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Hemsworth Brothers

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Yep, this is a pretty pointless thread, but I thought some die hard fans might appreciate the stroll down memory lane, while I just appreciate the sights :)

I've been over at Perfect Blend, rifling through their character profiles to find a picture of Josh, and lookit what I found:


Josh Taylor

Liam Hemsworth


John Carter/Nathan Tyson

Luke Hemsworth


Jamie Kane

Chris Hemsworth

Hehehehehe ^_^

It's weird to think that I probably saw Chris before he was Kim and don't even remember it. Weirder still to think that I actually paid attention to that John Carter character without realising who he was. To be fair, I'm sure I was very busy despising Riley at the time.

Now we wait for Luke and Liam to migrate over to H&A. Then they'll own the country... and once they follow Chris to LA, the world...

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I really can't get over how much the two look alike. Not to mention hot!

I know. It's convenient, isn't it :wub:? They even have the same mannerisms.

Yes, just slightly lonely in here. Nice of you to drop by! But I have plenty of pretty things to keep me amused :)

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Luke looked really odd in Neighbours this year with that moustache thing! :D He looked much better in Satisfaction but I couldn't possibly post the pictures here! :P

I don't remember Chris being in Neighbours. I may have to seek out the episode now just to see it!

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