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Christmas Present To The Moderators


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That is a brilliant post Skykat. I have posted on many forums in the last few years and I can honestly say that BTTB is one of the nicest and friendliest. Some forums are really bitchy and pick on you if you don't say the 'right thing', or bully newbies, or simply ignore you etc. But I have not experienced any of that here. When I joined BTTB I was in a very upset and emotional state and did not expect to stay, and certainly did not expect the warm welcome I received [sorry, I can't remember who the welcomers were now]. I would hate it if BTTB became a bitchy, bullying forum so Skykat's words are very wise and timely and I hope everyone abides by them. I'm not meaning to boss people about, I am just writing from the heart.

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Message received and understood.I try to steer clear of personal attacks but I have been known to generalise or react in an overly emotional manner so I'll try and do better in future.

Red Ranger 1, your contributions to the threads are not attacks at all in my view! I find you're always stating your view in a very constructive way and that's exactly the kind of healthy debate I was talking about.

Thanks for saying so.But I'll freely admit there have been times when I've got annoyed about a post and replied with an ill-considered rant which I'll try and keep to a minimum.

Don't worry, I've been guilty of this too, and I've already received a warning for it, so I try to respect people's opinion without going into a rant as well. I've used the warning to prevent me anger from getting out of control on the forums. Either way, thank you for the warning, SkyKat.

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