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Brock decided to get back together with Ruby, she's been there for him for a long time and he needs all the support he can get.

Brock approached Ruby, and was just about to ask her out again when he saw Xavier kiss her. He knew he couldn't be with her so he just went off to look for Brittney.

He saw her sitting alone, but then a bunch of 10th graders approached her and she walked off with another 10th grader. Thing's for Brock where back to square one.

Jai and Annie saw Brock alone with no-one to hang around or talk with, so they offered him friendship.

"Hey, wanna be mates?" asked Jai.

"I thought both of you guys just wanted me to be expelled?" asked Brock as he crossed his arm's.

"Nah, you've changed. Hang around us for a while" said Jai.

Brock, Annie and Jai hung around each other for lunch, but Matthew decided to bully Jai.

"Haha go cry little baby!" said Matthew, but then Brock just looked at Matthew in a threatening manner and Matthew took off with a couple of his mates.

Brock then watched Xavier and Ruby leave the school while they both held hands. He knew something bad was going to happen, but he couldn't stop it.

While Jai and Annie where having lunch, Brock decided to study for his Year 11 final exam's in the Library, when he saw Mr Bartlett accept a bribe for the suspension he got.

Brock walked out, his cut's still visible from where Aaron hit him, and he confronted Mr Bartlett.

"So.. what was that about?" asked Brock as he waited for his reply.

"Aaron was just paying overdue Library books" said Mr Bartlett.

"How come it wasn't him, but it was his father then?" asked Brock as he once again, waited for Mr Bartlett's reply.

"They didn't want Aaron punished for something stupid" said Mr Bartlett.

"That wasn't stupid what he did to me. He assaulted me and nearly killed me!" yelled Brock as he got angry with Mr Bartlett.

Mr Bartlett just walked off and left Brock standing there, clearly angry with the situation.

Jai and Annie saw where Brock was, and decided to take him back with them to the tables where they were.

"You're going to need some time away from everyone else, aren't you?" asked Jai.

"Yeah, I have been having a couple of rough patches lately" said Brock.

Later that day, Brock discovered Mr Bartlett once again, this time he was accepting money from someone in a car.

Something wasn't right.

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Warning: Mild Drug references

Jai and Annie waited for Brock to turn up to school, but Brock came late and looked very worried.

"What's up?" asked Jai in a interested tone.

"Nothing" replied Brock as he crossed his arms.

"You're sure?" Jai asked again.

"Yeah" replied Brock as he walked off, and decided to study for exams.

Brittney, who was sneaking around the school noticed that Brock was alone, and probably single.

"Hey, want to hang out after-school?" asked Brittney, as she played with her long blond hair.

"Sure" replied Brock as he smiled back at Brittney.

But Ruby was looking on, and she wasn't very happy, she even planned to ruin their relationship just to get back with Brock and start over.

Mr Bartlett was seen around the school, and was talking to a student about something in private.

Brock looked on, and knew something wasn't right.

"I'll catch him" said Brock as he continued his way to the study hall.

"Half yearly exam's are coming up soon, as it's the 30th of May" said Mr Bartlett.

"They're being set in June this year" added Mr Bartlett.

Brock knew he would have trouble with them, as he hasn't been concentrating on school-work as much as he'd like to.

Mr Bartlett was then seen welcoming a new boy called "Roy".

Roy walked around the school, he looked like trouble and seemed to be very muscular and could look after himself.

Brock knew of Roy, but he couldn't remember where.

"Where did I meet that guy?" Brock asked himself as he tried to remember.

Brock was right, Roy was a typical school-yard bully, much like his old self.

He walked right up to Brock, and put his hand out. Brock didn't know what to do, and just shook his hand.

"Hey, I'm Roy, remember me from the city?" asked Roy.

"Not exactly" said Brock.

"You were homeless, I let you sleep in my car" said Roy.

Brock knew straight away who he was.

Roy was into drugs and and fighting others.

"I'm in year 11 just like you eh?" added Roy as he began to chuckle a bit.

"Cool" said Brock as he just looked away.

"So, you got somewhere I can live?" said Roy as he asked for a place to stay.

"Um, not exactly" said Brock.

"I'll be staying with you, mates forever" said Roy as he patted Brock on the back, and walked off.

A week passed, and things had been going smoothly for Brock and his friends.

Roy had been having a couple of late-night parties which upset Irene, and he even left a mess.

Aden confronted Roy, as Roy had been littering and partying outside his house and Belle was getting annoyed.

"Hey, quit the parties" said Aden as he crossed his arm's waiting for a reply.

"You could join us?" offered Roy as he handed Aden a beer.

"No thanks, just stop it" said Aden as he walked off, looking very annoyed.

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Roy has been partying a lot, and has been missing school due to hang-overs and stuff.

Brock saw Roy and his party mates, and confronted them.

"Look, can you please just stop the parties, I've been lagging behind in exams" said Brock.

"Sure, I'll just leave the bay" said Roy as he left with his mates. Brock knew he would be back, he wasn't the type of guy to just let things slide.

Brock concentrated really hard on his exam's and got a pass mark, things where looking up for Brock and the time was August, 2010.

