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One Tree Hill Season 6!

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So iv been on the oth forums and here are some of the things we can expect from season 6!

Brooke gets robbed- From what we could see there was no one else in the store with her at the time. They first used sophia when the robber grabbed Brooke and motioned to throw her on the ground and she screamed. Then they cut and used the stunt to throw on the ground...but we never saw anyone else in the store with her, but that doesnt mena that there wasnt anyone else hidding in the back or something. Fom what it looked like Brooke really didn't have a chance to fight back cause she was on her way out when the guy barged in the front door an grabbed her.

She also throws herself into her work and something tells us its not because of Angie.

Brooke may have a sister, but this new girl Sam has something to do with her

They are also taking Brooke to a dark place this season

Sam is a student of Haleys whos in foster care and she steals a top from clothes over bros and her and brooke nearly fight lol but Victoria has some explaining to do regarding Sam

Nanny Carrie is back and Dans Alive!


Lucas APPARENTLY calls Peyton!!!!!


Psycho Derek is rumoured to be returning!!!

Thats all for now i will keep you posted i promise!!!

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This is one programme I never seemed to be able to remember to watch... or was interested in

But it came on after bigbrother the other day and I was so lazy that i couldn't be bothered getting up to get the channel changer, so i just watched it

and i was hooked..... Its very good

...its like american hollyoaks :P

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