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  1. Kate Voegele- i won't disagree
  2. dont worry kirsty, you weren't the only one... words can not express how much i have loved Tony the last couple of episodes! he has been amazingly wonderful i loved how he had made her breakfast and juice today, awww.... i could go on and on, but i think that speaks for itselfs! and i agree with you Kirsty, it has all been potrayed very realistic. the best scene was yesterday when she sat down in the couch and said "i cant even cope with a walk around the block" at the same time as the scene was serious i found the way she said it a little funny and cute nice delivered from Amy there! cant wait for next Tachel episode!!
  3. Well the day after he freaked out about Jack being the middle name, Rachel apologised and he said no it's a really nice gesture, I don't know why I got so upset. So I presumed they were keeping it? I might be wrong though! i thought he ment that it was a nice gesture but he still wasnt comfortable with it. but you might be right !
  4. I dont think he takes Jack as a middle name as i dont think Tony has said that he changed hes mind about that , or have i missed something?
  5. aww that was just the best episode ever! or , in a while anyway. i loved how suportive Tony was, thats why i love him! Amy was brilliant in the birth scenes, and so was Jon for that matter loved that line aswell charmed! and steff, im pretty sure they visited them ofscreen. Jodi, David and Bernard all have been in many episodes this week, they probably didnt have any left welcome to the world Harry Holden
  6. ^ooh, i like the sound of that ! cant wait to see it
  7. I love the Tony spoiler one and all the others for that mather
  8. Trey Luke preformance the last episodes has been amazing. think about it, he manage to potray a insane character and still make me feel sorry for him, its not many actors that can do that. escpescially not that young ones. i have always thought Trey was a intresting character, and i really hope we will see more of him in the future. even if i have a feeling that after the police find him, we wont
  9. I have been warming to Hugo after he got together with Martha, they both are so much better when they are toghether i actually quite like him now, something that is strange since i hated him a couple of weeks ago
  10. I love Kirsty! i was never a big fan of her before mosly because of KK, i never got it through my head why she would marry the man the raped her sister. but now she is fantastic, i love her with Miles. and i know she lies alot, but that is what make her more real. I think Kirsty is good at heart, is just that she dosent know how to handle things at times.
  11. Nicole has grown on me alot lately. she has been through alot this year. from Geoff and her breaking up, to the stuff with her dad, and now this thing with Trey. and Tessa has been brilliant through it all i would prefer it if she didnt get back with Geoff to be honest, i belive she can do so much better!
  12. I am suprised over how much i like Hugo and Martha together, Hugo has brought back the fun side in Martha. They are both more likeable when they are together i was a big fan of Jack but i think Martha and Hugo have much more chemstry then Jack and Martha ever had, i hope they dont become one off those on/off couples. cause they have potenial to become one of my favourites .
  13. i agree, Amy was briliant today. my favourite scene would have to been one in the gym, with tony beeing suporting. it was really good! i was a little mad that they to cut the scene were Tony say that he is worried about her working too much. i dont know, i just thought it would have been nice too see that all
  14. i watched Twillight for the first time last night, it was beautiful
  15. While I do feel for Tony because I am still grieving for Jack... it doesnt explain why Rachel acts like he doesnt care about her because even though she tried to help him get over his anger, she couldnt accept that her way of trying to get over it might not the way that he wanted to try and get over her. In some cases I think Tony isnt as committed to the marriage as Rachel because she is too overbearing. I dont think thats true because I hardly see Rachel out with Martha or Leah or in the diner enjoying herself. All I have seen is her trying to get Tony away from the gym and with her, thats not healthy. The only scene where I felt for Rachel was when Tony snapped about Rachel mentioning Jack as a possible middle name. That was the only time I feel she took Tony's feelings into consideration. If I come across as too strong, then I apologise. i actually one of the few times i have thought Rachel was annoying as for Tony and Rachel, i have to agree with you that sometimes Rachel is a little over the top and Tony is a little.....under the top ( no one say that do they?). But i can understand them. Rachel has always been a mother , just without a child ( as Chandler so beautifully said about Monica in friends ) and then i can understand that when she first is pregnant she will be excited about it, and i think that is the main reason she has been so pushy, next too the fact that she love him and dont want too see him in so much pain. but then it is Tony, who has had his children in his life all his life, and they have always been the most important thing for him. and suddenly he loose one in a tragic accident, and the other one dosent even bother to come home . i have never thought Tony delibrety has hurt Rachel, but sometimes he does this stupid things without thinking about it. actually , before Angelo came back he was very happy, but he kinda ruined that. so yeah, i dont think anybody is in the wrong. it is just very ,very hard for them. but i really like the way they are now, let us just hope they stays that way and then baby Tachel can come
  16. I qouted this from the Leah/Rachel thread because i completly agree. once again Rachel just said that Tony had been talking about how great it is when you first have the baby etc. i think it would be much better if we had seen it because that would make a adorable scene but well.... done is done. Rachel said she would be a mother in a few weeks wiii, i am just so excited! Tachel baby i really think she should stop working now though, being a doctor most be stressfull and cant be good for her now that she is this far pregnant.
  17. Hugo is horrible. i agree that Bernard is a good actor as i have liked him in other shows, but Hugo is just so .... i dont know what it is , he just annoys me so very, very much. the way he treathed Xavier when Brendan was around was discusting, i know they had a "heart to heart" moment after that and that they are all good now, but i still cant like him. and pairing him up with Martha is not going to help as we know how her relationships goes..... not good. seriously, they are already annoying and they are not even a coule yet....
  18. Titanic i have seen it god knows how many times and it still makes me cry
  19. Kate Voegele- Only Fooling Myself
  20. even if i found todays episode painfull to watch,i most say Tachels final scene was nice, it was good to see them talking a little about it atleast. i do think they should have had a little more continuity after the Angelo-thing, but i guess i just have to appreciate what i get. and the baby kicked to!
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