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The Last Train

Guest Liz

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I can't find much information about it, but does anybody remember a drama series on ITV in the late 90s called 'The Last Train'?

There were people on a train when the world exploded (or something similar) but they were frozen in time and woke up 50 years later.

It doesn't sound particularly fantastic with that synopsis, but I loved it. Does anybody have any recollections or opinions?

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I have the whole series recorded on tape from its first airing back in 1999 - it was brilliant and I'm shocked that its never been released on DVD.

Basically a group of people are on a train heading for Sheffield, just before they arrive they enter a tunnel and at that moment an asteroid hits the earth. One of the passengers is a young scientist, who knows about the impending impact and is on the way to ARK - a bunker somewhere up north. Anyways she's running severely late and the asteroid hits whilst the train is in the tunnel - the impact knocks a small cannister out of her bag and everyone in the carriage is immediately frozen - some cryogenic type fluid - they wake up what they think is not long after the impact and find Sheffield in a post-apocolyptic state.

It eventually transpires that they were frozen for about 50 years I think. The series just follows them on their journey to ARK to find out more

It really was a fantastic series but I do find that not a lot of people remember it! You've now made me want to dig the tapes out again....

Edit: OK I just found the Wiki article....could have saved that typing....never mind :P According to that it has now been released on DVD....but I think that is incorrect as its nowhere to be seen.... :huh:


Geeky Edit: Turns out I drove past ARK a couple of weeks ago....was an old power station near Doncaster....

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I'll always remember watching the episode where the woman with the two children died. My mum was on the phone to my auntie Sharon and she had to hang up because I was crying my eyes out, screaming, "Mummy, don't ever leave me!".

It was very sad, but very very good. :)

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