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Lost Without You

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Hey Guys!

Well... I don't know if anyone wants me to carry on with this but I'll post this chapterand take it from there

This chapter is boring, the exciting stuff kicks off in the next chapter, well I think it does!

Knowing me i probably said I would update soon (And that was in Feb :lol: ) But I've had exams and stuff so anyway...

Oh and the writing improves in the next chapter

Comments appreciated

Also I cant remember giving Martha a Last name... But her last name is McKenzie (From now on)

Chapter 4 (I think)


“Martha... Martha”

“Huh... What...” Martha opened her eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the blinding sunlight seeping through the open window. Rolling back over and digging her face under the covers she let out a loud sigh.

“Martha....” There was a loud knocking on her door.

“Come in...” she peeped over from the covers and watched as her aunt entered. Morag smiled at her and sat on the bed next to her.

“There’s some breakfast downstairs if your hungry. If you want to get up and dressed we need to go to the police today about Alfred.” Morag smiled at Martha and gently rubbed her arm.

“Yeh alright I’ll get up now, and thanks for the offer but im really not at all that hungry!”

“Ok, well if you change your mind, its always down there, now I will leave you to get dressed if you need anything just give me a shout!


Martha watched as her aunt left the room and she pulled herself out the bed and headed to the shower.



“Granddaddy I made you a picture....” Martha jumped into her grandfather’s arms as he came to pick her up from Pre School. Alf took the picture from her and smiled

“Ohh its lovely cutie let me guess... that’s you and that’s me and that’s mummy and daddy?” Alf pointed to various childish drawings and smiled. Alf placed Martha back onto the ground and held the picture up to have a better look at it.

“Yes... but its for you, not for mummy and daddy!” Martha took Alfs hand and they started to walk along the sandy path next to the beach on there way home. “Are they going to come back and live with us soon Granddaddy?”

“I don’t know... Daddy wants to live in the city, because his work is there... you’ll see them soon! Do you miss them?”

Martha paused and looked up and Alf. Alf smiled looking down at the beautiful 4 year old staring up at him, she was silent while she just stood there looking up at him.

“Only sometimes. Not really!” Martha gripped Alf’s hand tighter and skipped along pulling Alf with her

End Of flashback


Having got dressed and showered Martha made her way down to the kitchen and sat at the table.

“Dear god, are you ok love...? You look a bit pale”

“Yeh im fine, I was just thinking about Granddad and when I was little. I keep having these; well there like flashbacks I think, of all the tings we used to do together. I miss him so much!” She wiped away the stray tear from her right check, she knew she had to stay strong, if she didn’t she wouldn’t be able to stop the tears.

“He did everything for me you know; I had the best years of my life with him. When I think about it, it just makes me realise how little mum and dad for me! It was always granddad that I would go to when I was upset, or hurt myself”

“Oh Martha he’s alright im sure he is! He’s a tough cookie, just like you and me!” Morag rubbed Martha’s shoulder gently, trying to comfort her.

“But what if he isn’t... I can’t help but think there is something wrong! I know I should be thinking positively but I just... I can’t.” And with that she broke down until Morag pulled her into a comforting hug.


Martha dragged her feet along the gravel path leading to the police station. She was reluctant to go, deep down she knew something was wrong, and if she was being honest with herself, she didn’t know if she wanted to find out what was going on.

Morag, walking up to the front desk rang impatiently on the bell waiting for someone to come and deal with them. A tall dark haired middle-aged man appeared from under the desk.

“Hi I’m sorry I dropped my pen! How can I help you?” he moved some of the paper off the reception desk and sat down.

“Im here to report a missing person, I’d like to talk to Peter Baker if he’s around?”

“No can do at the moment im afraid. He’s out on a call. Your welcome to sit and wait or you can talk to sergeant McGrath.”

“The latter will do. Martha come on, let’s get this sorted out”

Morag followed the young constable through to the sergeants office where the constable left them and got back to his work.

“Morag Bellingham its been a long time. Have a seat” McGrath pointed to two of the 3 empty seats

“Unfortunately this is not a social visit, I’m here about Alfred, I trust you remember him? This is my niece Martha, did you ever meet her?” McGrath smiled at Martha

“Of course I remember, but you have grown up a lot since I last saw you! And yes I do remember Alf, but I was told he moved to the city to live with his daughter and family. I was at his farewell drinks.” McGrath looked to Morag and then Martha.

