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Buckton Appreciation

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I'm slowly warming up to Charlie, but with Ruby it was an instant love. She just fell into place in Summer Bay so natrually like she's been there forever. I think she's great and the conversations she has with Charlie and Geoff are funny.

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I love them both.

Ruby is really funny and even if she hasn't been in Summer Bay a really long time I already feel like she completely fits in. As much as I 'd be excited to see her in a big storyline of her own for now I don't that she is basically in the background dishing out advice.

While I didn't take to Charlie when she first arrived I have grown to like her alot. Not many characters would be able to be as understanding and mature as she is being in this situation with Roman/Jack/Martha.

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When I think about the Bucktons I forget about Ross and only remember the girls. I like Ross solely because of how happy he makes Morag but so far he hasn't really done much to make me like him on his own.

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