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Lost Without You

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Story Title: Lost Without You

Type of story: Long fic... i think!

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Alf, Morag, Sally

BTTB rating: T

Genre: I Dont know!

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: I Dont know... If there is ill just put them at the beginning

Summary: Read below

Ok firstly, hey everyone! :)

This is my first fic so be nice please :D

I am still not convinced i should be posting this but Rach and martha-jack somehow managed to persuade me. So im sorry if it sucks!

Thank you Rach for reading it first and being "Honest" :D

Ok a summary wont make sence but basically all you need to know is:

  • Martha was never adopted she was born to Brett and Roo and the 4 lived in the Bay until Martha was 3 with Alf.
    When Martha was 3 Brett and Roo left for the city; leaving Martha with Alf, to begin a new life. Once they had settled down they were going back for Martha.
    Settiling down took longer than they thought and they didnt have her come and live with them until she was 8.
    This starts when Martha is 8 and its the day she is leaving the bay.

Jack will be in this, just not the first few chapters.

OK so here goes... :unsure:

Oh and this is for Rach fr being "Honest and Nice" Thanks :P


"But Granddaddy... I don't want to go!" The tiny little girl stamped her foot on the ground, causing her grand father to chuckle slightly.

"Come on sweetheart, you're going to love it. You're going to be with your Mummy and Daddy in their lovely big house. You'll have everything you want!"

"I want you, can't you come with me?" Tears spilled from her gorgeous dark brown eyes as she sniffled and flung her arms around him, he smiled and picked her up, cuddling her tightly to his chest. He placed a very soft and gentle kiss on his granddaughters head and smiled.

"I'll miss you a lot, but Martha, mummy and Daddy want you to go and live with them now, you know you only came here while they sorted things out ... I promise you, I'll visit you often and you can come and visit me" he kissed her once more and put her down, holding her hand as they walked along the beach.

"Martha, Martha, Martha... Come play" A young girl with beautiful long golden hair ran up to Martha and dragged her by her hand, she let go of her grandfathers hand and smiled.

"Can I? Pleaseeeee?" She smiled her eyes glistening in the midday sun was enough to make her grandfather melt with affection.

"Of course... but remember not for long and don't get your clothes dirty, I want to send you back to your mother with clean clothes!" He took her backpack from her and sat on the sand watching her run around the beach with her best friend. To him it all seemed so unfair that she had to leave, to leave her friends she loved so much and to leave the school she was getting on so well at. However he knew he would have to let her go at some point, he knew that having Martha living with him was only a temporary arrangement, just until his daughter and her boyfriend got themselves sorted out. He felt someone come and sit next to him he looked up to find Sally sat next to him.

"How are you feeling, I know today will be hard on you. Sally smiled to him

"I cant imagine what its going to be like without her here sal, I don't know, I've just grown so used to having her here living with me... I've gotten into a routine with her. And after today there will be no routine." Alf smiled, he didn't even break his gaze off of Martha as he spoke to Sally, he would have to be going soon, or he would miss her coach to the City.

"She'll be back to visit... look at her, she loves it here... its her home, her true home, we all know that... even she knows that!. She's so stubborn Alf... I don't think Roo will be able to keep her away," Sally looked at the beautiful young child playing in the sand with her best friend. She was such a lovely polite little girl.

"Martha... Martha come on darling we have to go, say goodbye to Tasha, you'll see her soon!" Martha's face dropped as she stopped what she was doing; before reluctantly rising to her feet. She loved the beach and she knew that there were no beaches in the city, just busy roads and lots of people. She definitely knew Tasha wouldn't be there.

Martha walked over to her grandfather and said goodbye. She took his hand and smiled as he walked her towards the bus stop.

Alf bent down to her and smiled. "Now listen, I will see you again very shortly, don't you worry! Now make sure you're as good as you've been here for mummy and daddy ok..." Martha shook her head and looked away folding her arms "Martha... come on, I want you to promise me you will be good for them. If you don't then mummy won't let you come back here..."

"Ok Granddaddy, I promise... but you have to promise me that you will ring when I get to mummys house tonight"

"Ok I promise"....

14 years later

Martha stood on the very same spot that she first said goodbye to her grandfather. She felt tears pouring down face, she was overcome with such emotion that she didn't know what to do with herself. Nobody knew she was coming to Summer Bay, she didn't even know if her grandfather would still be there.


"Ok Granddaddy I promise... but you have to promise me that you will ring when I get to mummy's house tonight"

"Ok I promise".... *

Why didn't he keep his promise?

The whole journey down she had thought of the last time she was with him, and the last thing he said to her. He promised he would call so why hadn't he?

The night she had arrived at her mother's house, she had heard the phone ring. She remembered jumping off her bed and running down to her mother who had answered it, only to have been shouted at,

"Martha go to your room immediately... this is an adult conversation not for children's ears"

Why did her mother say that to her?

Why did she never hear from any of her family after that day?

She had so many un-answered questions and she wanted answers. That's why she had ended up back in summer bay.

If nobody would tell her, then she would find out for herself, once and for all.

Yeh Thats it!

Please read and reveiw

and then i might update if people are reading it!


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You're right, I am honest and nice :D Some of my MANY (and I do have alot, believe me :wink: lol) qualities :P

I'm glad you posted it!

You're a better writer than you think you are missy, and I'm looking forward to reading whats to come!

I DO NOT like Roo <_<

And poor Martha :( being taken away from her grandad ... the only person who ever really loved her by the sounds of it!

Glad shes in summerbay now! And she can hopefully run into Jack *squeeeeeee*

Please update soon Siany!

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I like it. Great start! :)

Martha and Alf are so going to miss each other. :(

Roo is not very nice. Her daughter just arrived and she is already shouting at her. :angry:

I hope nothing happened to Alf. It's not like him to break his promise. <_<

Please update soon.

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Hey guys!!

First, thanks for all the comments. Thanks fo being nice :P

I just wanted to say that I will update this seeing as people have replied and I thoght no-one would... but you did :o .

Yeh anyways the point to this message is that....

My laptop is broken, it keeps thinking that it is funny and turning its self off :o ..... And I don't have a number nine key, I have to attack it if I want the number nine and then I get some sharp plastic bit stuck in my finger :lol: ... Anyway thats not the point. Dell, thats the make of my laptop :) want me to send it to them tomorrow becasue they refused to just send me a new laptop.

So basically I wont have my laptop until like Tuesday so I wont be updating until then, unless I update tomorrow morning. Thats if I wake up early enough!

I still have a computer, that the whole house use, usually my mum or sister and if I get on there at any point long enough to download chapter 2 from the memory stick then I will...

Basically this is just a random pointless message!

But I thought I'd tell you and have a little rant about Dell, becasue there annoying!

Anyways im just going to go now... and shut up

Oh and leave everyone in peace

Thanks again guys!!!


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