"What did you get for your report?" asked Geoff.

"A passmark of 45/50" said Brock as he smiled back at Geoff.

"Great, keep up the good work" said Geoff.

Brock and Brittney were getting really close, and things started to develop further until Roy's return in September.

Roy turned up at school, and straight away went into Mr Bartlett's office. Something was fishy.

"You got them?" asked Mr Bartlett.

"Yeah" replied Roy as he passed Mr Bartlett a package and left his office.

Brock saw Roy leaving Mr Bartlett's office, and knew something even worse was going on, and he needed to get rid of Mr Bartlett sooner rather than later, otherwise things would be getting a lot worse than the present.

Brock knew Roy was a bad guy, and needed the money so he decided to ask him about the whole "Mr Bartlett" thing.

"What's been happening with Bartlett?" asked Brock as he confronted Roy at school.

"Nothing" replied Roy as he left where Brock was.

It was late at night in September when Roy was out with his mates drinking, but while he started to walk back to his house, he got run down by an unknown person.

Brock didn't care about Roy going dying, he didn't want anything to do with him, but he got accused of murder because of their recent arguments that were stated by Mr Bartlett.

It's obvious he's been starting to get on Brock's nerves, so something has to be proven about him.

The Case started in November, and Brock made his appeal "not-guilty". Mr Bartlett pointed out some fake assumptions and it was eventually decided by the judges that Brock would be sent to juvenile detention until the next year.

Brock wasn't happy, and wanted to figure out who set him up and why. At the moment though, Brock had to try and make friends with people in juvenile detention, but as soon as he turned 18 he'd be out. He's only got about 10 days to last in the detention centre, but even that's going to be near impossible.

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Brock found out that Mr Bartlett's car had marks from an impact on it, so he gave that in as his evidence.

It was enough to find Mr Bartlett guilty, and got Brock off the hook for good, so Brock was home free, and was allowed to go back and live with Irene and everyone he cared about, but first of all they needed a new Principal, but it wasn't going to be Miles or any other teacher on the current staff, it was going to be Sally Fletcher, who had returned and got her mind back to working.

Brock's holiday's where very quiet and the year 2011 approached with a bang. Brock was now 18, and would be going into year 12.

School resumed, and Brock returned. He saw Ruby hanging around her mates and the rest of the footballers for year 12. It was obvious she just wanted to make Brock jealous enough to dump Brittney and head for her, and it was working.

Brittney saw Brock, and tried to talk to him but he just walked past her and smiled at Ruby, who managed to attract Brock over to her with her good looks.

"Hey, I was wondering.." asked Brock

"Wondering what?" asked Ruby as she started to chuckle a bit at Brock.

The Year 12 footballer's laughed at Brock and walked off with Ruby. Brock knew it was too late to get Ruby, he'd had his chance and he'd just ruined his chances with Brittney. He's alone once again..

Annie and Jai don't even talk to Brock anymore, they're far too busy with their own lives. Brock needed friends, and needed them fast, so he approached a couple of other students and started up a conversation with them, but it didn't end good because all they all knew he had bullying tendencies and didn't need any of that right now.

Brock just thought about his tests, because that's what he was at school for, not making friends and having as much fun as possible.

Brock saw a couple of bullies though, and decided to stop them from picking on a smaller student.

"Leave them alone!" said Brock as he pushed one of the Year 11 students onto the ground, and looked angrily at the other one. They both split, and everything was resolved, but Sally saw everything and wanted a word with Brock later, but she didn't want him in trouble, she wanted to congratulate him for stopping a couple of troublemakers.

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Brock went out fishing later on, he needed to clear his head and get ready for his exams, when he heard screaming coming from a Caravan, and it sounded like a young male.

Brock saw a kid about to run away from home, he was about Brock's height, had outgrown brown hair, and slightly tanned skin.

Brock's medium length hair blew in the wind as he tried to stop the kid from leaving home.

"Look, you've got better things to do than leave" said Brock as he tried to prevent the kid from leaving home.

"You should see my father" said the kid as he just raced off. Brock knew something bad was about to happen, but he couldn't prevent it.

Brock saw the kid at school the next day, and insisted he knew his name.

"Patrick" replied the kid as he walked off without talking back.

"You're in year 10?" asked Brock, but he never got a reply as the kid never heard him.

Brock knew that football tryouts where out again soon, and the kid had similar anger problem's as what he did so the next time he saw him, he advised he should check out the footy field sometime.

"Look, you're perfect for football" said Brock.

"Fine, I'll go down soon" said Patrick.

February was probably the worst month of 2011, as Patrick found out football can be cruel and dangerous at the same time.

As Patrick went down to kick around the football for some practice, it got stolen by a player.

Patrick confronted most of the players, and eventually he came to Aaron Hynes.

"Give it back" said Patrick.

"It's just a game" said Aaron as he laughed with his mates and kept the ball with them.

"Give it back or I'll hurt you" said Patrick.

"Try me then" said Aaron as he stood up to Patrick.

Patrick walked right up into Aaron's face, and tried to intimidate him, Aaron's spiky dyed blond hair tasseled in the wind as he hit Patrick in the gut.

