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The New Badboy

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Brock entered school the next day, and decided to keep things quiet with Jai.

Ruby came up to Brock during school, and became his only friend.

"Don't worry about Jai, he just needs to shut up sometimes" said Ruby as she walked with Brock.

"Yeah" replied Brock as he walked beside Ruby and as they walked past Jai and Annie, Jai decided to approach Brock once again.

"Leave Ruby alone" said Jai as he pushed Brock into the wall.

"Whatever, I give up" said Brock as he just walked off.

"Now look what you've done! You've ruined my chances of getting Brock to change!" said Ruby as she chased after Brock.

Ruby found Brock sitting at a table alone, with nobody to talk to.

"Hey" said Ruby as she sat down at Brock's table.

"You better go, I don't want anymore trouble with anyone" said Brock as he started to eat his lunch.

"I don't care what he thinks, I'll be your friend" said Ruby.

"Cool" replied Brock as he kept eating his lunch.

Brock and Ruby walked home from school, but Aden saw Brock and decided to confront him.

"You leaving Jai alone?" asked Aden.

"Yeah" replied Brock as he just kept walking.

Ruby ran after Brock, and caught up with him.

"You know, you don't need to take crap from Aden" said Ruby.

"Yes I do, he's older than me" said Brock as he continued to walk home.

"Just tell him you don't like that way he's treating you" said Ruby.

Brock then turned around, and walked up to Aden. Brock and Aden are the same height, so things seemed even.

"What are you doing?" asked Aden as he saw Brock standing in front of him, obviously wanting to have a go at him.

"Stop the harassment, I'm sick of your crap" said Brock as he got in Aden's face.

"I see bible boy has given you a couple of pointers" said Aden as he just turned around and laughed for a bit.

"Geoff's been a mate to me" said Brock as he pushed Aden, wanting something to happen.

"Yeah, I have better things to do than fight a school-kid" said Aden as he turned around and walked away, leaving Brock standing there obviously angry.

Brock decided to run away, and came home upset.

Aden was at the home with Belle, and so Brock decided to confront Aden again.

"Come on, hurt me" said Brock as he pushed Aden.

"Haha, a high-schooler wants to fight me, that's funny" said Aden as he got into Brock's face.

Belle saw what was going on, and broke the fight up.

"Stop, you two of all the people should get on. You're both so alike" said Belle as she got annoyed.

"Whatever, he's just a bully" said Aden as he left the house.

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It's February in the bay, and things are quiet about Jai and Brock's continuous conflicts.

Brock and Ruby walked into school, talking as usual, when Xavier decided to have a go at Brock because he was once Ruby's boyfriend.

"Back off" said Xavier as he pushed Brock out of the way.

Ruby looked at Xavier in a disgusted way, and walked over to see if Brock was alright.

"You alright?" asked Ruby.

"Yeah, I'm fine" said Brock as he got up and brushed himself off.

Xavier didn't let it stop there, he walked up to Brock and began to start a fight with him.

"You think you're a tough year 11 boy huh?" said Xavier.

"Tougher than you'll ever be" said Brock as he began to chuckle.

"Shut it smart mouth, you're finished" said Xavier as he threw a punch at Brock, but Brock punched him in the face after Xavier missed, knocking Xavier onto the ground.

Ruby looked really worried, and saw that Xavier was bleeding from the nose.

Brock walked off, knowing he'd lost his temper and handled it the wrong way.

Mr Bartlett went up to Brock, wanting a talk.

"Look, you've knocked Xavier out cold" said Mr Bartlett.

"Yeah, I know I've done the wrong thing" said Brock.

"Don't worry. You're not getting suspended, but just stay out of trouble" said Mr Bartlett as he patted Brock on the back.

Brock walked out of the Principal's office, and caught up with Ruby.

"I know I've done the wrong thing knocking Xavier out like that" said Brock as he continued to walk with Ruby.

"You're probably the first person that has" said Ruby.

Jai and everyone backed away from Brock, as they're clearly scared of Brock.

"This isn't what I wanted. I didn't want everyone to hate me and be scared of me, I just want to fit in" said Brock as he walked past many worried students.

Brock knew things where going to get better eventually, he just needed time. Brock went out and thought about what he could do to improve his temper problems, and even thought of seeing a councilor.

Brock came home, and just sat on the couch and watched T.V

Geoff entered the house, and saw Brock sitting there watching T.V, and could see he was still very angry.

"I heard about what happened with Xavier" said Geoff.

"Yeah, I hate him so much right now" said Brock.

"I'm not surprised. He has had to repeat Year 12, so he's very upset" said Geoff.

"I haven't had to repeat at all, so I wouldn't understand' said Brock.

"I think you do, your father was abusive towards you, right?" asked Geoff.

But Brock never answered, and just got up and left the house.

Xavier was down at the beach, obviously upset about school and what happened with Brock.

"That kid's just a bully" Xavier said to himself.

"Ah, I'm probably just jealous about him being with Ruby. I should just let it all go" said Xavier as he walked off the beach and headed home.

