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Kate Ritchie - guest role on Neighbours - APRIL FOOL

Guest mrladippy

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Don't know if your trying to fool us but aparantly it is a april fools joke and she confirmed an hour later that its not happening, read on the neighbours board........ sorry, but good try.

As if she'd go on Neighbours anyway.. its the competition as far as H&A is concerned (if ya know what i mean). LOL.

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^ Seriously, here's the article


MEMO to Warwick Capper: Don't believe everything you hear. A stand at the SCG will not be named after you.

ABC Radio in Sydney today tried to convince listeners a stand at the SCG would honour the flamboyant former Sydney Swans player, who helped attract publicity for the AFL club's entry into the rugby league-mad city in the 1980s.

The idea was universally panned, until it was revealed it was an April Fool's joke.

It was just one of many media stunts this morning involving everyone from Kate Richie to the Sunrise team and of course, the Herald Sun.

This morning we had motorists (or at least some of them) believing our congestion woes were over with the Yarra to become a third freeway.

Others bought the claim that Herald Sun columnist Andrew Bolt was to announce his run for Federal Parliament, and was set to pitch his claim for former Treasurer Peter Costello's seat of Higgins.

Across at News.com a story about a Google application that can see into the future fooled some.

Around the web, newspaper sites had plenty of fun as they tried to dupe their readers.

The Mercury capitalised on fears about foxes in Tasmania, with "photo evidence" of the elusive pest.

And The Australian refused to miss out on the fun with a historian's guide to hoaxing.

Meanwhile, back on the airwaves it took a while for Melbourne ABC Radio breakfast host Red Symons to work out the Beijing Olympics weren't going to run the women's events two weeks after the men's.

Someone eventually told him it was an April Fool's joke.

Sneaky Kate Ritchie, whose final Home and Away episode after 20 years airs tonight, told listeners of Nova Radio's Merrick and Rosso program that she had signed up to guest star on rival soapie, Neighbours. Not happening.

MIX FM hosts and Dancing With The Stars identities Sonia Kruger and Todd McKenney acted suprised when it was announced during their 7.30am bulletin that Hugh Jackman would front the toe-tapping series this year, replacing Daryl Somers. Hear the audio on The Courier Mail website

And on TV, the Channel 7's Sunrise presenters played musical chairs.

Kochie was sports presenter and Mel read the news, while Mark Baretta and Natalie Barr played host? It was only for the day, and it didn't take long for viewers to work it out.

Richard Branson's Virgin Blue airline also got into the spirit of April Fool's day.

The discount airline ran ads in newspapers offering the "no chair fare" - half priced fares for passengers willing to stand for the duration of the flight.

Free calf massages are offered for flights longer than two hours long. The offer closes at 6pm today.

Overseas, Britain's The Independent reported celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay had vowed to ban swearing in all his eateries because of an Australian backlash to his bad language.

And back home several Australian bloggers covered research on how zebras will lose their stripes because of global warming.


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