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Love Is Not Easy

Guest adelle4eva

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Story Title: Love is not easy

Type of story: Medium Fic

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, plus two new characters Ashley and Joshua.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: Yes for non-australian viewers

Summary: Belle and Aden have been dating for a couple of months and are very happy together. But what happens when another couple comes to the bay? Will they pair up to try and destroy what Belle and Aden have?

Chapter 1.

Belle`s room.

It was a brand new day for the resisdents of Summer Bay, but it was a brand new special day for Belle and Aden. That day was their 2 month anniversary ever since they started dating.

Belle lay their on her bed sleeping when all of a sudden her alarm clock went off, She quickly woke up and turned off a button to make it stop. She got up and sat on her bed thinking if Aden would like her present she was gonna give him later that day, Belle got up and looked around for the present and couldnt find it she started to panic, when she realised she to put it in her closet because Aden was coming over. Belle opended the closet and saw the watch all wrapped up. She smiled to herself as she picked it up holding it against her chest tightly she thought of when she first met Aden and how she hated him and how he-- BRING BRING Belle jumped up being shocked and quickly took her phone and read the

text message

good morning happy 2 month anniversary!

cant wait untill we exchage our gifts later

i gotta go to school but remember i love you.


Belle smiled and quickly got dressed and headed to work, The Pier Diner.


Are you sure about this?

Yes, Ashley, Now you got to do this remember it was the deal?

Fine,she said looking worried.

Now you are gonna go to Summer Bay and get with a guy whose already got a girlfriend and steal his heart untill he broke up with his current girlfriend then you break it!,the other said with excitment.

Why Summer Bay?,Ashley said.

I grew up there.


At The Pier Diner

Hi, Can I a have a bottle of water? Thanks , he said.

Sure, No problem ,Belle replied.Im Belle.

Im Joshua, he replied smiling.

Are you new here?, Belle asked

Excuse Me?

Ohh,Its just that Ive never seen you around here before.

Yeah, your right I just arrived today.I just past by and saw the beach and thought it wouldnt hurt giving here a try. Well,since Ive just arrived and need some company...Would you mind meeting and the beach at 7?

Sorry,Me and my boyfriend are celebrating our two-month anniversary, Belle said feeling guilty about rejecting a handsome man like Joshua.

Aw,okay,he said feeling a bit embrassed for asking.

We will just have to get rid of him then, He said laughing.

Mmm,She said nodding with a smile and walked off.

Looks like someone just gave me a project to work on ,he said to himself smiling and walking out.

Coming Up: What will Belle see in Adens room that will give her the shock of her life? Will it ruin her relationship with Aden? What does Ashley and Joshua have planned for Belle and Aden?

Hope you like it!

Comment please!!!!

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I like this fic, nice to see another Adelle fic out there for me to read and come home and enjoy.

I am interested to know what Aden could have planned that would ruin their relationship, hes such a silly boy sometimes---- unless its not something he has planned tho and she just sees its, but then that makes me worried... evil people trying to ruin relationships, go back to where you came from (only not because you need to write your great story for me to read XD)

update soon

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