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Kate's bold return to TV

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Kate's bold return to TV

Sunday Herald

November 16 2008

KATE Ritchie's new TV role is a far cry from Sally Fletcher.

Ritchie, 30, is returning to our screens to play Judi Kane, the wife of slain 1970s standover man Les Kane, in the second series of Underbelly.

The Nova breakfast radio host, who left Home and Away this year, said her break from acting made her realise it was something she loved and missed.

Ritchie, who has moved in with her boyfriend, rugby league player Stuart Webb, welcomed the chance to play a factual character.

"I'm not sure what Judi is like, but I want to give a true representation, hopefully one that will make her pleased," she said.

Kane was the father of Trisha Kane, the wife of slain gangland figure, Jason Moran.

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How's that, aye? I loved the first series of Underbelly - Thought Les Hill ( Blake on Home and Away) did an amazing job and used to wish that Kate would have a chance to sink her teeth into something of that calibre. Hopefully her new role is of a fully fleshed character, full of foibles and centre stage.

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