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Hey, I'm a huge Instant star fan I'm just wondering if anyone else watches it!

I'm loving season 4 so far, gutted that it's the last tho.

Tommy and Jude are one of my all time favourite couples ever! I loved how it started in season one with the kiss on her birthday, but them he started to date Sadie. But then on her 17th birthday she had that moment with him and you just new that it was only a matter of time before they get together. :wub:

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I've been a fan ever since it started! :D

I hate Jude with Tommy. She's so intolerable when she's with him. Jude and Spiederman forever! :D Season 4 starts this week. I can't wait!

My favorite characters change from each season. In S1, I loved Jamie. In S2 I loved Patsy, Sadie, and Spiederman (my favorite season). In S3 I still loved Sadie and Spiederman, but I also started to like Jude more. I can't wait for S4 to play here. It starts this week!

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Your so lucky in the UK it doesn't get aired. I've got season 1-2 on dvd and all the CD's so far.

I have to either wait till it's out on DVD or pray someone uploads it to YouTube. So far the first 4 are up. I did love how Spiederman and Jude got together, it was very sweet, but you could see it wan't going to last long. but I'm a Jummy fan 100%. I'm not really sure which one is my favourite season as I love most of the episodes. I'll have to wait till I've seem the rest of S4 before I decide.

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Australian Nickelodean have announced that INSTANT STAR is not coming back here. It seems it's too "racy" for children in Australia. What a joke!

I just hope another channel picks it up. We've only seen seasons 1 & 2 here in Australia, although I do have the music CDs fromt he first two seasons and have access to YOU TUBE for dvds - it's just not the same.

POO POO Nickenlodean - you have no idea what children want or like.

By the way I'm the mother of two teenagers who love it as much as I do. IDIOTS!

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