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Girlfriend Nov 08

Guest Jen

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here are the scans :)




if you cant read the scans here's a typed version

So Indy, how are you spending your days now that home and away is over?

Im spending my days sleeping in.

Ooh that sounds nice.

It is very nice! I also just turned 18 a couple of months ago, so I've also been going out with friends and just having fun. It's great to just have some time off after four and a half years of really hectic scheduling.

How will you look back on your time on home and away?

Im really proud of my time on home and away. I mean, there were some tough times, but I have so many great memories and I just really learnt a lot. I was actually just talking to Rhys (Wakefield) about it the other day, and we were sort of walking down memory lane and talking about all the crazy storylines we did. It was really nostalgic.

Do you remember your first day on set?

Yes, I do! I was this little looser 12 year old who had been watching the show, and I saw all these characters like Alf, and I got so exited! I was nervous and scared, but it was good, though. They were all really welcoming.

How do you think you've changed since then?

Wow, a lot, I suppose! I grew up. I think the years from when your 12 to 17, a lot happens, regardless of weather I was on the show or not. I think I've just grown up and learnt a lot about myself. I dont really know what to compare it to since it's all I've known.

Whats in store next for you?

Well, im working with h2o at the end of the year, which means I have to start training for that soon-ish. And from there, im really not sure!

How did you get involved with h2o?

Well, I auditioned for it and then got offered the role! its really not that interesting a story, im sorry! They asked me if I'd be interested and I really wanted to do it.

Will it be a big change for you?

Yeah, its filmed on the Gold Coast, which means I have to move up there for six months. it will be the first time that I've lived out of home, so im a little worried about that. But it should be fine, now that I've turned 18, it's probably the right time for me to get a small taste of independence.

Have you hung out with the other girs from the h2o cast?

Yes, I have! I was with them yesterday actually. We had a tail fitting for my mermaid tail (laughs). Both girls are just lovely. So im really exited. We're all from Sydney so I think when we're there, we're all gonna hang out and cook each other dinner and stuff. Keep each other company in our little mermaid house (laughs).

have they given you any advice on what to expect?

Yeah, they did! The training is really daunting, to try and get the swimming strength up and everything, and so they were telling me about that and whats involved and what they had to do. it kinda involves training like athletes! Laps and laps in the pool.

Do you have any career goals?

Im definitely not like, "whatever happens, happens!" I dont know. I dont really wanna say too much in case i dont get there!

Any plans to go overseas like your former co-star, Isabel lucas?

Maybe! But I certainly dont wanna live in America right now. It's a bit too soon for me now. But I may do trips over there to see what it's like. I think thats the best plan for me now. You know, baby steps.

Indy's style file

How would you describe your style these days?

Um, It's pretty relaxed, I suppose. I guess my personal style and tastes kinda change as often as fashions change.

Are there any particular people or looks that are inspiring you at the moment?

Oh yeah. Sex and the city! im feeling very glamorous at the moment (laughs)! Sarah Jessica Parker and Sienna Miller are probably my favorite fashion inspirations right now.

Do you have any fool proof fashion tips that you live by?

Not really. I think as long as you mix it up and try different things, you'll be alright. Fashion changes all the time, so if you had one fool proof rule it'd probably just go out of style! it's good to be flexible.

What's your most prized item in your wardrobe at the moment?

My friend gave me a big chunky Mimco ring for my birthday and I just love it! I nearly lost it the other day and just cried! it was one of those thing where I thought I left it in the bathroom and then remembered it was in my bag, so it was okay.

Whats your current fashion obsession?

Ooh, Crochet! I recently got back from Bali with my friend, and it was really hot over there so I went nuts and brought heaps of crochet dresses that were really cheap. Unfortunatley, I have to wait for summer to hit here so that I can actually wear them. Hopfully the Gold Coast climate is good enough!

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It's sooooooooooooooooo coooooooool that Indi's had a tail fitting !!!!!!

MUCHLY can't wait to see that 1st pic of her in mermaid mode as Bella !!!!!!!!!

I want a tail fitting! It's interesting they have to do so much training but i guess wearing a tail when your swimming must be like having weights on your ankles. They've all got great figures-I can see it now an H20 exercise video, all you need is a tail and preferably the beautiful gold coast!

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I know three's been exercise videos by the likes olf Elle McPherson, but a h2o excercise vid [with Indi, Cariba & Phoebe as hosts] would be cooooooooooooool.

After all, the only exrcise type vid that I DO have is the one the Melissa George realeased around the tim that she left H&A !!!!

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Thats okay :)

yeah im looking forward to her on h2o aswell!! how fun would it be to have a fake mermaid tail & swim with the dolphins ect! she's lucky lol

it would be a fun job :D

heaps of h2o fans are really upset about her joining the cast :lol: becuase Claire Holt (Emma) wont be in the new season. I think Indiana is better though :P

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