Brock was walking, and heard a rustling in the bushes.

"What was that?" Brock asked himself as he turned around.

Laughter was heard from the bushes, and then he heard rustling again, but he freaked and ran back home.

"That was weird" said Brock as he got home.

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It's been two weeks since Brock discovered what he did in the bushes, and it's been pretty good in those two weeks with school and such.

Jai and him haven't been feuding, and Xavier has decided to get on with his school work instead of fighting Brock.

Geoff has been reaching out to Brock too, and making sure he's doing fine at school and passing all his exams.

But this day, Brock was on his way to school and he had to pass through the bushes.

He heard the rustling once again, and this time he decided to investigate even further. He walked into the bushes, but got tripped over by someone, obviously a girl hiding in there.

"Hey, the name's Brittney" said the blond haired girl, as she put her hand out for Brock to shake.

"Mines Brock" said Brock as he put his hand out.

"Do you need help?" asked Brock as he put his hand out for her to use to get off the ground.

"Yeah, I've been stuck out here for months" said Brittney as she started to walk with Brock back to Irene's house.

"You can have a shower and get cleaned up here" said Brock as he gave her shampoo and a bar of soap.

"I need to get to school though, so I'll be seeing you" said Brock as he left and ran as fast as he could to school.

Ruby talked to Brock a lot that day, and eventually Brock decided to ask her out.

"Wanna go out?" asked a nervous Brock.

"Sure" answered Ruby as she now held Brock's hand, and they went back to Irene's house after school to see a blond haired girl in Brock's clothes standing there.

"Hi" said the girl as she continued to dry her hair out.

"Um, Ruby meet Brittney" said Brock as he tried to get them to be friends.

"Hey" said Ruby as she put her hand out, and shook hers.

Brock then got out some juice, and poured Ruby, Brittney and himself some to drink.

"Here you go girls" said Brock as he gave them the drinks.

"Look who's the playboy" said Aden as he walked in the door.

Brock ignored Aden, and Aden just sat on the couch and waited for Belle.

"Where's Belle?" asked Aden as he turned on the T.V

"I dunno" answered Brock as he decided to walk outside and get some clear air.

Ruby then left, and kissed Brock before she went.

"Bye" said Brock as he waved.

Brittney just left with a little wave, and Brock knew she liked him a bit.

Belle turned up, and then Belle and Aden went off for a walk.

Brock was at home alone, so he just watched T.V, but then he heard something so he ready to hit the intruder with a baseball bat, but it turned out to be his father who had just been released from jail on good behavior.

"What are you doing here?" asked Brock.

"I'm out of jail, let's go home" said Nelson as he started to leave.

"Come on" added Nelson.

"I live here now, I've got a new family. You'll need go get used to that" said Brock as he decided to stand his ground.

"Fine" said Nelson as he raced off.

Jai knocked at the door, because he wanted to see Annie but Annie and Geoff were both at Church.

Brock opened the door, and saw Jai. Jai freaked and barged in, breaking the door.

"Now look what you've done" said Brock.

"It's your fault" said Jai.

"Just go" said Brock.

"I'm here for Annie" said Jai, and he wasn't about to move.

"Go" sad Brock as he stood over Jai in a threatening way.

Jai decided to leave at this time.

Brock decided to sit at home and clean up the door, but Irene came back and thought that Brock did it, so she kicked him out.

"You're out of the house. Pack your bags" said Irene as she clearly was angry.

"It wasn't me" said Brock.

"I don't believe you" said Irene as she waited for Brock to leave.

Brock packed his bags, and left. Thing's were going to get rough he felt and he needed somewhere new to stay.

On his walk, Brock saw Brittney again and she was chatting up a couple of football players in year 11.

Brock interrupted, and stopped the nonsense.

"You can't get friendly with those kind of people" said Brock.

"They seemed nice" said Brittney as she looked at Brock and what he had to say.

"Trust me, they're not" said Brock.

"Well, I can't hang around you can I?" said Brittney as she took off, leaving Brock standing there.

Tony walked past and saw Brock, and decided to talk to him about football.

"I'm willing to give you another chance" said Tony.

"There are other members on the team now however, so you won't be captain" said Tony.

"I'd really like to" said Brock as he smiled at Tony.

"Also, I hear Irene has kicked you out. You could stay at my place for a bit" said Tony.

"Sure" agreed Brock as he decided to stay with Tony.

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Brock's school work became an issue as he hasn't really focused on it recently.

"Brock Saunter, please report to Mr Bartlett's office" said the loud speaker. It was clear that Brock was in huge trouble for forgetting his assignement.

"Brock, I've been hearing you've had problem's in your family recently" asked Mr Bartlett.

"Yeah, Irene kicked me out and I now live with Tony Holden" said Brock.

"I've also noticed that you haven't been focusing in your work very well" added Mr Bartlett.

"I'll pick up, I promise" said Brock as he sat there.

"Now, go back to class" said Mr Bartlett as he showed Brock the door.

