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Australian TV soaps get set to sizzle

Guest Susan Kennedy

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from: thanks to alex from http://www.neighbourssource.com/

A BATTLE of the bombshells has emerged between television soaps Home and Away and Neighbours, with both programs recruiting glamorous models to add sex appeal to the long-running shows.

While former Miss Australia star Erin McNaught (Sienna Cammenti) and swimsuit babe Imogen Bailey (Neighbours' Vixan Nicola West) have begun spicing things up on Neighbours, Melbourne-born model Esther Anderson joins the sunny shores of Summer Bay from June 6, making sparks fly with a new sizzling romance.

As a long line of aspiring actresses weather rejection in the wings, these catwalk and commercial- dwelling beauties, who have little or no acting experience, are securing the sought-after roles.

Defending her position on Home and Away, Anderson, 29, said her former turn as a model shouldn't discredit her acting ability.

"For me modelling was just an avenue that got me into acting, I have always wanted to act," Anderson said.

"It got me into commercials and then I started getting speaking roles and you don't get those if you can't act.

"I think when I started on Home and Away a few people had concerns, but I have never been deterred that the model label would hinder me. If I am supposed to act I will and I am. They wouldn't have hired me otherwise."

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I think Jodi Gordons pretty good, always has been in my eyes, remember when she was paralysed in episode 4001 or when she was describing her Mothers tractor accident? Her performance gave me goosebumps! She has good range and is a very good character, which is more than I can say for her characters other half.

I don't really mind having an actress/ Model on the cast, Esther seems serious about this so I'm sure she'll try her best, she doesn't sound as if shes just doing it to heighten her bibliography, she wants to act :ph34r:

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