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Steam and Sweat in Summer Bay

Guest Roccoluver

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Story Title: Steam and Sweat in Summer bay

Type of story: Medium Fic

Main Characters: New family, plus most of the cast

BTTB rating: T

Genre: General

Does story include spoilers: Outside of Oz and NZ maybe

Any warnings: will post before each chapter

Summary: The old forgotten railway line from Yabbie Creek to Summer Bay is brought in the hopes of turning it into a tourist attraction, but drama's lie around the corner... after all this is Summer Bay

"A railway line?"

Disbelief was evident in Ryan tone as he looked at his father, Paul. Paul was your average father, some what over 40, slight fat with a receeding hair line. Only most father's brought fast cool cars when they had a mid life crisis... not a railway line.

Paul stared back at Ryan, his teenage son was so different to him he sometimes wondered if Kerry had cheat on him. His son would be the tall, dark, mysterious stranger out of any romance book.. apart from his ginga hair. Flame red and gelled up, it certainly wasn't missable.

"Yes a railway line, you know what that is, right?"

Ryan faked a laugh before glaring at his father "Your so funny"

"I'm glad you think so" he replied smartly, grinning at Ryan annoyed glare. Lifting a pile of papers off the table top, he started to walk out of the garage they were in. Not that it was much of a garage, no car had ever stepped... drove a wheeel inside yet.

"Me and some mates are going to try and get the old line up and running as a hertiage touristy thingy, maybe you would like to give a hand. It would be a great father-son bonding session"

Ryan chuckled "Yeah... you want me to give up my social life to work on some abandon line from Summer Bay to the middle of nowhere..."

"If we try we could reach Yabbie Creek" his father interuppted, earning him another glare from Ryan

"As I was saying, yeah that sounds cool...not"

His father laughed and waited for Ryan to open the door to the house.

"What social life, when your not at school your working at the Petrol station" he mocked lighty.

Ryan stood on the door matt, his hand hovered over the door knob. He just huffed and flung the door open. Paul smiled as he walked inside and dumped the papers on the lounge coffee table.


"No probz" Ryan replied as he carried on into the kitchen. Paul flopped down on the sofa.

"Get us a beer woulda ya, but don't you dare touch the stuff"

"Of course not dad, I'm a good lil boy"

Paul rolled his eyes and used the remote to turn on the televison

"yeah right" he chuckled under his breath.

-hope you guys like it, not sure about this story :/

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Oh goodie! Another Roccoluver fiction to read. :D

I look forward to reading your fictions and you've made a wonderful start to this one. I can just picture a railway in the Bay. Keep up the wonderful work and I look forward to reading your next chapters. ;)

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Ryan rolled his eyes and forced back a smile as he saw Axel and Jai ride into BP Summer Bay on a scooter. Ditching the spray bottle and cleaning rag on the ground he walked over to pump 3 and tried to look as professional as he could.

"Hey there, do you wanna hand today?" he asked as Axel demounted the bike and took his helmet off. Axel grinned nervously at Ryan.

"Hey Rye, could you put like $6 in it"

"Of course dumbass, its my job" Ryan said jokingly, then checking to make sure no one had heard him.

"Yeah well, could you pay for it to?" Axel pleaded, Ryan sighed and made the mistake of turning to Jai who looked up at him hopefully.

"Okay, fine" he gave in, shoving the noozle into the petrol tank, Axel broke out into a smile and high-fived Jai causing Ryan to mutter some not very polite words under his breath.

"So Rye, pretty exciting stuff going onto tomorrow aye?"

"Like what?"

"The first day of S.B.S"

"S.B.S, isn't that a bank or something..."

Axel laughed, clearly thinking Ryan was joking "Come on, you know" he said "Summer Bay Steam"

"Oh no" Ryan begged, replacing the noozle "Not you too?"

"It'll be fun and cool" Axel argued "You, me and Jai.. like old times except not because we don't really have old times but thats why we're doing this... to make old times"

Jai, sitting quietly smiled and looked over to Ryan.

"Does he ever talk?" Ryan asked, casting a glance over Jai.

"When I need to" Jai replied, hopping onto the bike, followed by Axel, who then drove it off into the distance. The shift manager then ran out "Stop, they're driving off without paying!"

"Don't worry, they gave me the money" The shift manager decided not to ask questions as Ryan pulled out his eftpos card.


"Look at her, isn't she a beaut" Paul said, admiring the old 2-4-2 tank engine which sat forlorn in the dark and cluttered shed. Sasha looked down at her wedding ring before commenting.

"Darling, does it even go?"

"Not yet" Alf replied, stepping down from the cab "But won't be long will it Paul"

"No, not with you and Tony working on it" Paul answered, dusting off the number plates with his hand. He couldn't help smiling like a 8 year old in a candy shop.

"Did you manage to secure funding from the council?"

Alf nodded "Yeah, its not much for now as they review our case but we also got funding from Summer Bay Lions Club, BP Summer Bay and Beachside living"

"Nice" Paul replied as Sasha open a cupboard, finding what was more her thing. Clothes, tons of old uniforms and what you have's were stacked reasonably tidy in the cupboard.


'wazz up' the message box appear on Ryan's desk top, it was from Axel.

'nm aye, just tryin to find a more suitable way of sayin "our rolling stock consists of a non going steam engine and two worn out carriages plus a few wagons with no wheels'

'lol' was Axels replied.

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