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The New Badboy

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Story title: The New Badboy

Type of story: Undecided

Current Main Characters: Jai (Age 17, Year 11 Student), Annie (Age 17, Year 12 Student), Ruby (Age 18, Year 12 Student), Aaron (Age 18, Year 12 Student), Brock (Age 18, Hospital Clerk), And Patrick (Age 16, Year 10 Student).

Genre: Action/Adventure

BttB Rating: T

Does story include spoilers: No

Warnings: There may be a little violence, but other than that nothing to be concerned about.

Is story being proof read: Yes.

Summary: Jai joins the football team, but encounters a new enemy.

An accident leaves Matthew unconscious, and is near death.

Tony decides who's in, and who's out.

Aden's decision becomes apparent.

Aden's choice may lead to bloodshed.

It was around July of 2009, Jai had been thinking about joining the school's football team, but wasn't entirely sure if he should.

"Miles, I've been thinking of joining the school football team, do you think it's a good idea?" asked Jai.

"Yeah, I'm sure it will be fine. Just make sure you don't end up hurting yourself at practice" said Miles, as he sat down to drink his coffee he had just made.

Jai looked around the school, and saw a couple of posters telling him where to head to for tryouts.

"I guess I better do this, I'll make more friends anyways" and with that, Jai took off to the oval at the bottom of the school.

As soon as Jai arrived, he saw several 10th graders trying out, and they're all bigger than him, but once he saw Matthew, he was sure he'd be allowed to join the team.

Tony Holden was there ready to start tryouts, with Mister Barlett keeping an eye out for anyone hurting each other intentionally.

Jai was passed the ball by a team mate, and he passed it onto Matthew, who failed and crashed into the ground. Some tension happened, and a shove was given from Matthew.

"Quieten down and get on with the game!" yelled Tony Holden.

Matthew eventually scored a couple of points, and was officially good enough for the team. As was Jai.

The football captain also known as Brock Saunter wasn't impressed, and begged Tony to get Jai off the team.

"Tony, the last thing we need is a little kid on the team. We're already worse than other team's as is!" yelled Brock.

"Listen. He's going to be a good kid, you never know, I might make him captain" said Tony as he began to walk away, leaving Brock and his friends to talk amongst themselves.

Matthew was left out of their "clique", as he wasn't any fun, and constantly got bullied by Brock and the other team mates.

"That's it. I'm quitting football. You've won, I don't care anymore" said Matthew as he began to walk away from the other team mates.

"Jai, you've proven yourself to be cool, wanna hang out?" asked Brock with a big grin on his face.

"Uh, sure" agreed Jai as they all walked off to the cars.

Brock and his mates broke into Mr Bartlett's car, and told Jai to drive.

"Drive around a couple of times, do a burn out or two" insisted Brock as he stood back and watched Jai drive around for a bit.

Matthew was walking home, and then Jai hit him, knocking him out.

Brock and others took off, and left Jai behind to deal with his mess.

"Are you okay!" yelled out Jai as he helped Matthew up, and rushed him to the hospital.

"He's got a broken collar bone, and has broken an arm. But other than that, he'll be doing fine" said the doctor as he got Matthew ready for a bed to rest in.

The next day at school, Jai ran into Brock on his way to class, and they had a clash.

"You're not even supposed to be on our team" said Brock.

"Then how come I am?" asked Jai, as he started to get very angry.

"Because Tony Holden's a moron, and is just as stupid as you" said Brock, as he walked into his class.

After school, Jai went to see Roman, and told him about Brock.

"He's been crazy, I'm not sure what he's problem is with me" said Jai as he confessed to Roman.

"He's probably just upset that you're on his team, he wouldn't want someone smaller than him on there, they've lost because

of that recently" said Roman.

"You're talking about Brock Saunter?" asked Aden as he overheard the conversation.

"Yeah, he's been a real bugger lately" said Jai.

"I'll 'talk' to him later" said Aden as he took off out of the house.

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Brock was hanging around with his friends down at the diner, and they're all laughing and drinking.

"Haha, did you see the look on Jai's face? He's such a loser" said Brock as he gulped down more alcohol.

"Shut up, or you'll be the loser" said Aden as he confronted Brock.

"Haha, you're the one who got abused. Why should I listen to you?" asked Brock as he started to stand up to Aden, and got in his face.

