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ANZ Championship

Guest Lise

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What is your team? Who do you think might win this year? Who is your favourite player?

Steel is my team. I think there are a few teams that could win it. I enjoy watching Adine Wilson, Liana Barrett-Chase, Maria Tutia. I have a love-hate relationship with Sharelle McMahon - I love to hate her but she's probably one of the best netball players ever if she keeps her cool.

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:D i love the netball! both playing and watching it

i'm a vixens girl, don't really know why, probs because i like mcmahon.

Might try and get to a game, i was gonna go todays, (Vixens v Fever State Netball Hockey Centre) but my own netball clashed, so me and my sister are going to the Vixens V Steel one on the 25th of April which should be good :)

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