“Yes everyone did... no one questioned it, it was perfectly normal a daughter wanting her father to come and live with her. The fact of the matter is that he didn’t. Alfred was supposed to be going to live with Martha and her parents, the last time Martha saw him was when she left the bay aged 8.” Morag looked to Martha seeing she was getting upset again took her hand and squeezed it. “You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound dodgy to you, the other thing is Alfred and myself had a huge argument before he left I didn’t even say bye to him. When I tried to find him I rang Roo and apparently he had taken Martha to the shops and she said to ring back the next day. I tried the next day, but there was no answer and once I tried again a woman answered and said the Macklin’s didn’t live there anymore.”

McGrath looked to Martha who was trying to fight back the tears “So you haven’t seen him since you were 8? Look Martha I know you’ve probably been through this story a numerous amount of times and I know its hard I need you to go through the story just once more.”


The next 20 minutes were spent with Martha giving a formal statement so they could get the ball rolling on finding Alf.

“Right well that’s it for now” McGrath finished putting some papers into his filing cabinet “I would just like to introduce you to someone…. HOLDEN”

“Yes Sir” the police officer that had greeted them stood in the doorway

“Constable Holden this is Morag Bellingham and Martha McKenzie, Morag Martha this is Constable Tony Holden. Constable Holden will keep you updated on this case whenever we have any new leads


And you all thought it would be Jacky! :P She Will meet Jacky but when?

Whos knows?... Nobody Knows... Not Even Me! :P


  • Does Somebody Know Something About Alfred?
    Who Does Martha Run (Literally) Into?

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Morag Martha this is Constable Tony Holden.

Omg! :lol:

I'm just imagining Tony in a policemans hat! Its a funny image :P

I thought this was non-existent lol.

Bravo to you Siany for carrying on with it!

But wheres Alfred? :huh:

And ugh! Dont let Martha fall for Tonys charms Sianypoo! We all know how she loves a man in uniform :wink:

Annnyyhooo! Update soon =]

Ps, I love how Martha used to call Alf 'granddaddy' hehe, thats so cute ^_^

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I had to read the previous chapter because I couldn't remember what had happened before? :)

What happened to Alf? :unsure: I really hope he's alright.

Martha was so cute when she was 4. :D

:o Tony is a constable! Martha can't fall for him. <_<

More please.

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Thanks guys!

originally this was 2 chapters but im very bored of these chapters that i wanted to start posting the interesting stuff so i put them together.

theres 2 flashbacks here and the second one will be explained later in the fic

The *** Mean Flashback and The ______ Mean change of scene

Enjoy x

Oh and this may contain some stuff unsutiable for younger readers (Its just Brett being horrible to Martha again)


Chapter 5

Creeping further and further each time the body of blue before her sent ripples of glistening water lapping calmly across the shore. It was mesmerising to say the least. Sat here it was as if the gentle sea breeze had one sole purpose in a persons life; to carry all a person worries away. To give a person time to think, time to reflect.

Oblivious to everything around her, she sat staring out to the horizon reflecting on the days events. It had been so hard on her, having to talk about it when really she knew nothing about where he was. The people they needed to talk to were her parents; parents who she had learnt to despise parents, who had made her life a living hell for as long as she could remember. When she sat and thought, and actually for once had time to think about it, she knew, deep down her father knew something about it, he had always been so on edge whenever she asked about him or anyone back in Summer Bay to be honest. It was as if the place held memories for her father, memories it seamed to her he would rather forget about. Just thinking of what her father was capable of made her sick to the very core. He was a nasty vindictive evil man.

She had been so wrapped up in her own little world she had failed to notice her name being called 3 times, she’s even failed to recognize the presence of a person sit themselves down next to her.

“Martha…Martha” Tasha nudged Martha gently in the side, snapping swiftly out of her daydream she gave Tasha a small emotionless smile. “Mac… I’ve been so worried, everyone has. Morag said she hadn’t seen you since you left the police station and that you were upset. We’d thought you’d done something stupid!”