"Because I'll make you listen" said Aden as he got ready to throw a punch at Brock.

"Come on, hit me. I'm sure your granddad would be listening from the sidelines" said Brock as he started to laugh with his mates, and gulp down more alcohol.

Aden suddenly just grabbed Brock, and hit him in the mouth, causing him to bleed.

Brock fell to the floor, unconscious, and unable to move.

"What have you done?" yelled Jai from afar as he saw what Aden had done.

Aden then did the wrong thing, and took off. He didn't need anymore trouble, and needed to clear his head.

Everyone left Brock behind, even his mates. Annie and Ruby found him on the ground, and decided to ring an ambulance for him.

"I wonder how long he's been unconscious for" asked Ruby, as she waited for the Ambulance people to arrive.

"I'd say a while. Nobody is around" said Annie as she saw the ambulance arrive.

They pulled out a stretcher, and Brock was taken to hospital.

"It's a good thing you called us when you did, or your friend would have been even worse off" said the ambulance driver as he helped Brock into the ambulance.

"He's not our friend. In fact, we despise him, we just don't want him to die" said Ruby as she saw the ambulance take off.

Aden was sitting at home, and he heard a loud bashing at the door. It was Brock's father, and he wasn't happy about Aden knocking him out.

"You better pray that Brock doesn't want me to do anything to you, or you're finished" said Brock's father as he left the house.

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Brock lay in bed at hospital, but Jai went to visit him.

"I'm sorry for all the tension between us, and I hope when you get better you can become a good player for the footy team" said Jai as he sat down in a chair next to Brock.

"You've got to be kidding me" said Brock.

"You're a piece of crap, just go away" said Brock as he started to get angry and yelled at Jai.

Jai got up and left the hospital. He decided not to hang around Brock anymore, and even decided to leave the football team.

Jai told Tony Holden the next day at school, and Tony was completely surprised.

"Sure you can leave, but we could just get rid of Brock. He's been an annoyance lately, and has been picking on most members" said Tony as he started up a conversation with Jai.

Brock's father decided to see Brock in hospital, and talked to him.

"How's your mouth?" asked Brock's father.

"It's okay" replied Brock as he sat up getting ready for a conversation.

"Has that Aden guy been annoying you lately?" asked his father.

"Nah, I just annoyed him. He shouldn't have hit me though" said Brock.

"I'll take care of him, don't worry" said Brock's father as he left the hospital.

Later that day, Aden was going for a walk down the beach, and Brock's father confronted him.

"So, you think you're big by bashing up my 16-year old son do you?" asked Brock's father as he got angry.

"He deserved it. He's been picking on Jai, and I just wanted him to stop" said Aden as he continued walking.

"That's not good enough. I'm going to have to bash you up, just like you did to my son" said Brock's father as he violently attacked Aden on the beach, and left him on the beach to suffer.

Brock was at school the next day, and just walked past Jai, saying nothing. But, Xavier grabbed him by the shirt, and pushed him against a locker.

"Leave Jai alone for good, not just today" said Xavier as he had Brock by the shirt.

"Eh, I don't think so" said Brock as he pushed Xavier off him.

"He's a lying scumbag who got me beat. This isn't going to end any time soon" said Brock as he kept walking.

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Brock walked down to the football field, with his spiked up blond hair and his sparkling blue eyes shining in the sun.

His mates followed him down for football practice, and Jai saw them arrive at the football field.

"So, you're here" said Brock as he saw Jai.

"Yeah, it's football practice" said Jai as he crossed his arms, and awaited Tony's arrival.

Matthew was on crouches, and managed to get down to the field and sit on a bench to see the game.

Tony arrived shortly after Matthew, but he wanted a word with Brock alone.

"Brock, you're dropped" said Tony firmly, and angrily"

"What? You can't drop the football captain, I'm the star of the team!" said Brock as he began to argue with Tony about losing his position on the team.

"Fine. Don't expect anyone else on the team to be very happy" said Brock as he walked off slowly with his bag, and made his way back to the change-rooms.

The game began after wards, and after a good game, Jai was named the new captain of the football team.

Matthew started to make his way back to the school, and made sure Jai didn't see him.

"You're going to have to go to the Gym a lot more now" said Tony as he patted Jai on the back.

"Yeah, I know. I just hope nothing happens from you dropped Brock" said Jai as he walked back up to the change-rooms with the other members of the team.

