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Dancing With The Stars Season 8 (Aus)

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So what did everyone think? I missed the first bit of it, but from I saw I thought Daniel McPherson did a pretty good job.

Toni Pearon impressed me as well, I was rather surprised. Same with Jodi. Loved the bit where she asked if she had keep dancing if he top fell down and her breasts were showing. :lol:

Luke :wub: I don't know who I'm going to vote for.

But what the hell where they thinking replacing Paul with Bruno. Not a fan of either, but I think I prefer Paul.

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Well, I kept getting confused between Paul the judge and Paul the footballer, and Paul the judge wasn't even there! So maybe that's why they replaced him. All the name confusion and such.

And yes, the breasts comment was rather funny. Nothing like a good conversation about flashing on family TV.

And Dan Mac is already less irritating than Daryl, so that's a definite plus. Looks like it could be an interesting series ...

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