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On The Road

Guest HeavenForbid

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Chapter 2

Martha was driving for over 2 hours now. She decided to call it a night and pulled into a motel. She went up to the reception. Behind the counter was a man.

“Can I rent out a room for the night?” she asked.

“Yes, $40, please.” the man told her.

Martha handed he $40 and he handed her a key.

“Room 12.” He said to her.

“Thank you.” Martha smiled.

She went over to her car and took out the bits and pieces she took with her. She turned the key and went into the room. The room was very small. There was a double bed with two bedside lockers and two table lamps on top of them. In one corner of the room there was a table with a small TV on it. There was a door that led into a small bathroom. Martha put her bags on the floor and went into the bathroom to wash her face. She went into the bedroom and turned on the TV. But there was no stations.

“Damn it!” Martha said and turned off the TV. “$40 and no stations! What a rip off!”

She went to her car and got out the newspaper she had been reading earlier that day.

Martha looked around. She began to hear noises.

“Hello?” Martha called.

She turned around. The wind was blowing in her face and her hair was beginning to cover her face. She could no longer see. She brushed her hair out of the walk and started to walk back to her room when suddenly she heard whispers coming from the bushes.

“She cant see us, mate! Relax!”

Martha began to get scared. Who was in the in bushes? She went to walk into her room when two men grabbed her from behind.

“Don’t say a word, b*tch!” one of the men snarled.

Tears started to roll down Martha’s face as the man grabbed Martha from behind.

“Johnny, there is a man walking down the street” the other man said.

Johnny dragged Martha in front of the car and forced her to bend down so the man that was walking past couldn’t see them. Dave stood at the car door.

“Dave! Get here now” Johnny whispered.

Dave went to go where Martha and Johnny were when the man walked past him. He didn‘t get the chance. He stayed at the car door.

“Everything okay, sir?” the man asked.

“Ye..Yes. Everything is fine, thanks” Dave said nervously.

“You seem nervous. Are you sure?” the man asked.

“Yes, I am.” Dave said faking a smile.

Martha knew if the man left, she would be in great danger. What did these men want? Who were them? Martha stuck her leg out at the corner of the car in hope the man would see.

“Well, then. I better go.” The man said. He turned at Dave but at the corner of his eye he could see Martha’s leg. He went to walk up to the front of the car.

“Wha…What are you doing?” Dave asked and stood out in front of him.

“Just having a look at your car, sir. Is that okay? it’s a pretty sweet car, I must say” The man laughed.

“Yeah, it is.” Dave said. He didn’t know what to say.

“Step away from the car, sir” the man ordered.

Dave moved out of his way and moves aside away from the car. The man walked around the front of the car and found Martha and Johnny. Johnny had a tight grip on Martha’s month and Martha looked terrified. The man took a gun out of his pocket and took out an id card. He was a policeman.

“You are under arrest.” the man said.

Johnny let go of Martha. Martha jumped up and started to cry. The policeman took out his mobile and called for some back up. Within minutes, he had the two men in hand cuffs. Martha had went into her room and locked the door. They could here her crying. Backup arrived and the two man were arrested and taken away. The man walked to Martha’s room. He knocked on the door.

“Ma‘am, can you let me in please?” he asked

Martha opened the door and he walked in. She sat on the bed and he sat beside her.

“Thank you” she said.

“I‘m an officer of the law. Its my job.” he smiled “Would you like me to call someone?”

“No, I‘ll be okay” Martha replied. “No family nearby anyway”

“I need to ask you a few questions about those two men. And we will need to keep in contact for a few days. Do you have a number?” He said.

“What about them? I don’t know them! I‘ve never seen them before. Ye…I have my mobile number.” Martha explained. She stood up, grabbed a piece of paper, wrote down her mobile number and handed it to him.

“We need to know what happened.” The officer told her as he took the paper off her.

“I went to my car and when I was making my way back to the room, the two men came from the brushes. I don’t know what they were going to do to me.” Martha answered.

“You have no idea if it was planned?” he asked

“What do you mean? Like someone arranged for those men to attack me?” Martha asked stunned.

“Yes. That is what I mean.” he replied taking notes.

“No, I wouldn’t say so. I mean, I left my ex today but he doesn’t have any idea where I‘m heading.” Martha explained.

“Hm…We are going to have to look into this, … Sorry. I didn’t catch your name” he laughed

“Martha…Martha McKenzie” she replied.

“Okay, Martha. We will need you to stick around for a few days.” he said “Here is my number if you need to get in contact with us. Ask for Constable Holden. Jack Holden. I will be calling you anyway tomorrow to fill you in.”

“Thank you Jack.” Martha smiled.

Jack got up and left Martha’s room. She was still in shock of what happened. What Jack said made her think. Did Jeff somehow know where she was heading and wanted to stop her? Or was it someone to do with the other secrets she thought she had buried away forever but were coming back to haunt her?

Preview: Was the attack on Martha planned? How will Jack end up on the road with Martha?

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