Annie found Aden hurt badly on the beach, and called an Ambulance.

"Aden Jefferies has been hurt badly, we'll need some assistance!" screamed Annie as she waited for a reply.

Shortly after, an Ambulance pulled up, and took Aden to hospital.

"He's been knocked out cold. Don't expect him to be awake for a couple of days at least" said the Ambulance driver as he loaded Aden into the back of the Ambulance and shortly after, took off into the distance.

"I hope he's okay" said Annie softly, as he watched the Ambulance race off to the hospital.

Jai started to use the Gym equipment, when he was confronted by Brock.

"You're really smug aren't you" said Brock as he intimidated Jai.

"You've made a wrong enemy, don't expect me to stop the torment anytime soon either" said Brock as he walked out, after using the equipment.

Tony saw Brock departing from the Gym, and decided to pay his father a visit.

Tony knocked on the door at 36 Jacobs Place, which is where Brock and his father lived.

"Who're you?" asked Brock's father as he slowly opened the door.

"I'm Brock's coach, I'm just informing you that Brock has been removed from the football team, and has lost all access to the gym. He's been a bully at football practice, and even continued to bully Jai at the gym" said Tony.

"Fine" said Brock's father as he slammed the door shut in Tony's face, surprising him greatly.

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Jai attended school the next day, to find Brock bullying another student for his school project.

"Can't you leave anyone alone?" asked Jai as he stood up to Brock.

"Seriously, you need to go and quieten off with your girlfriend "Annie", said Brock with a smug look on his face.

Brock then grabbed Jai by the shirt, and threw him against a couple of lockers.

"You're going to be in for a lot of suffering, if you don't shut up soon" said Brock as he slowly let Jai go, and walked off into the hallway where other students where.

In class, Brock was mucking around, and yelling things at the substitute teacher, causing him to leave to get Mr Bartlett.

Ruby then started to develop feelings for Brock, but decided to keep them to herself for now.

Before Mr Barlett came to see the class, Brock stopped mucking around and participated, and it was obvious that Jai was getting annoyed at Brock for being a nuisance.

As soon as Mr Bartlett inspected the class, he left. Shortly after, Brock confronted Jai in class and stole his books.

"Thanks for the homework" said Brock as he walked out of the class, and got on his bike, and left the school.

Jai tried to chase after Brock, but lost him shortly after he left the school.

Annie came up to Jai, and asked him what was going on.

"Brock's being a bully, and stole my books" said Jai.

"You really should stand up to him, because if he is anything like Aden Jefferies was, that's what you need to do to make him shut up" said Annie as she stood next to Jai, who had obviously lost his breath.

"I don't believe in fighting however, and he hasn't been physically attacking me" pointed out Jai as he began to walk back to school, brushing back his long black hair.

Jai saw Ruby sitting with Brock's mates, and knew something was wrong.

"You need to get away from them, they're trouble!" yelled Annie as she pulled Ruby away from Brock's friends.

"It's none of your business who I hang around with, I suggest you stop ruling my life" said Ruby as she walked away from Jai and Annie in disgust.

Jai and Annie visited Aden in hospital, and saw that he was in a critical condition.

"Is he going to be alright?" asked Jai.

"Only time is going to tell. At the moment, he's been doing alright, and he'll probably wake up soon" said the doctor at the hospital as he wrote down other things, and walked away.

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Aden awoke in hospital, and slowly made out the doctors face in front of him.

"Aden, are you awake?" asked the doctor as he asked Aden, concerned about any damage happening to him.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a bit sore and dizzy" replied Aden, as he held his head.

"Your girlfriend Belle has been coming in to see you several times, you sure are lucky" said the doctor as he talked to Aden.

"Yeah, she's been there with me through worse times though" said Aden as he sat up in the hospital bed.

"So, when do I leave?" added Aden as he asked the question.

"Um, probably in a couple of weeks. You've sustained quite a lot of injuries, and it would help us if you could remember who attacked you" said the doctor as he stood there, awaiting Aden's reply.

"I don't remember anything at the moment, actually" said Aden.

"That's normal, I'll come and see you in a couple of days once your memory comes back" said the doctor as he left the room, leaving Aden to rest.

Meanwhile, Brock wasn't seen at school at all.

"Where's Brock?" asked Ruby

"I don't know, or care" said Jai as he didn't show any sign of concern.

