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A Silent Night

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Story Title: **A Silent Night**

Main Characters: Tasha, Cassie, Mattie, Robbie, Ric, Aden and Belle.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence

Summary: 5 lines max - Story set around teens of various times, after one member of the bay is abused and other relationships start to be questioned, the happy community starts to deteriorate.

Chapter 1

Steam rose from the freshly made coffees as Tasha, Robbie and Cassie sat enjoying the buzzing and general chit-chat of the full Diner.

"So, I hear that the competition for the best non-Spanish Spanish speaker is coming to Summerbay." Remarked Robbie.

"Did you just make that up Rob, what a random thing to have a competition for." Said Tasha.

"Thinking of entering then Rob? I seem to remember your Spanish is simply superb, which, in my opinion, really does need to be shared with the country!" Joked Cassie.

"Well, yes Cas, I am." Robbie replied earnestly, and Cassie laughed.

"But you can't even speak a word of it." Tasha said smiling weakly.

"Ah, but your wrong there Tash. Gracias. Anyway I always said that a sense of confidence and a good strong smile can get you anywhere in life… ok so I might not be entirely fluent however who says I can't win?"

"No Rob, just no." Tasha replied bluntly.

They all laughed, and Tasha sympathetically patted Robbie's arm, which resulted in coffee being spilt all over Tasha's white dress.

"I'm so sorry Tash!" Robbie cried as he hastily patted Tasha with napkins.

"You're so clumsy sometimes, I'm going to have to go home and get changed."

"Do you want me to come with you?" Asked Cassie, mopping up the coffee on the floor.

"No don't worry about it, I'll meet you guys on the beach later."

Tasha kisses Robbie and ruffles up his perfectly styled messy hair.

"I spent ages on that Tash, I'm going to have to redo it."

"It looks the same!" Cassie laughed.

"It's called revenge Robbie, and isn't is just sweet to the taste." Teased Tasha.

Robbie scowled and peered into Cassie's sunglasses lying on the table, gazing at his reflecting and prodding his hair absentmindedly.

Tasha sighed and walked out towards the door of the Diner and whilst doing so she tripped up and landed at the feet of someone wearing extremely high red heals. Gingerly, lifting her head, she took in the appearance of the girl standing before. She was pretty and clad in very expensive looking garments, right form the silk dress to the silver bracelet dangling off of her tanned wrist, to the no doubt designer sunglasses resting upon her blond locks.

"Excuse me can you get off my shoes." The girl snapped.

"Sorry?" Replied Tasha amazed that someone could be so rude.

"That’s ok, you obviously can't help the fact that you haven't learnt to walk in a straight line, seems like you are unable to drink coffee either." Said the girl in a patronising tone, whilst looking Tasha up and down.

"Are you being serious?"

"Deadly. Now move please I need to sit down and have an iced skinny latte, the heats killing me, and my hair. No wonder yours is so bushy, humidity affected it did it?"

"Who the hell do you think you are, you can't just stroll in here and start shouting abuse at me." Tasha yelled.

"I'm Nicole, and I'm not shouting, I'll leave that one to you. Now run on." She turned to Cassie, "Budge up please, I need to sit down. So what's your name, you seem to be a rather fine specimen."


"Don't you dare speak to her Robbie!" Warned Tasha heatedly.

"Oops, look like he already has. Haven't you gone yet, you look like you have dog sick down your front." Sneered Nicole.

"Robbie." Tasha urged again.

"Tash… Just need to be welcome to new people in town and all that…" Robbie muttered in a daze.

"You heard him, so hop to it!" ordered Nicole.

Tasha stormed out with a last pitiful look from Cassie.

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Thanks for reading and for the comments guys :) I thought I would easy my self in with general banter and then get more dramatic in the next chapters. I'm hoping my writing will improve as I keep practicing and doing more chapters. A bit like JK Rowling, she was a terrible writer in her first book and then she got better :D The second one should be up in a bit once I have proof read it.

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Chapter 2

Dusk sank on the Matilda's house, whilst mean girls blazed on nosily in the background. Cassie and Mattie both sat snuggled up, half listening to Tasha's rants, on the sofa.

"So what did she exactly say?" Tasha persisted.

"We've been through this Tash. She only said a few things before complaining that her coffee was "hideously fattening". You seem rather concerned about someone you claim to loath." Observed Cassie smiling.

"She's a cow Cas. She came onto Rob too, who seemed to loose his balls to heat rash at that moment!"

They both laughed and even Tasha managed a smile.

"I know she is but she was never going to act on Robbie, I recon she just acts like that around all males. And lets face it Robbie isn't exactly the strongest guy around attractive blondes is he now." Assured Cassie, giving Tasha a quick smirk.

"So anyway as we have talked about absolutely nothing else since we turned on mean girls, and considering we are 42 minutes into it, can we talk about something other than Nicole Franklin?"

"Come on Mattie you must know this off by heart, Ric said you made him watch it with you two nights ago." Cassie teased.

"It's a great film." Mattie replied stubbornly.

"Yes it is, but I imagine it must lose its appeal after watching it 25 times." Said Cassie.

They spent the rest of the film gossiping about Belle and Aden's relationship, criticizing Colleen's casserole and bitching about Nicole with much protesting from Mattie.

"At least we know that if Nicole does resemble Regina George, she will turn out good in the end." Mattie speculated as the film drew to a close.

"I don't think we should base Nicole's tendencies on a film. It's not real you know Mattie." Cassie pointed out.

"Yeah, I think Nicole is evil through and through." Tasha replied seriously.

Mattie and Cassie looked at each other, paused, and burst out laughing.

Cassie realised that she better be heading home, before Sally started to worry and bid goodnight to Matilda and Tasha.

"Are you sure you don't want me to get Tony to give you a lift?" Matilda asked whilst hugging Cassie.

"No, it's fine don't worry about it. It's only a 10 minute walk anyway."

It was night by this point, pitch black and Cassie shivered as she felt the delicate light of the moon on her bare shoulders. She slightly increased her pace, hearing the gentle crack of twigs as she made her was to the Caravan park. Shadows stirred and trees whistled, she was very aware of her own movements and the noise she was making. She hated the dark. Ever since she was a child. Night after night she was left in her room, alone, with only her memories to haunt her.

Cassie was nearly home now, the warm, safe house would await her, Sally might even make her hot chocolate and Mr Stewart would tell her about his catch of the day.

Suddenly a body hurtled towards her, crushing her bones into the surface of the earth, as all of the air in her lungs was knocked out. She could just hear the echo of her cry.

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