Martha let out a small laugh “I wouldn’t do anything like that! You don’t need to worry about me I’m a big girl now I can take care of myself… I guess… I guess I just needed some time alone” She smiled at Tasha “You can understand that right? Everyone needs some time alone once in a while”

She received only a nod in reply from her friend, although being sat down Tasha linked her arm through Martha’s and rested her head on her shoulder “Its going to be ok Mac… I just know it… But there’s something else, there’s something on your mind” Martha said nothing she sat motionless still staring ahead of her “Martha talk to me… I may not have seen you for god knows how many years, but I can still sense when something’s up… please just talk to me”



She watched on in horror as her father aggressively threw his clothes into a suitcase. She wasn’t meant to be there, she’d been ordered to do something and even at the tender age of 8 she knew not to disobey her father’s orders. Then why was she? She wasn’t doing as she’s been told. He suddenly looked up from what he was doing, sensing that somebody was watching him; he looked towards the walk in wardrobe and caught sight of a child scuttering away trying to find somewhere to hide. He’d seen her. Instantly she knew she was in for it now, she tried to fit her small body into the tiny cupboard but she hadn’t managed it in time.

“You little brat! I thought I’d told you to pack your bags, we need to leave… Or do you want daddy to get into trouble and be taken away from you and your mother… what would happen to you then hey? You’d be living in a gutter somewhere” Brett snatched her delicate body into his arms and roughly carried her back to her bedroom, dropping her carelessly out of her arms; landing with a small thud she tried to stop the tears from escaping “Mind you… if I had it my way that’s where you’d be… your only here because of your mother, she’s the one that wanted you”

Clutching her worn battered teddy under her arm she let out a small sob, hearing this Brett turned around. He was fuming. “What wrong now little brat... Crying because your not getting your own way you’d better stop before your mother comes home!” He bent down to her level and saw the teddy she so desperately had a hold of; prising it from her he looked at it and laughed, not a fatherly loving laugh however, a menacing laugh, one which Martha had already grew to hate. “What are you still doing with this thing! You’re getting too old for teddys…” Suddenly realising something Brett looked at the teddy and then to his young daughter in utter disgust “This is what that ignorant old man gave you, my own daughter bringing a memory of that dirty old man into my house!” He pulled a pen knife from his pocket and began dissecting Martha’s favourite teddy apart. “You will never see that twisted, selfish old man ever again!”

End of flashback


“Martha… martha…”

“What sorry?” Martha looked at her friend, she could tell Tash was genuinely concerned about her she gave her a small smile “Im sorry, I was off with the fairies for a minute there”

Tasha tilted her head and looked at Martha suspiciously “Were you thinking of Mr Stewart? Please just let me help you”

“I think my dad had something to do with Granddad just disappearing”

“What makes you think such a thing? Sure your dad and Mr Stewart never got along but that doesn’t mean your dad would do anything to him, your Dad knew how much you worshiped him!”

“Everything may have seemed normal on the outside sure I remember he used to worship the ground I walked on when we were outside but behind closed doors was a completely different story… a completely different man you could say!”

“Well if you feel so strongly about it maybe you should tell the police?” Tasha looked concerened towards her friend, fearing she may slowly be losing the plot to accuse her father of such a thing

“No, no police yet...” Marthas voice trailed off as she once again stared out beyond her.

“Well look” Tasha spoke out after a minute of silence “Im going to meet Irene and Sal for Lunch, do you want to come?”

“No… no thanks, I just need to be on my own for a while” Knowing Tasha was giving her a look that said “I don’t want to leave you here alone” Martha smiled up at her “Look… I promise ill be fine, meet me at 7 we’ll go for a drink or something”

“Well ok… but make sure its 7 on the dot!” Giving Martha a friendly hug goodbye she stood up and walked up the beach towards the Diner


After another long dragging hour Martha decided enough was enough, she couldn’t sit feeling sorry for herself all day everyday, sure she had things on her mind but Summer Bay was such a beautiful place and she knew Alf would hate it if he knew she was moping around there rather than enjoying herself. It was 4 O’clock and she had a good 3 Hours before having to meet Tasha at Noahs. She’d gone home had a lecture from Morag about people worrying and now she was out jogging. She decided it was the best way to see all the places in summer Bay she loved. Currently she was jogging up the beach path to Stewards Point and her plan was to take the cliff path back down to the beach. Closing her eyes for a split second whilst running she inhaled the fresh sea air only to find her self colliding into another body, causing the other body to fall backwards

“Oh I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going” Martha turned a dark shade of red

“No it wasn’t your fault I wasn’t looking either…” he looked up and smiled “Oh Martha isn’t it? Martha McKenzie?”

Suddently realising who he was she felt a soft blush creep into her cheeks “Yeh… constable… sorry how are you?”

“Not to bad thanks, how are you?”

“I’m ok thanks… how’s the case going?”