Brock was actually at the beach, in normal clothes because he'd be suspended for his recent aggressive behavior.

Miles saw Brock down at the beach, and decided to talk to him.

"Hey" said Miles as he waved to Brock, and began to approach him.

"What?" asked Brock as he turned around and saw Miles.

"You're not very happy are you?" asked Miles as he just stood there, with his arm's crossed waiting for a reply.

"Get lost" said Brock as he stormed off, angrily.

The next day at school, Brock turned up, and straight away began to bully Jai.

"You're just a hypocrite" said Brock as he towered over Jai.

"You're just a bully, all you've been doing ever since I joined the football team has been annoying me, and annoying my other friends" said Jai.

Matthew looked on, watching what was happening, but Brock decided to just walk off this time, and when he walked past Matthew, he didn't hesitate in giving him a bad comment.

"You're a little girl who walks away from a good football career" said Brock.

"You're even worse than Jai" said Brock as he continued to walk away with his pack of friends.

Tony Holden was at practice with the other team mates, when Matthew turned up.

"I'd like to be on the team again" said Matthew.

"Great! We've needed someone to replace Jai's old place anyways" said Tony as he told Matthew to join in on the game.

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Jai decided to finally end this all, and confront Brock, so he went down to the beach, where Brock hangs out.

Brock of course, was sitting around the beach, throwing a football around and chatting with his mates, but when Jai approached them, Brock decided to stand up to him.

"You're here?" laughed Brock as he began to stand up to Jai.

"Yeah, I've decided to finally stand up to you" said Jai as he got into Brock's face.

But Brock just laughed. He slowly walked away with his friends, and played football.

Jai knew that avenue wasn't going to work, and went back home.

Miles or course, asked Jai where he was.

"Where where you?"

"I went for a walk, and ran into Brock" said Jai.

"I think it's best you stay away from him, he's rude, and is generally a bully" said Miles as he sat down in front the T.V

Meanwhile, Aden remembered who attacked him at the hospital.

"I remember who attacked me, it was Nelson Saunter!" yelled Aden.

"Ah, he's been in here with injures to his hands, I'll ring the cops, and I'm sure something will happen" said the doctor.

Nelson was sitting around and come, complaining about money problems.

"I can't afford to stay here forever" said Nelson as he did the dishes.

Suddenly, a knock at the door was heard, and Nelson got up to answer it.

"Yes?" asked Nelson as he stood at the door.

"You're under arrest for brutal assault" said Jack Holden, as he arrested Nelson and put him into the back of the car.

Brock saw all of this happen, and decided to pack his bags and leave home, since he wouldn't be able to live there anymore, but on the way back, he got hit by a car and was knocked out.

Irene got out of the car, and saw Brock on the road, unconscious.

"I've got to get you to the hospital!" said Irene as she rushed Brock into the hospital, and waited for him to get a bed in there.

A couple of police officers decided to ask Irene questions about the accident, in case something happened that didn't fit the picture.

"Did you see who ran over Brock?" asked the first police officer.

"Y-Yeah. It was actually me" said Irene as she started to become worried.

"Great, we won't be arresting you however, because it was an accident, and Brock isn't dead. But, if he does end up dying by accident or something, you'll be arrested for Manslaughter" said the police as they both walked off.

Aden got up, and saw Brock in a hospital bed.

"Someone finally did a number on him" said Aden as he looked in on an unconscious Brock.

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Brock woke up, and decided to hightail it to the City, as he had no family around the Bay anymore.

Jai watched, as he saw Brock leave the Bay with cuts & scratches, but let him go.

"He'll learn a lesson or two if he leaves on his own" said Jai as he turned around to go to the Kiosk.

Everyone forgot about Brock, as he disappeared for 3 months, and was living life on the city streets, eating from every dollar someone gave him.

"Do you need some money?" asked a woman as she put her hand out.

"Y-Yeah, I'm so hungry and cold" said Brock as he quickly snatched the money out of the woman's hand, and took off.

Brock walked into a shop, and looked dirty and untidy.

"Get out of the shop, we don't serve the homeless" said the person at the counter.

Brock didn't say a word, he just left the shop and decided to go back and sleep on the streets, when Geoff walked past him, and recognized him.

"Do you need somewhere to crash for the night?" asked Geoff, as he helped Brock onto his feet.

