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The New Badboy

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It's been a couple of months, but Aaron hasn't been stopping the trouble. He's been bullying Patrick every chance he gets, and even blamed a spray painting prank on him.

Annie has been moved up to year 12 because of her election win, and she has been placed into Aaron's class at school, where Aaron and his mates never hesitate to bully her about her age and rigging the election.

But, a new Vice Principal has been decided, and it's actually "Eric Dalby". (Yes, it's Ric).

Eric decided to enter all the classrooms, and examined the students, Brock, Annie and Aaron where all in the same class, but Brock has been thinking about dropping out, because he has found a job in the city.

Aaron bullied Patrick around the corner, but Jai decided to stand up for him.

"Shut up and back off!" said Jai as he pushed Aaron, who was taller and stronger than him.

"How about you mind your own business?" said Aaron as he stood up to Jai, and then he didn't hesitate in making a smart remark about Patrick.

"Get a haircut mate, it's clouding the room. Jai, how about you help him out in the gym too?" said Aaron in a bullying tone, and he and his mates laughed at what he just said, but Jai punched Aaron, and Aaron hit the ground!

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Jai saw Aaron was getting up, so he just stood there waiting for his reaction, while Aaron's mates helped him up.

"You're going to get it" said Aaron as he stood up to Jai, but Jai pushed him and said "Don't bet on it".

Aaron and his mates prepared for a fight, but Mister Dalby came from around the corner, and asked if everything was alright.

"Everything is fine" said Aaron as he walked away with his mates, leaving Jai behind with Patrick who just stand there.

Aaron and his mates brought out spray cans, and sprayed up Jai and Patrick's locker, and when it came for the next class, Patrick and Jai saw that there locker had been sprayed.

"I'm sure it was that troublemaker Aaron who did this" said Jai.

"He won't leave anyone alone" added Patrick as he tried to rub off the grafiti, and then Aaron and his mates walked around the corner and leaned up against the locker on the other side of the corridor, and laughed.

Jai knew he did it for sure now, so he grabbed Aaron by the shirt and held him up against the lockers.

"Leave me, Patrick and Annie alone" said Jai.

"Make me" said Aaron as he pushed Jai off him, and walked off with his mates.

Brock has left school now, and has gotten a job in the city. He has scored a job in a hospital, and things are going fine between him and Ruby, as they've been in a relationship since August, and now it's September of 2011.

Aaron was at the Surf Club when Tony had a word to him about the selectors, and that they picked Patrick over him.

"What?" said Aaron as he put his hand through his spiked up dyed blond hair, and held his face.

"Yeah, he has more talent" replied Tony as he continued the talk.

"I don't want anymore trouble from you or you're cut" said Tony as he walked off leaving Aaron alone to think about what the future could be like for him.

Tony told Patrick the good news, and Patrick was over-joyed, but worried about what lengths Aaron would go to so he couldn't "make it" to the selectors meeting.

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Patrick played a good game of football with the other selected players, and made it onto the team, but a shove from behind shocked him.

Aaron was standing there with his mates, and decided to start a fight, so Aaron punched Patrick and he fell down and held his face, and while he wiped away the blood he got up and stood up to Aaron.

"Leave me alone" said Patrick as he stood up to an angry Aaron, but before anything else could happen, Tony interrupted and took Aaron and his mates off the field.

"You're dropped" said Tony as he talked to Aaron alone.

"You can't drop me, I've been on the team since last year" said Aaron as he tried to defend his place on the Summer Bay High Football team.

"You've learned how to control your anger better" said Tony as he walked off and left Aaron and his mates to "sulk" about being dropped, but Aaron wasn't going to let it stop there. He was going to continue to make Patrick's life harder.

Three weeks went past, and Brock has been doing a very good job at the hospital. He's been thinking of moving out of Irene's place, but she doesn't want it to happen, meanwhile, Patrick hasn't been bullied by Aaron since that incident and thinks everything is cool between them now, so he decides to approach him on the 27th of September.

"Hey" said Patrick as he waved at a seemingly changed Aaron, but Aaron didn't even acknowledge he was there and continued talking to his mates around him, and throwing a football around.

Patrick decided to walk away, but Aaron decided to bully him a bit, and pushed him when he was trying to walk away.

"So why'd you get me dropped?" asked Aaron as he prepared for a fight.

"I didn't, I just wanted you to ease up on me" said Patrick.

"Yeah, well I won't be selected for a football team" said Aaron as he looked into Patrick's eyes.

"Look, it wasn't my fault" said Patrick as he walked away.

"Yes it was" said Aaron as he pushed Patrick again, nearly making him fall over.

"And you're going to pay for getting me dropped" said Aaron as he and his mates all walked off with the football.

Patrick felt somewhat forlorn after that incident, like he had no friends. He couldn't even become friends with the people on his football team, so what hope does he have in making friends in the future? wondered Patrick as he stood back watching Aaron and his mates walk off.

Two months passed, and in that time nothing has been happening to Patrick at school, but he's been getting threatening letters sent to his house, and his dog has been missing for three weeks. Patrick knew this was Aaron's doing, and was about to face up to the bully at school in November.

Aaron was in class, when his teachers began to hand out worksheets, and then Aaron started to get dizzy suddenly, and fainted on the ground as he made his way to his desk. The teacher looked worried, and Annie looked at Aaron and knew he wasn't faking this. He was raced off to the hospital, but they were unsure of what made him so sick so fast.

Aaron's teacher did say he had been quiet recently, and that usually he was a troublemaker.

The ambulance workers then walked off and left the school.

Brock doesn't know if he's made the right decision about leaving school, so he'll be back to school next year. He's left work, and is sure he'll be able to pass school this time around.

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