and it really was what she had wanted she didn’t car about what anyone else had thought, she didn’t care if they labeled her, nothing in this world mattered as long as she was with Joey, she couldn’t believe how silly she was sleeping with Hugo, it was the hugest mistake in her life but all she knew now was that she was happy Joey had forgiven her,

“Thank you Charlie its all I wanted to hear, I never want to live without you I need you in my life, you complete it the hole in my heart you fill it and the only one who can fill in”

Joey leaned in and kissed Charlie softly on the lips, she was happy she got Charlie back, she’d of left town if she had of got with Hugo, she wouldn’t be able to watch the person she loved be with a man it would hurt to much,

“Neither do I babe you’re my life now always will be. I cant tell you how sorry I am for what I did but I can make it up to you somehow”

Charlie smiled and kissed her back softly, she was happy again, she’d never ever hurt Joey again never in her life would she think of it, she’d sworn off men from now on she’d never lay eyes on another one in that way,

“I love you Charlie so much”

Joey smiled and hugged Charlie tight, she didn’t want to let her go ever, she was happy again and this time it would last, she’d forgive Charlie, she was glad she had,

“I love you so much to Joey and I always will nothing will ever change that”

Charlie smiled brightly and hugged her back, nothing would ever stop her loving Joey, not even her sister.

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Thanks guys :D:P I wish it would happen like that in the programme :o but no chance

Get over to Channel 7 right now, batter down their door and demand a job writing on H&A. :D Then it will be able to happen. :)

Fantastic start to the story and woo hoo, another Charlie & Joey fic to read. :)

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On my way (: Maybe I could send them the fic and they can use it haha :L

Chapter 2::

Charlie smiled as she walked up to Aden’s, she needed to tell him the good news, she knew he was happy for her about Joey, but he was angry at her when she had hurt Joey and slept with Hugo, she wanted to tell him that Joey had forgiven her and they’d gotten back together, knocking on the door she stood there and waited for him to answer,

“Charlie, I heard Joey took you back?? I hope it works out this time”

Aden smiled, he knew she was there to tell him about Joey forgiving her but Joey had beaten her to it,

“Huh how’d you know?? Did she ring you??”

Charlie chuckled and looked at him, Joey probably did ring him knowing her, had to be first at everything,

“She sure did, few minutes ago actually”

Aden laughed leaning on the door frame and looked back at her,

“Just like Joey that is”

Charlie smiled thinking of Joey,

“Yeah well anyway I better get back to Belle”

Aden smiled, he was glad Joey forgave Charlie, she could finally be happy again,

“Okay well I’ll see you around then”

Charlie said good bye to Aden and walked home.

Joey smiled laying on the couch, glad she had given Charlie another chance, she couldn’t see her life without Charlie in it, she’d never of been happy again if she hadn’t forgiven her, to deep in thought she didn’t see Charlie walk into the room,

“Hello day dreamer!”

Charlie chuckled and lifted Joeys legs up and sat on the couch placing her legs over her own,

“Huh what oh hello”

Joey smiled looking at Charlie,

“what’re you day dreaming about?”

Charlie grinned and looked at her,

“Oh nothing nothing”

Joey giggled and moved closer to Charlie,

“You little liar you”

Charlie laughed and took Joeys hand,

“I’m not lying I swear”

Joey smirked and kissed her passionately her free arm placed on her waist,

“mm if you say so”

Charlie grinned and kissed her back deeply,

“shut up and keep kissing me”

Joey chuckled and grinned as she kept kissing her smirking as she climbed on top of her,

“with pleasure”

Charlie grinned parting Joeys lips with her tongue and slowly slid it in her mouth, smirking she pulled her to her room where they spent the night.

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