"I'm doing fine, I'll be okay" said Brock as he started to slowly walk away from Geoff.

"I think you should just come and live with me, you look like you've been doing it rough" replied Geoff as he once again, approached Brock.

"Fine, I'll sleep at your house, wherever it is" said Brock as he started to follow Geoff into Geoff's car, and after that Geoff drove him back to Irene's house.

"Come on in, I'm sure everyone will understand why you're here" said Geoff as he helped Brock out of the car.

Geoff and Brock both walked into the house, and Irene greeted them.

"Who's your friend? Does he need help?" asked Irene.

"Yeah. He's going to crash here for the night, he's currently homeless and need somewhere to stay" said Geoff.

Annie then came out of her room, and freaked when she saw Brock standing in the house and next to Geoff.

"What are you doing letting that bully live here?" asked Annie as she got angry at Geoff.

"He's not really a bully. He's just homeless and needs somewhere to stay" replied Geoff.

"Fine, but he's out after tonight" said Annie as she stormed back into her room.

Brock just fell asleep on the coach, and Geoff fell asleep in his room.

The next day before everyone woke up, Brock was gone, and today was the last day of the holidays, since it's January 2010 in the bay.

Geoff once again saw Brock walking around, looking for somewhere to stay, when Geoff gave him a talk.

"Look, you can stay at my house again, this time it's permanent, I don't care how Annie reacts, that's the way it has to be" said Geoff as he walked off, letting Brock think things out at the beach.

Later that night, Brock came to the house and slept on the coach again, because he needed the sleep for the first day of school.

Irene woke him up for breakfast in the morning, and so Brock ate his and went off to change into his school uniform.

He then left to start walking to school, thinking about what the new day would be like.

Once he went into school again, Jai and Matthew approached him, and started to pick on him.

"Haha, you're homeless? I always thought your clothes where hand-me-downs" said Matthew as he started to laugh with Jai, but then Brock grabbed both of them by the shirt, and held them both against the lockers.

"You're both stupid. Just shut up, and mind your own business, I don't need anymore trouble" said Brock as he let them go, and walked off.

Brock, Jai and Ruby are in year 11 now, and Brock, Jai and Ruby where all in the same class.

Jai pulled a couple of pranks on Brock in class, but Brock ignored his payback and listened to the teacher. He needed to pass Year 11 for a better future and his ticket out of this mess, but then Jai pushed it too far and let off a fire-cracker in his ear, making him collapse in class.

"What have I done?" Jai asked himself as he tried to wake up Brock, but it didn't work.

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Brock was rushed to the Nurse's office, and was quickly allowed back into class, where he decided to start trouble with Jai.

"Come here dwarf, I'll show you a real fight" said Brock as he grabbed Jai and pushed him into chairs.

"Haha, you're not even a footy player anymore, I don't have to fear you" said Jai as he kept pushing Brock's buttons, but instead of hitting Jai, Brock decided to do this the smart way and sit down.

The teacher then gave the final lecture, and the class was dismissed, but the teacher wanted to see Jai and Brock after class.

"What's the problem guys?" asked the teacher as he offered both Brock and Jai a seat.

"Brock has been a bully towards me, and I'm sick of it" said Jai as he began to sit down in his seat.

"People change" replied Brock as he started to get a bit heated.

"I had a lot going on in my life, my father was an alcoholic loser who annoyed me all the time" said Brock.

Jai didn't respond, but instead just left the class, and shortly after Brock did too.

"If you're going to do what I did, don't. It's not the correct way to handle things" said Brock as he continued to walk down the school corridors.

That day, after school, Brock came home and sat on the coach.

"How was school?" asked Geoff as he sat next to Brock, trying to comfort him.

"It was horrible" answered Brock as he just started to cry.

"Yeah, first days are like that" said Geoff as he continued the conversation.

"Why does everyone hate me? I know I've made mistakes, but I'm trying to change" said Brock as he continued crying, and sobbed into some tissues.

"Give people some time. I know it was hard for Aden to change, and he's become a better man because of it" said Geoff as he sat next to Brock, offering him more tissues.

"My birthday has also gone past, it was back in November. I'm 17 years old now, school isn't just a time burner" said Brock as he just sat there crying.

"Everything is going to be alright, I'm sure everyone is eventually going to accept you" said Geoff.

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