Brock hung around with Ruby, and talked about issues in class and out of school, but it was clear that they didn't see eye to eye at the moment.

"I have football practice soon" said Brock.

"We'll talk later?" asked Ruby.

"Yeah" replied Brock as he got up and raced down to the football field.

Brock saw a new football captain, who is also known as Aaron Hynes.

"So, Brock Saunter has returned to football?" asked Thomas, who was only a 10th grader.

"Yeah" replied Brock, and then out of the corner of his eye he noticed Ruby watching, but she wasn't watching him, she was watching Aaron.

Aaron raced down the field, his short brown hair being just noticeable as he dodged Brock's incoming tackle.

"You're good, but not good enough" said Aaron as he laughed at Brock's misfortune.

When Brock went off for lunch, Ruby totally ignored him, she was far too interested in Aaron.

And a school-play was coming up soon, so Brock entered but so did Aaron and Ruby.

"Come on, the school play is going to be aired on April the 23rd" yelled the English teacher for the 11th grade.

"It's only the third day of March" said Aaron as he mucked around a bit.

"Fine, we won't rush. But we need the practice, chop-chop!" said the English teacher as she clapped her hands.

Jai and Annie were also participating in the school-play, so it's obvious that everyone was in on it.

Ruby was staring at Aaron, and Brock got angry and snapped at Ruby.

"Why don't you just go and be with him?" asked Brock as he was getting very jealous.

"Fine, but we're over" said Ruby as she walked past Brock and went up to Aaron, clearly interested in him much more than Brock.

Brock's jealously drove him over the edge, because he decided to quit the play and football because of what just happened.

Aaron and Ruby were a great pair, and over the next few weeks, Brock became even more jealous, and it came to it's peak once the play came to air.

Brock, of course was sitting there in the audience and he saw Aaron doing the main part's of the story with Ruby and the kissed which made Brock very jealous and he came up with a plan that would lead to bloodshed.

After the play, Aaron stayed at Ruby's place, so Brock decided to go back to Tony's place and sleep it off.

When Brock woke up in the morning, he still felt very strongly about his plan, and confronted Aaron and Ruby on a date.

"You set this up" said Brock as he grabbed Aaron by the shirt, and pushed him against the wall.

"So what if I did?" said Aaron as he laughed in Brock's face.

Brock then let go of Aaron's shirt, and walked this one off. The bad thing about this is that Aaron and Aden are related, and he didn't want to upset that foul beast again, so he stayed as far away as possible.

The next day Brock decided that he should follow up with the other girl he saw called "Brittney" but he hadn't heard of her for ages, so he ventured back out into the bushes, and he saw her again.

"You can live with me" said Brock as he took the girl back to Tony's place to stay for the night.

The next day, Brock even helped Brittney get enrolled in Summer Bay High by insisting that she'd be a Grade A Student, so Mr Bartlett accepted.

Brock then saw Ruby and Aaron kissing, and Aaron was taking advantage of Ruby so he waited for Aaron to get off her, and he pushed Aaron into the ground.

"Come on" yelled Brock as he waited for Aaron to get off the ground.

Aaron got up, but decided to attack Brock by punching him in the eye, knocking him out cold.

"I had to defend myself" said Aaron as he raced off the scene, and let Brock sit there on the school ground's knocked out cold.

Miles Copeland later saw a near dead Brock laying on the football field in his school uniform, so he took him to the hospital.

Brock lay in a hospital bed, and it didn't look like he'd be waking up anytime soon, Ruby went to see him, and left him a letter saying she'd broke things off with Aaron because he'd been violent towards you.

Brock woke up two days later, and saw the letter. He didn't want to start a relationship anytime soon though, because all that's been happening is that he's been getting beat up.

Mr Bartlett also visited Brock.

"Hello there Brock, I'm here to inform you of your two week suspension" said Mr Bartlett as he talked to Brock.

"For..?" asked Brock as he clearly was very upset about this.

"Violence" replied Mr Bartlett.

Brock couldn't believe it. He's in more trouble than the guy that put him in hospital, things have been going very wrong for him.

Brock got out of the hospital in May, and decided to stay at Tony's place for the last week of the suspension.

"Irene said you could move back in with her, I advise you do" said Tony as he opened the door up for Brock.

"You're bags are packed, and ready to go" said Tony as he gave him his bag, and let him leave his house.

Irene didn't object to the idea of Brock staying at her house again, since he's probably learned his lesson from last time.

Brock didn't hesitate to unpacking his things, and sat in the room where Belle once lived, but she's moved into her own little house with Aden.

"Hey, you're back!" said Geoff as he smiled at Brock.

"Yeah, I've been having trouble at school, and Tony didn't want me to get upset and mopey over there so I'm back here" said Brock.

"It's great you're back here because we've let a girl named Brittney live here" said Geoff

"I know of her" said Brock as he had his arm's crossed.

"Yeah, she's a nice girl" replied Geoff.

"Anyways, I'll be out of here, cya" said Geoff as he left Brock at home.

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