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Love Against The Odds

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Story title: Love against the odds

Type of story:

Main Characters: Aden,Belle,Nicole,Roman,Tony,Geoff,Annie and Irene

Genre: Love

BttB Rating:


Spoilers: No

Summary: Aden and Belle fell for each other but would they admit it to themselves and each other.

Summer Bay High

Aden looked at his watch, 15 more minutes before school would be finished and he would be on his way to the diner. In his mind he pictured Belle. He thought she would never want somebody like him a bully who picked on people what would a wonderful girl see in him he thought to himself.


Belle glanced at the clock not long till Aden would be here she thought, his smile melted her heart and them eyes he just had to look at her and she would be weak at the knees. Belle thought Aden liked Nicole so she knew nothing would become of her thoughs.

"Belle are you ok" said Irene

Belle replied "I'm fine"

Aden walked into the diner and looked around he couldn't see her, yet the tones of Nicole he could here.

"Hi Aden, why don't you come and sit with with me" Nicole said

"I'm working" replied Aden.

Then he saw here, Belle looked so wonderful he thought to himself, as she looked and he smiled at her, she blushed god this boy is doing things to me nobody has ever done before she though.

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