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Who should Kirsty be with ?

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Who should Kirsty be with ?  

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Neither but since these are the only two options, Kane. I don't like KK but Miles and Kirsty just do not work as a couple. I feel the writers made a huge mistake by pairing these two up. They should have kept them as close friends. They aren't right for each other and being together doesn't seem to bring out their best personality traits. They are dragging each other down and this relationship isn't doing any of the characters any favours. The only good thing to come of it is seeing Miles interact with Ollie.

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Kane. They're Kane & Kirsty. Miles and Kirsty just DON'T work, IMO. Pairing them together has dragged them both down. I do love Miles and his interactions with Ollie, but that doesn't account for who I think Kirsty belongs with. Plus, it's easy to make that judgement. We never really got a chance to see Kane in that fun, fatherly role with Ollie. Those family moments would've been so previous and sweet.

Miles and Kirsty would make good friends. But that's as far as I take it. They'd have some nice intercations then. In a relationship, they're rather boring. It's a shame, because I adored them both originally. Now, I just....... don't.

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