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Regina's backround

Regina Lutz is an orphan who was dumped at a yabbie creek toilet block by her 16 year old prostitute mother and came to summer bay when Matlda and Lucas first broke up back in 2005 and Lucas used her to make Matilda jelous before Lee came along. She also became really good friends with Ryan. She then moved on with Rocco about a year later and stayed with him and then was devestated when he died. After that Lucas and her became really close and started a relationship before Lucas went to the writers and met Naomi. After Tony slept with her Regina was there to comfort him but he chose Lisa over her leading her to become distant to him. When Lucas wanted to start an actual relationship she told him she was sick of him and said she was better off alone. Shen then became Henk's next target trying to have sex with her while he was drunk but she was able to fight him off and get away but kept it quiet because Cassie was too happy and she didn't want to spoil that.

Regina has dirty blonde hair, deep blue eyes, meduim build, long legs and is very sweet.

story will begin soon.

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Story Title: REGINA

Story description: drama

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Regina / locals

BTTB rating: A

Does story include spoilers: no

Is story being proof read: no

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

Summary: 5Regina has been in town for a couple of years and has always been the good girl next door until now.


"Hey" Matilda said sitting next to Regina at school.

"Seen Jihhny yet?" she asked

"Why would i see Johnny?" Regina said frowning and thinking maybe Matilda thinks their in kahootz or something.

"Just thought maybe he's been outside your house like Sally's before he stabbed her" Matilda replied

"Gee Mattie that make me feel so great" Regina said giving her a slight shove

"You coming to the diner for lunch?"

"Um no, i've made plans"

"With who?"

She smiled

"Never you mind"

They started to walk out the gate

"It's not Aden is it because i know he likes you"

"Relax it's not Aden ok, now i gotta go"


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In line with the rules for fanfics we'd appreciate it if you'd take 5 minutes to fill out the following form:

Story Title: Give it a name, any name we can edit it later

Story description: main characters

Type of story: long fic/ short fic

Main Characters:

BTTB rating: see official ratings guidance

Does story include spoilers: yes/no

Is story being proof read: yes/ no by who?

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

Summary: 5 lines max

Thanks :)

Eli, moderator.

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Regina parked her car and got out

"Could you make this place any harder to find?" she asked poking her head in the window of another car.

"I just don't want her to find out"

"She wont"

The guy paused

"Were you followed" he asked

"Mattie was asking questions, nut i manged to work my way out of it, now she thinks i'm meeting Aden"


"That's what i though. Apparently he has a huge crush on me or something"

The guys phone beeped

"She needs me i gotta she needs me" Jack said as he put his head out the window and kissed her.

"Yeah couse she does"Regina repiled

"I love you" he as he drove away


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"Hey" Regina shouted to Ric coming out of the water in a skimpy black bikini

"What's up" Ric asked

"Not much, the usual. What about you"

"Meeting Viv" Ric told her

"Does Mattie know?"

"Yeah she said i should meet her"

"Hello Ric" Viv called

"Mum" Regina cut him off when he was about to say something.

"Huh?" Ric said

"Vivian Work, this bitch is my mother" she said punching Viv in the face.

"What?" Ric said pulling her away from Viv"

"Look i was 16 or whatever i couldn't raise a child"

"So you left her, what make me think you wont do the sam with this one" Ric told her.

"C'mon i'll take you home" Ric told Regina as h put his arm around her.

"I don't ever want to see you near her"


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