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  1. You didn't see what we saw in you, the amazing person you were! the loving, kind, friendly, happy girl we all saw.

    I miss you every day Maddie, but you will never be forgotten!

    You are at peace now, and flying free with the wind.

    Love always and forever,



  2. so I've just read through this whole thing and its amazing. The way you describe Belle and Matilda's feelings is just so beautiful, and how you've gradually bought Aden, Lucas, Cassie and Ric back into the fic, there arn't many of those around atm, mostly Adelle, although Im not complaining its great so see something different I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take this fic, and I noticed that in your signature, you are resuming "Just a flicker of hope" I will certainly be reading it!
  3. OMG I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO using this one, please and thanks
  4. ~Maddie~

    Support Group

    so I'm back... I ended up relapsing and I went back to rehab... I also found out my mum and dad are splitting up because dad's found a new woman in his life... after so long of being absent I was finally aloud to be released and start my life over Hopefully, it'll be better this time
  5. ~Maddie~

    Support Group

    Thankyou, my dad will be home tomorrow which I am so happy about, I am feeling anxious about Christmas day I am just about to post a picture in the 'post your picture' thread so you can see me
  6. ~Maddie~

    Support Group

    I'm feeling a little better thanks Mum took me on a shopping spree the other day and bought me heaps of stuff, I think she is feeling bad that she has been spending so little time with me. So I got heaps of new Summer Gear and new shoes and sunnies and lots of jewelery. I'm still feeling a little body concious, yesterday was a bad day, I could barely eat without wanting to run to the toilet or I'll sit there and count the calories of the food. And I think my OCD is coming back, today I counted how many calories were in the food I ate and then figured out how much excercise I'd have to do before I could get rid of it
  7. ~Maddie~

    Support Group

    Thanks You sound lovely as well Well I must head off, mum is calling, probably wants to go shopping again :rollseyes: Thanks for the chat
  8. I thought I would start a thread for Mattie Hunter, because I didn't notice a thread on here for her. What in your opinion was her best storyline? For me it was her burns/bulimia storyline, her portrayel of that made my heart melt, it was so real!
  9. ~Maddie~

    Support Group

    Yeah I do feel like that, sometimes if my mum ignores me I get really down, or some days I'll just wake up and struggle to get out of bed. Thanks, yeah 6 months is good but 3 months of that was spent in hospital, with me abusing the staff who were trying to help me and finally coming to terms with what was happening and the effect it had on mum and dad, thats when I began to get help, and when I left I was given a councellor to talk to when we travelled around the world so I could ring him whenever I was feeling down, which at the start was quiet often. But slowly I began to feel better about myself and there were days where I was very confident, but other days I just wasn't and I struggled so much. Nut since that day at Mcdonald's I've just been feeling worse and worse about myself!
  10. ~Maddie~

    Support Group

    its ok, I feel better just talking about it, getting it out there! I know I'm bound to relapses and so does mum and dad, I've had this for 3 years now but I cant seem to steer away from it and as much as I want to, it's just so hard, sure I'll ahve my good days, sometimes I'll have great days but there are times when I just want to crawl in a black hole and stay there.
  11. ~Maddie~

    Support Group

    No none of my friends live in WA anymore, they all moved away and because dad travels so much, we are usually with him. I've been to so many places in the last year its not funny, france/paris, italy, Germany, USSR/Russia, Ugaslavia and some places that I cant even pronouce the names of, and it makes it harder because All of my friends go to Uni or College and some have even moved out of the country. Dad is going to be away for another week yet, he'll be back christmas eve and leave's again boxing day to head back to America where he'll stay for 2 months. I hardly ever get to see him because he works so god damn much
  12. ~Maddie~

    Support Group

    Thanks guys I've been having such a hard time, I'm still seeing my councellor but he doesn't really know what it's like unless he's done it, which he hasn't. Since that day I've been so down, I'll count how much I eat and everything and dad is in africa atm and mum is so busy with work that I dont think she has even realised how down I am. I feel as though, once again I cant control it and its eating away at me, I'm just so depressed!
  13. I dont know where to go about this I want to change my user name from what it is now to my name! Where do I go to do this?
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