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i have too many faves but just to name a few:

Sally telling dodge that milco doesnt exist :(

Colleen - all the time :rolleyes:

Alf flamin hell/galah :lol:

Brad: Pippa lost teddy, Pippa found teddy, pippa dropped teddy in the bath, now teddys hanging on the line :lol:

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I still remember Alf's "knife in the back" comment to Ailsa from all those years ago... Also Morag made some crack years ago about "some women should not be allowed to conceive"- referring to Colleen, naturally- which was kinda ironic considering her own situation.. Nowadays I guess Colleen, Morag and Irene are probably given some of the best lines.

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OMG Alf said this one line to Gypsy that made me hysterical lol .

Gypsy was being stalked and Alf goes about the guy: " so he has a few kangaroos loose in the upstairs paddock"

LMAO that was hilarious!!!!!!!

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