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Emma's screencaps

Guest Emsan

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I decided to do a screencap thread butI thought it would be dull to just post the dark screencaps. I decided to only post fixed caps which are ready to use on avatars, signatures and other things.

You can request by posting a screencap you want to have fixed or by telling me an episode number, then I will cap it. I don't have many episodes though. Remember that I get the best result with high quality screencaps. You can also post a cap and then I will fix it for you.

These are free to use as long as you credit me.

I will show you some samples of the screencaps then I will provide you with a link to the gallery.

Oh one more thing, please tell me what you think about them. I won't do more if none is interested :P

4561 - The first episode of 2008 | View the gallery (118 caps)

4562 | View the gallery (71 caps)

4563 | View the gallery (51 caps)

4564 | View the gallery (55 caps)

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