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Small Josh Q-T Article on Tiscali home site

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Home and Away actor on 2009

Friday 30th January 2009

British viewers have really taken Home and Away star Josh Quong Tart to their hearts, and his first year or so with the soap has led to several memorable moments.

However, the curly-haired star is looking forward to 2009, and has given a few hints at what the coming months have in store for his alter ego, Miles Copeland.

He says: "We might see some more romance, a fight scene (honestly) a trip from Summer Bay to Melbourne and sharing the odd beer with Alf at the Surf Club."

Tart, who joined the long-running serial last year after being revealed as Sally Fletcher's (Kate Richie) long-lost twin brother, also put paid to rumours that he was imitating Brad Pitt.

Viewers may have noticed Miles eats or drinks in a lot of his scenes, and when asked whether it was a nod to the in-joke on Oceans' Eleven (in which Pitt scoffed in almost all his scenes), Tart quips: "Brad's copying me".

This was on our home Tiscali page, I thought i'd put it on because I thought it was nice to see H&A on the front page on something British! There was also a small pic of Josh :)

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