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Bob Morley's love on board

Guest **Julie**

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Bob Morley's love on board

Herald Sun

September 04 2008

BOB Morley has discovered a passion while on the Gold Coast filming crime series The Strip.

The former Home and Away heartthrob is learning to surf and has cuts all over his feet as a result.

Morley was at a barbecue when he met world surfing champion Mick Fanning and the nearly equally credentialed Joel Parkinson.

"I was telling them I was surfing and been completely wiped out," he says.

" 'Do you guys surf?' " inquired Morley.

"Oh yeah, a bit," they replied modestly.

"When my friend told me who they were, I was completely embarrassed," Morley says.

Morley is playing Tony Moretti, a loud-mouthed and sex-obsessed young cop.

But when Confidential caught up with the 24-year-old on the Gold Coast set, we discovered, instead, a delightful, intelligent country boy.

"With Home and Away, when you are on TV three nights a week with your shirt off, people start to make assumptions," Morley says.

"It goes hand-in-hand with that tag of being a heartthrob. But I felt uncomfortable with that."

Born and raised in Kyneton, the youngest of four kids has remained modest and focused, despite a few years of "constantly-recognised-in-the-street" craziness.

"I am not really big in Kyneton," Morley says. "

Footy dominates Kyneton.

"It's funny, I went back there and all the guys in the local pub went: 'Oh yeah, your brother was such a good footballer'."

Morley, whose Mum Teresita is Filipina, remembers his ethnicity being an issue growing up.

"We were the only real Filipinos in Kyneton," he says. "It wasn't really anything severe, kids being kids. Looking back now I think: 'Wow, you were really picked on'."

Morley, whose romantic history has been media fodder, says he's not in a relationship.

"I am spending time discovering myself," he says.

"I don't feel I have to be in a relationship."

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Aw, he sounds so sweet :). Not like Drew at all :P

How cute, asking the world champ if he surfs hehe.

I feel extra bad for accidentally missing The Strip now... I WILL watch it next week!

The first episode can be downloaded for free from the official site! (http://channelnine.ninemsn.com.au/tvshow.aspx?sectionid=8924&sectionname=thestrip)

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Viv [as in, Ric's Viv] was in the show, working alongside Bob's character...I found it quite strange to watch! :P

Yeah! I saw that! I recognised her name,but I couldn't place her before I saw the show. I also found it quite strange because she was the reason (according to Ric) that all of the mess with RnM happend and they were some of his best friends ^^

I love Bob in this show, he has gotten rid of his curls, thank god, and he looks so hot with short hair!

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