"Take my advice, stay away from the football field"

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Patrick decided not to take Aaron's advice, and stayed on the football field and attended practice every week, and every time he went to practice he encountered Aaron.

Aaron eventually pushed Patrick too far, and Patrick punched Aaron in the face on March the 17th, and the next day Patrick was suspended from school, so he stayed near the beach.

"Eh, so you're here tough guy" said Aaron as he came down in his school uniform with his other team mates.

"Nice swing" added Aaron as Patrick ignored the intimidating bully.

"Get lost" said Patrick as he turned away to get away from Aaron, and think about what he did.

Aaron and his mates still approached Patrick to bully him, and a couple of Aaron's mates smashed Patrick in the back of the head, and threw him into the bushes.

"Have a nice day" added Aaron as he walked off with his mates and left Patrick bleeding in the bushes, but he was still conscious.

Brock saw Patrick struggling to get up out of the bushes, and helped him up.

"You need to see a doctor" said Brock as he helped escort Patrick to a hospital.

"I don't need to see anybody" said Patrick as he ran away from Brock who just stood there wondering what happened to him.

Aaron was at the gym working out with his mates when Brock confronted him and held him against the wall.

"Leave Patrick alone or I'll make sure you never met me" said Brock as he slowly let Aaron go and walked away.

Aaron still didn't leave Patrick alone, and saw him nearly unconscious on the beach after he left the gym.

"You're still here?" asked Aaron sarcastically as he and his mates walked past, and gave him a shove.

Patrick fell down and had a fit, so Aaron bolted with his mates, and Brock saw Patrick on the ground and rang the cops.

"Come to the beach at Summer Bay, I've got someone who is badly injured and needs an ambulance" said Brock as he hung up his mobile and waited for the ambulance's arrival.

About 5 minutes later an ambulance arrived and took Patrick to hospital, something bad may have happened to his head so Brock tagged along.

Aaron's mates covered for him, and he went back to his normal state of life and kept playing football while Patrick was injured in hospital.

Brock knew that something wasn't right when Patrick woke up and thought he was in his old home, so he didn't hesitate to have a go at Aaron, who was in the same grade as him (Year 12).

Jai saw Aaron at school with his mates, and grabbed Aaron by the shirt and looked at him angrily.

"You are a bully, and I've had experiance with them. Leave Patrick alone or something bad will happen to you" said Jai in a threatening way.

"I'm not scared of ragdoll's" said Aaron as he pushed Jai off him and kept walking with his mates.

Brock came to school, but he didn't go Aaron because of his pack of mates.

Aden came to pick up Aaron for a trip somewhere, so Aaron left, and Brock's chance at stopping Aaron was ruined.

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No problem :)

Aaron arrived at school the next day and started to bully Patrick's sister who has also transferred to Summer Bay High, but she was only a 8th grader.

"Haha, hey loser" said Aaron as he walked up to Patrick's sister with his pack of mates.

"Go away bully" said Patrick's sister as she continued to pack away her locker.

"Ah, she's just a bit confused about what to do, she just wants a good chunk of you Justin" Aaron said to one of his mates called Justin, and they all just laughed at her.

Patrick's sister just walked off, and then Aaron walked off in the other direction with his mates.

Patrick and Jai hung out because Jai didn't want him to be a target of Aaron.

"Why me?" Patrick asked himself as he sat with Jai, but then Aaron approached Patrick and slapped a sticker on his back saying "I love my little sister", so everyone laughed at Patrick for no apparent reason making him feel worse.

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The time was June, and things were going just about right at school, and Mr Bartlett set up the "Year 12 elections". Annie decided to volunteer for the leader of Year 12, but Aaron and his mates stuck up their hands. Something bad was upon them, and they couldn't stop it from happening.

"He just wants to ruin everything around here" said Annie as she crossed her arms and got angry.

"Don't worry, I've got a plan. Aaron isn't really that smart, and is just a footy brain, I'm sure we could trick him out of the election" said Ruby confidently.

"Maybe, but he does have his ways" said Annie as she starred at Aaron, who was grinning at both of them with a cheeky smile.

Patrick was wandering the halls of the school, when he saw Aaron handing out posters for the election.

"Vote for me" said Aaron as he handed out pages to random students, and laughed at the very few students that didn't decide to vote for him.

"Hey, Patrick, I'm sorry for bullying you, want to do me a favor?" asked Aaron with a big grin.

"Uh, sure" replied Patrick.

"Mix the votes around and make sure I win" said Aaron as he continued to give out papers so people could vote for him.

Patrick went to the ballot box and mixed it around, but he got rid of all of Aaron's votes and put Annie's votes in.

Mr Bartlett held a ceremony eventually, and Aaron and Annie were both very eager for the results.

"The winner is... Annie!" said Mr Bartlett as he handed out the prize for the year 12 election, and she'd be running for two years since she was still in year 11.

"What? This is unfair!" said Aaron as he yelled at Mr Bartlett who just looked at Aaron.

"It's your fault, and I'll make sure you pay" said Aaron as he shoulder barged Patrick and walked off.

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