“Actually I wanted to talk to you about that…. Is there any chance you and your aunt could come to the station later on? Say half 6” he smiled warmly to Martha, taking in her breath taking beauty. Martha noticing the way he gazed at her became a little uncomftable and shifted on the spot

“Yeh that should be fine, I’ll let Auntie Morag know, I’d better be off, ill see you later”


“Hi can I help you with something?” the new young female receptionist glanced suspiciously at them over the heavy rim of her glasses, eventually deciding they were harmless she gave both a warm smile.

“Yes Miss Bellingham and Miss McKenzie, we have an appointment to see Tony Holden” Morag smiled at the polite receptionist, finally some order around here she thought to herself

“Ah yes of course, if you want to follow me, he’s in his office”

Walking through to his office Martha couldn’t help but feel butterflies dancing around in her stomach, this man, Constable Tony Holden, was making her feel very nerves; as of yet however, she hadn’t decided weather it was good or bad nerves. She had been thinking about him a lot recently, he wasn’t a rude man he listened, he understood her troubles, well to Martha it seamed as though he did. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, she never thought about men like this, she’d never been interested in men before and now, well now Martha McKenzie had a crush on Constable Tony Holden, and it scared her.

After knocking on the door and being told to enter the receptionist led them in. “Tony, Miss Bellingham and Miss McKenzie are here for you”

“Great, thank you Jane.” Thanking each other with an acceptance nod, Jane left the room; Tony got up and indicated they take a seat. “Morag, Martha take a seat, its lovely to see you both again, the reason I’ve called you both here tonight is because we have had a new lead on the case, after you left this afternoon I had some men ring around the hospitals in the city, checking their records seeing if they have had him in over the last 10 years, one hospital had him in 10 months ago, tomorrow I’ll be leaving for the city to investigate further, but I do have to tell you if we find him and he doesn’t want to be found we have to respect his wishes, its our right, if we wish to disappear”

Both Martha and Morag sat unable to speak taking in this new information. Morag was the first to speak

“I want to be come to the city with you, if that the last place he was then that’s where I want to be”

“I cant alow you to do that, as I said if he’s disappeared as of his own free will then really there is nothing more we can do…”

“Yes and constable I understand that, but if he dosent want to be found then fine… but let Martha see him one last time, its her Granddad she needs to know he is safe”

“I under…."

Their voices faded and quickly they became a distant mumble in the background, she couldn’t take all this information in, but she knew deep in her heart he would never have just moved away from summer bay from family and friends it wasn’t his style.



“Have a good time trouble, and hey be good” Alf folded her beach towel neatly into her bag and placed a kiss on her forehead

“I will Granddaddy!” she paused and grinned cheekily up at him “I’m always good!”

“Pfffft, yes I’ll believe that when I see it, now go on get out of here cheeky” he handed her, her beach bag and led her to the font door where Tasha stood waiting for her

“Remember to say please and thank you Martha, I’ll see you later be careful”

Martha and Tasha turned to go holding hands Alf smiled watching them walk down the garden path to where Irene was waiting in the car. Martha realising she’d forgotten something ran back to the house and launched herself onto Alf

“I love you Granddaddy I forgot to tell you, do you hate me?” he face pictured such sadness all Alf could do was smile at her and hold her even tighter in his arms

“Of course not, I couldn’t hate you! I love you to” he placed her back on the ground “Now go, go and have a good time and I’ll see you later, and if you do behave yourself I might even treat you and Tasha for dinner at the diner”

“Yay, thank you!”


“Thank you Irene” Martha jumped out the car with help from Irene and ran up to the house

“That’s ok dear, I’ll drop Tasha over later on”

Martha walked up to the window and put her ear against it, she could hear raised voices and she didn’t want to be caught in the middle of another argument with her mother father and grandfather. She closed her eyes and listened

“You will never take her away from me… I love that girl as if she was my own, you haven’t looked after her I have, you wouldn’t know what to do with her”

“Even so mate, she’s my child, mine and Roos I think I know who the courts would chose to look after her… I’m going to make sure you never see my daughter ever again… Roo hates you for taking her baby away from her, soon you’ll be left with no one”

“The pair of you wouldn’t know how to look after a child if it hit you on the head, she’s staying here with me I wont let you take her”

Everything became muffled from then on and Martha could no longer hear what was being said, the last thing she hear was Alf let out a gasp of pain and then silence.

End of flashback


“I’m sorry; please excuse me I have to meet Tasha at Noah’s.” She headed for the door “And I’m going to come tomorrow, he’s my granddad and I want to help look for him”



And now the boring stuff is done... bring on Jacky! :wub:


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