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Graphic Design Corporation

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What do you think about creating a Graphic Design Corporation basically it'll have to be a new company and we can built one if we have the money where we'll have loads of employees and sections like for:


CD Artwork


Anything really

Basically it will be a company where people will have to send in requests {this includes celebrities or people who work for them}

and they will have to request who does what this way we get to see each other in real life, and enjoy doing the work while chatting etc.

Does it sound like a good idea?

I mean we're going to need quite a big investment really but i need to see whether people like the idea.

Don't worry about it being a crazy dream, if you believe we can make it happen! :D

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Oh, thanks you three. :)

Yeah, i know sometimes it can seem like it's a bit too big of an idea but Carrie Underwood wrote a song about Crazy Dreams and i just thought that if you never have the dream then you're never going to really know whether you could make it come true or not.

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I thought I'd bring this topic back to the front page :) Sounds good...WOW! How you get these idea's is beyond me Aaron. LOL. So yeah back to this, sounds good, im in...very confused but in.

(Sorry everyone-i get carried away and keep babbling on!)


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