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The Summer Bay Strangler

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Story Title: The summer bay strangler

Type of story: long storyline arc

Main Characters: the characters of 2009 season

BTTB rating: T

Genre: drama

Does story include spoilers: No, but if it does I'll edited it out

Any warnings: Violence:medium

Summary: someone is murdered but the killer remains unkown, can the bay catch the killer before he/she strikes again? find out who the killer is in this chilling fan fic.

Main characters (Aussie I won't add your new current characters until they both arrive on UK and NZ screens)
























The first part is short as it a lead up to the first murder

Last year summer bay was horrified to see the body of a pretty lady in her 20's dead in a skip bin.


Jack,Charlie,Angelo are dissucing about the murder case but decides to name 3 suspects




Irene's place

Irene is kissing an unkown guy but distrub by Geoff and Nicole

Geoff: Irene what are you doing??

Irene: Umm nothing, gotta go

Geoff: Ok, have fun

Geoff bedroom

Nicole: Now that's weird, who was the guy?

Geoff: Who knows? the killer and wait she did date a killer named Barry hyde

Nicole: Right and that happened 2/3 years ago

They both hug.

Next day

Colleen puts the bags in the bin where she opens and screms

It's Bridget.

Bridget is dead, who is next on the list?

A letter is sent to Roman

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Next part

Everyone in the town has been gossiping about the lastest murder, but there's one thing on the killer's mind there's a little drawing on his/her whiteboard and circles Roman.

Roman's house

he opens his letter and looks in shock

'To be a loyal father he must fill some graves'

Romans starts thinking who could it possible be??

Roman: Ahh Ethan

Belle & Aden house

Belle: I am going to get some food

Aden: Sure

Belle: See you when I get back

Belle walks out

Summer bay house.

Miles thanks Colleen for looking after Ollie

Miles: Come anytime Colleen

Colleen: Oh yes I will

Colleen walks off

Outside supermarket

Belle hears noise but insteed she goes in her car.

The next day.

Kane is about to put rubbish out for the rubbish truck but then he sees a body!!

Who body is it? Roman? Belle? Aden? Colleen?

Irene mystery man is revealed!

Tony, Rachel, Leah, Irene, Alf are all on the killer hit list! who will be next? or could be someone else at the wrong time?

In the next 3 updates

New characters arrives

Irene's mystery man is hiding a dark serect! what could it be?

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This part will be a bit yuck so therfore it's PGR (Parental Guided recommened)

Ok the long awatied part is now up :) and it should desereve a big shocking opener.

We see Kane looking at the body, revealing to be Colleen!

Irene's house

Irene opens the door to her mystery man, reveling to be no other than Barry Hyde!!

It seems the killer like killing older ladies! but why?

The Park

As VJ & Ollie are at the park with Leah until VJ screams and runs to leah

VJ: Mummy there's a liber (He can't say Liver very well)

Leah: A what???

Ollie: Come

Ollie & VJ take Leah to the place where they found the Liver

Leah: Yuck! Ok you two just don't touch it!

Leah rings 111

Irene's place

Irene: Barry once Geoff knows who you are he is going to make you pay!!

Barry: It's ok, I'll leave anyway

Irene: Right

flashback, 2006

Barry: I am sorry I did this but he was taking over this town

Irene: I don't care you can rot in hell

flashfoward, 2009

Barry: You know Bridget?

Irene: Yeah she is a cow

Barry: You got that right

Irene: Why?

Barry: She is my ex-wife, whoever killed her I am happy

Irene: You make me sick! you kill women for hurting you?

Barry: No of course not

The Killer is stalking around Irene's but without a flash of I.V tubing the killer strangles Charlie!!

Next day

Rachel walks out her house and throw the bag in the bin until she screams!

Charlie body, Charlie opens her eyes

The killer has strike again, but will Charlie survive or does she dies before the ambulance arrive??

Barry is suspected of killing Bridget & Colleen, but will they find edvince or will another murder occur?

In part 8 a all-time fave will die at the hands of the summer bay strangler? who is it? Miles or Jack??

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