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Great icons. I really like the use of b&w and colour in icons 2 and 10. Also great use of colourings, croppings and capturing of facial expressions in all your icons. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future batches of icons and experimentations with colour/b&w.

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Thankyou Mrs Baker and Rockstarr. :)

Some spoilers here, because some of the shots come from TWIP.

14)AdenandBelle.jpg 15)Charlie.jpg 16) GeoffandNicole.jpg 17)GeoffandNicole2.jpg

18)Nicole1.jpg 19)GNNN.jpg 20)tdrytrs_copy.jpg 21)Geoff.jpg

22)Geoff2.jpg 23)Jack.jpg 24)JackandMartha.jpg 25)Melody2.jpg 26)

27)fdggfgf.jpg 28)Melody1.jpg 29)Angelo.jpg

Some of the black ones, might come out a bit odd, my computer is genrally darker then it should be. :)

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