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Home And Away Has A New 7pm Competition

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Partial article http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/stor...5006014,00.html

Channel Nine puts Home Run against Biggest Loser, Home and Away

The Monday to Friday 7pm slot has emerged as the most crucial for commercial networks in 2009 and Nine is the last to announce its big hope for the spot. But the prime slot is likely to resemble pay TV lifestyle channels on Ten and Nine as the year progresses.

Nine will launch Home Run in February - which will be partially funded by advertisers - to take on Ten's The Biggest Loser, Seven's soap Home and Away and the ABC1 news from February.

Ten, in a big hole without Big Brother next year, has also announced reality competition Master Chef Australia will air from May at 7pm when The Biggest Loser ends.

I hope this just means the writers of Home and Away will just write even better storylines to keep people watching.

What is a storyline will make you keep watching? I think a huge bushfire like in 1995.

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Home and away will be fine up against SBS, ABC and Ten, not sure what Nine's new show is... However I'm sure it'll be nothing to fret about. H&A has either been 2nd or 1st this year in it's slot, so it's in no trouble as far as next year is concerned IMO.

However, why is this in the spoiler section?

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H&A will be fine. It always is.

Although the real question should be - will H&A win the drama category at the logies next year? i'm betting that Packed to The Rafters will be nominated in that catergory, and I think that might mean H&A won't win.

oh and YAY Biggest loser!! lol.

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Being in the UK I have no idea what Home Run or the Biggest Loser are! Can't imagine either news programmes beating H&A, as they are usually just full of depressing real news. Also don't think a cookery programme would beat it either.

A storyline that would keep me watching is something like a whodunnit, maybe a murder mystery, or a fire that is deliberately lit & there is a few candidates who it could be. I love playing detective like that :D

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I think the Biggest Loser is pretty popular, and Master Chef might be a surprise hit, but I wouldn't be worried about anything Nine has to offer. If it doesn't win ratings from established shows in the first two weeks of existence, it will be axed anyway. It doesn't look like it's offering anything new enough to draw people in straight away.

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